Manchester Disc Golf Crowdfunding Campaign

Manchester Disc Golf is a group of volunteers and disc golfers who want to bring disc golf to Manchester. Disc golf is fantastic community sport, it’s
cheap, accessible and easy for anyone to learn and play. Disc golf is similar to “regular” golf except
that it’s played with a Frisbee disc instead of a ball and instead of holes the targets
are metal baskets. Every throw is taken from where the previous throw landed. The chains on the targets are there to help
catch the disc by deflecting it into the basket, and the aim is to try to get the disc into the basket in the lowest number of throws. Unlike “regular” golf the only equipment you need is a small frisbee like this. Once the course is setup we’ll make these available at the Longford Park cafe. We were asked by Trafford council and the Friends of Longford Park group to help set up a disc golf course in Longford Park in Manchester on the border of Stretford and Chorlton-cum-Hardy just a couple of miles from Manchester City Centre. We need £5,500 to buy 8 new holes, build
the tee pads, add signs and buy more rental discs. As of October 2014 we have 3 permanant holes
and about 40 rental discs available. If we meet our funding target we aim to have
a nine hole course set up by the end of 2014 and our plan is seeking more funding to have
an 18 hole permanent course set up in 2015. In return for your donation we are offering
unique branded stickers, discs, disc golf starter sets, hoodies and the chance to sponsor
a hole. Manchester Disc Golf is a volunteer run organisation
and will not charge people to use the course. It will be free to anyone wanting to play. This is Will and Shane, and you’ve just finished your 3rd round at our open day at Longford Park, how was it? It was great fun. It’s easy to pick up and when you throw a good frisbee it’s rewarding. Yeah, I enjoyed it. I found it quite difficult but I think the more practice you get you’re gonna pick up the techniques but it’s a lot more difficult than it looks. But anybody can give it a shot. Disc golf can attract everyone to use Longford Park and it’s an ideal activity for local community groups and schools, because it is accessible, it’s fun, and a healthy outdoor activity. 3. 2. 1. Thanks for watching our video!

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