Marist College Volleyball Head Coach Sean Byron

I went to grad school at Springfield College
for two years as a graduate assistant for the men and the women and I took a job as
the men’s head coach and taught on the faculty at Springfield. From there I went to East
Stroudsburg University for two years. That was a Division II school that there was no
teaching but it was coaching men and women. Rutgers University Newark, and the men were
Division I and the women were Division III, I did that for eight years. And then I went
to Ohio State University where I was the assistant coach for eight years. And decided to make
the move into women’s volleyball. I went to West Virginia for a year; I was in the Big
12. And the last three seasons at the University of Michigan. My coaching style is collaborative.
That doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m going to come in and say, “Roll out the balls, what
do you guys want to do?” But I want to empower the athletes to have ownership of the program.
I want them to understand why we’re doing things, why we train like we do, why we tactically
execute what we do or try and execute what we do. And the more investment that they can
give, I think the better the program is overall. Marist offers the ability for students from
all over the country to come, and you can experience New York City and be in a competitive
conference where you can train at a high level and have that college experience that you
want. And then, if you want to go back to California, if you want to go back to Texas
for the rest of your life, you can do that but you can have this experience that’s unforgettable
for your four years of college.

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