Masuri TON Range — Cricket Bat Review 2019/20

Masuri TON range of cricket bats. Really exciting, this is brand new to the market, so— You’ve got Masuri, the famous helmet company that’s been designing and making some of the world’s leading helmets for years, they’ve teamed up with the biggest batmaker in India— Sareen Sports — the TON brand, to create a fantastic range of cricket bats. So, as you can see here— so this one is the top-line, this is the E-Line model. So this is made from the top 2% of English Willow globally. So, you are going to get an absolutely fantastic bat. So, they’ve obviously gone with a very nice traditional shape cricket bat, perfect for all players. Nice and full, that mid sweet spot to give you that great all-round play, which is fantastic. Super graphics as well, so they’re obviously the traditional Masuri colours in the navy and yellow, which is good. They come with an oval handle. Being a solid bat, a nice and full bat, they probably are a little on the slightly heavier side, so you’re looking at 2.8 – 2.10 for these. Still get great pick ups. Absolutely awesome. So that’s the E-Line model. There’s three models that we have from Masuri, so then you go down to the T-Line model, which is made from the top 4.5% of English Willow, so again, you’re still getting a fantastic bat. And again, they’ve stuck with that same profile, so the nice big sweet spot, plenty of wood where you need it. Oval handle, great pick ups. And then you go down to the C-Line model, which is made from the top 15% — so again, in all of these bats, you are definitely going to get a superb quality bat made from great English Willow. And again, nothing changes, still sticks with that same great shape to give you the willow where you need it. So, something different from Masuri, stepping into the cricket bat market. This is definitely something that you should come and check out at one of our five stores, or of course, you can see the bats, the new protective range, and all the Masuri helmets, online at

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