Mattingly Balistk Youth Baseball Bat Review

Hey everybody this is Adam with and welcome to another installment of our video
baseball bat review series. Now today I have the 2012 Balistk youth
baseball bat from Mattingly Sports. This is a drop twelve bat so it is twelve
ounces less than the length. This is actually, that i have a 29″,
17 ounce bat. Now the Balistk was actually the first composite bat to be allowed in little league play. Once they put their moratorium on composite bats but they have since released a list of bats that are
legal. The ballistic is one of those. It’s also approved in Babe Ruth play, Dixie
Youth, Pony League and AABC play. Now it’s actually printed on the bat which leagues it is legal in. A lot of time there are questions of that
when you can get into a game situation and it actually says on here what it is legal in. Now this is a dual
design bat. What that means, it is a fully composite handle and barrel of the bat. Being that one piece composite,
it has a metal sheath over the barrel of the bat. Mattingly calls it their
full metal jacket technology. So you know, you get that lightness, and the flex,
and the nice feel of a composite bat, but you get the
durability of a metal bat as well. That’s the full metal
jacket technology. Now this also has vibration reduction so hopefully keep you from getting stingers if you get jammed on an inside pitch. That’s where a lot of that dual design comes from. It also features true balance
technology which puts the weight down towards the
handle of the bat. A lot of bats you’ll see the weight shifted
towards the barrel but this actually brings it down a
little bit to give the barrel a little more balanced feel and it really does. It’s a very nice feeling bat. This bat retails for $229.99. For more information on this bat
and other Mattingly bats, go to eBaseballBatReviews/
Mattingly. Thanks and we’ll see you next time

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