Mattingly Demon BBCOR Baseball Bat Review

Hey everybody! This is Adam with and welcome to another installment of our video baseball bat
review series. Now today I have the brand new 2012 Demon bat from
Mattingly Sports. This is a BBCOR certified bat so
it is legal in collegiate play such as NCAA, NAIA, and Junior College
ball and starting January 1st, 2012,
it will be required that all high school players have the BBCOR certification on their bat as well so it will need to have this logo on it or it will not be legal
in play. It won’t be allowed. The empires will not allow you to bat unless it has the BBCOR logo. Now this is a round handled bat. A lot of the Mattingly bats have the V-Grip technology that I’m sure you’ve heard about. This is a more traditional
round handle bat. It is a very close cousin of the Ripped bat from Mattingly which is a V-Grip bat. The same type of barrel and that kind of
thing. You can see that review as well on our site
. Now this has direct power transfer
technology which means it gives it a stiffer handle which causes the bat to flex less and
actually transfer more power up into the barrel the bat. This also has true balance
weighting technology which, again, gives it a little more weight down towards the handle of the bat. A lot of bats will be weighted more
towards the end cap and the barrel, giving it a heavier feel this way. Now this actually has a little more
weight here, gives it a more balanced feel when you are swinging the bat. Now like the Ripped bat, this bat retails
for $199.99 For more information on this bat
and more of the Mattingly bats, you can visit us at

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