Man shot and killed by father-son duo in Abilene, Texas – LiveLeak

Howard: Oh yeah, you’re going to jail. John: No, I’m not. Howard: Yes you are. Howard: Pull it motherfucker, I’m right fucking here. Howard: (indistuighisable) John: Back off. Michael: Get away from him. Howard: (Come get it?) Go get the gun. Howard: Go get the BB Gun I’m gonna put nine in this motherfucker. John: Back off. Howard: I’m standing at the dumpster bitch! John: If you come closer to me I’m gonna kill you. Howard: Hey! Did you here him say he’s gonna kill me! Kara: Yes. Howard: I’m at the dumpster! Put the gun up and go inside! Kara: You pulled a gun in front of our children. Howard: You pulled a gun in front of my kids (indistinguishable) fucking mattress. Howard: Fuck you! Howard: Point it at me motherfucker! Howard: Point it at me! John: Take your swing. Howard: I’m standing my ground motherfucker! John: Take your swing. Michael: So are we. Howard: No you ain’t! Kara: You’re in an alley you are not in your home sir. Howard: You motherfucker! You came out your alley to pull the gun! Michael: (This is a driveway?). Howard: (I will kill?) – You’re dead, I promise you you’re both dead. John: I doubt it. (Woman off camera) It is an alley. Howard: You’re in an alley with a fucking shotgun you little piece of shit! I’m going to kill you! John: I doubt it. Michael: First of all, if you’re going to show this video to the cops, you might want to stop yelling you’re “Going to kill us.” Howard: Oh no I don’t give a fuck! I will fucking kill you! John: Back off. Howard: You pulled a gun in front of my kids! John: Back off. Howard: You pull that gun one more time I’ll take it and put a bullet through your head. John: No you won’t. Howard: Bet! Howard: Point it at me! John: Take a swing. Howard: Point it at me! John: Go ahead! Howard: Point it at me! John: Take your swing. Howard: Point that motherfucker at me! John: Go ahead! Take your swing. Howard: Point it at me! John: Take- Howard: Point it at me! John: Back off. Howard: Point it at me again! John: Back off! Howard: Point it at me again! John: Back off. Howard: You’re a dead man. John: I doubt it. Howard: No, I don’t give a fuck what the cops say. John: I don’t care what the cops are gonna say either (indistuinguishable). Howard: You’re a bitch and I’m gonna kill you too. Michael: Fuck you cocksucker! John: No you won’t. Howard: Fuck you you little faggot! Yeah hows your wife and my kids doing, bitch! Michael: Jack off. Howard: You’re dead. John: I doubt it. Howard: I guarantee it. Michael: You better quit threatening! John: I doubt it. Howard: I ain’t threatening you shit! You walked out the front- Michael: You just did! Howard: Fuck you faggot! Michael: Fuck you cocksucker! (Man off camera) Gimme that gun. Get me that baseball bat. Howard: Shoot me John: If you come within three feet of me, I’m gonna kill you. Howard: Okay. Kara: You are not going to shoot my husband. Howard: Shoot me! Howard: You’re dead. Point it! Howard: Point it- (Two gunshots) (Shotgun cocking) (Sound of wood being dropped off camera) (Two more gunshots.) Kara: Eren?! Kara: Eren?! Kara: No! Kara: No! Kara: No! Kara: (Sobs) Kara: (Indistinguishable) Kara: Baby!

100 thoughts on “Man shot and killed by father-son duo in Abilene, Texas – LiveLeak

  1. The guy was a huge crazed monster., if they backed off that maniac would of been major trouble. I would not convict them if I was on the jury.
    In my opinion the guy is dead because the wife helped escalate the problem instead of getting her crazy maniac to calm down. The fat kid had the gun over his shoulder for the majority of the time. They did not want to kill that huge crazy monster

  2. One lesson everyone should learn on this subject: NEVER ARGUE WITH A PERSON HOLDING A FIREARM ! One cannot have his/her/its day in court if the last domicile is underground…

  3. i just imagine the curve your enthusiasm song playing , wow , what a way to die (and a dumb one at that , over a fucking trash dispute, not even over a meaningful cause ,this cunt died because he was arguing over a fucking piece of thrash, Darwin award ladies and gents he took it)

  4. Women really are the root of all society's problems. The way she cheered him on. Oh, and based solely on this video (I don't have all the relevant information) it does look like the deceased was the aggressor.

