Mattingly V-Force BBCOR Baseball Bat Review

Hey everybody this is Adam with and welcome to our very first video baseball bat
review for the site. Now today I have the 2012 V-Grip v-Force bat from
Mattingly Sports. Now this is a BBCOR certified bat so it is legal for collegiate play and beginning january 1st, 2012
it will be required that all high school players have a BBCOR certified bat.
What that means is that it is going to have to carry this BBCOR certified .50 logo
so when you’re searching for a new bat for next season, make sure that it
carries the BBCOR logo. Now the biggest thing with this bat
is the V-Grip technology and that’s something that Yankee legend
and current Dodger manager Don Mattingly came up with when he was actually
teaching his kids how to hit and what you’ll see a lot of with youth baseball players is
that they’ll have the elbows up and maybe these knuckles lined up these top
knuckles that’s not actually correct and what
Mattingly has done he has actually made the handle into
kind of a V shape so it comes to a point and what that does is it gets the the bat handle up into the knocker
knuckles which is very important. It allows you
to get your elbows in and to have a quicker path to the baseball so it actually will increase bat speed.
Mattingly has done some studies and shown that
it can increase bat speed up to seven percent so a fairly good amount.
You know with all the rules changes and with the barrels of the bats having
to conform to this BBCOR certification bat speed is going to be huge
and if you can pick up a little bat speed, you know, with a
different grip that’s gonna be big, that’s gonna be very big. Another thing that this bat
features is direct power transfer and what that is is it’s actually
a stiffer handle bat. So you don’t get a lot of flex in
the bat and allows a lot of the power to be transferred to the barrel. That’s a key thing in in picking
up, again, some more power it’s also made with the MB7500
alloy which is something that only the Mattingly bats have. Basically, it’s a very value driven alloy. It’s very durable and
it is very, you know, performance oriented This bat retails for $149.99. It’s a
great bat. For more information check out

3 thoughts on “Mattingly V-Force BBCOR Baseball Bat Review

  1. @MahAttack i hear they arent that bad, i think the objective of BBCOR was to make metal bats hit similar to wood or something… thats what i heard

  2. Yeah basically that's exactly what they were meant to do, it's just a safety thing…. The BBCOR bats don't produce as much pop as a BESR would. The main reason you can only use BBCOR is so you don't end up hitting one so fast the player can't react and in result they are injured. But in the past few years they have been enforcing the rule for little league play, which I think is pointless because no little league player will be hitting the ball 120 MPH…

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