  5. "Saturday morning, John Miller went to take out the trash, armed with a handgun."

    yep, casual saturday morning.

  6. Well for one, they need to put a shirt on. If you’re not in shape no one wants to see your flab and hairy man tits.

  7. What kind of a moron sees inbred hill Billy’s Wielding guns are decides to provoke them?

    A dead moron. That kind.

  8. Let this be a lesson to all of us. Anger, even if you are in the right, will still get you in trouble. Sometimes it’s best to live and let live.

  9. I can't believe how fucking stupid some of the comments are. WOW!! The two lard asses will be gone to prison and they deserve it, because ignorance of the law is not an excuse. If you have a reasonable way of exiting the fight, like they had, you are obliged to exit the fight and you then call the police. The reason they will be prisoners is because they had the ability to leave the situation but decided to stay and help escalate the situation. It's that simple. You extract your self and the gun is only used if you cannot extract yourself and there is imminent life threatening danger. It wasn't imminent because they could've gotten out of the situation. Then, on top of all that, the old man fired two warning shots and then the guy throws the bat at him. That right there is enough for the prosecutor to argue that they were the threats and the orange shirt was protecting himself by throwing the bat, since the old man shot twice. If you are a gun owner and are allowed to carry a weapon, you damn well better know the fucking law. But here in the USA there is a big yuck yuck, i'm a gun advocate, right to bear arms, yeehaw idiot wave of misguided sentiment, by people who don't know the laws. They believe every fucking idiot propaganda meme they see on Facebook about guns and 4th amendment rights and all that bullshit. It's my opinion that most of these people will not avoid these types of situations, so that they can then show every one just how patriotic they are. Bunch of phoney, dumb loudmouth assholes who are too stupid to do anything but follow the other idiots being idiots. Everyone in this video got what they deserved and will get what they deserve and it will be good for our town and society.

  10. Both sides could've just walked away, but no, apparently in Texas you're a fucking pussy if you don't use guns. Damn cowards

  11. sooo many of you worthless fucking pussies have watched too much tv and viewed too many memes. so the reactions you motherfuckers SHOULD HAVE are long gone..
    how goddamn DARE YOU joke about this man deserving it or flat out say you think it was justified. and how dare you spend all evening coming up with your tired ass phrases and jokes when you should be advocating the brutal death of fat bastards like these two from the very bottom of the gene pool..

    every single man woman or child defending these two worthless inbred fat fucks are idiots and i hope youre treated far worse for your bullshit take on a persons life.

    people like you sons of bitches make me sick and i truly hope with everything in me that your end is worse than his.

    god. damn. you. selfish. ignorant. bastards.

  12. 37 years old been arrested 29 times from violent crimes, drugs, assault and obviously a laundry list of other crimes. Ok I’m also a white guy 50 years old, never been arrested, 3 tours in Army, cancer survivor, works for Native American tribes. Which person do you want as your neighbor? Seems to be a lot of pity for the dirtbag, only matter of time he’s hopped up on meth and kills someone.

  13. Let's give blame where blame is due. Aaron was wrong to bring a bat to a gunfight. But the Millers were equally wrong to go shirtless in public.

  14. Wrong or right. Society doesn’t protect you from getting shot. Having a bat and saying you’ll kill them when they have guns is unwinnable. People argue morality when simply trying to live should be a priority.

  15. dude in orange was a self proclaimed mental patient that had several disorders….. had had multiple run- ins with authorities…..including APD and postal service……I know they charged these guys with murder but the fiance made a statement that the guy had ongoing mental issues, he wrote it in his Facebook page about how the cops were always harassing him and coming to his door….. .she also stated that he threw a bat " over their heads" …..this is a dumb shooting and could most likely been avoided……but dude in orange was on a quick path to incarceration or mental hospital…….. the pair are in jail but the fiance' s statement to the news outlets most likely kills a lot if their case…….I don't see them getting murder for this…..reckless endangerment, wrongful death maybe……but I don't see murder sticking……this guy was a walking time bomb.

  16. Gods this kept playing my anxiety. They’re all so stupid—how do you have the guts to tell someone with a gun to shoot you

  17. I can’t tell if the killing was justified, given Aaron’s (criminal) history, or if this was the situation to use THAT kind of dialogue, (which it most likely was not, I mean the guy did die so) acting all tough. Or if I should feel bad… I mean I bet this could have all been avoided.. and the wife’s voice! At a first listen, to me it’s sheer horror. I couldn’t begin to imagine going through that..
    You decide. I’m not gonna pick sides :/

  18. if i was that man i would have done better save kids save wife brutally beat those 2 hippies save the day

  19. If you see 2 guys that looks like stereotypical hillbillies you might see in a thriller/horror/goreporn flick… maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe back the fuck off.

  20. Erin's wife is lucky to be alive. All that screaming and the fact that she's a witness, with video evidence of what happened… yeah, she's lucky they didn't waste her too.

  21. the wife is filming her husband getting murdered instead of getting a mediator or trying to stop it herself or control her white of a husband. the two hillbillys obviously meant bidness so game over for all three of them and the wive and kids suffer because of there parents sad inablilty to control there actions

  22. I hope the shooter was vindicated. He was clearly being threathened. He told the "wrestler" to "back off" numerous times.

  23. They'll be acquitted. The Dad wasn't pointing the gun, he was just carrying a gun where he had a right to be when he was confronted with a threat. He didn't commit a crime. He even tried to deescalate the situation, telling the shouting brute to "Back off." A reasonable person would find this irrational man's repeated death threats and bat swinging to be a credible threat of death or serious bodily injury. They stood their ground and ended that threat. They will be found not guilty and get their guns back. That's why this case is dragging so long, The prosecution knows the jury is going to acquit and doesn't want to take a loss on it. Probably offering what they see as a very good deal behind closed doors. I don't think they'll take a plea though because their attorney knows he'll win. You have to think, the jury isn't going to see and hear all we've seen and heard. They'll get substantially less because all or part of the video will be suppressed.

  24. Bad situation all around due to all parties involved being morons. Humpty and Dumpty could've gone without bringing out guns. That said, their demeanor compared to that of the person shot was calm, relatively speaking. The guy who got shot remained aggressive and introduced a weapon of his own AFTER being given multiple commands to back off. He refused to do so, and continued running his mouth and making threats. He repeatedly said "I'll kill you" or variations thereof, and even dared them to shoot him at least once. After already having been challenged by the armed persons, and still continuing to make threats of death or bodily harm, what else would his intent have been at that point by advancing on them with a weapon?

    Stand Your Ground laws (which are in place in Texas) state a person has the right to self-defense from aggression, as long as they can articulate a reasonable fear of injury or death. Based on that, they were more than legal to shout and cuss at each other…one could even argue that being armed wasn't unreasonable for either party at that exact moment. However, the law also states that escalation or further provocation by any party voids their invocation of this defense. As soon as he advanced on them with the bat, he was bought and paid for.

  25. TBH this is the most white trash shit ever, almost feel like I owe all black people an apology for years of jokes about their behavior. That being said the dude had a tough guy moment and got shot for it, hope the father and son walk

  26. Two country fools with gun…you none…Victim: "maybe honey we will walk away and not act too tough" Wife: "No, stupid coward talk crap and act tough-I need at least 50K views, OMG!Baby,baby".

  27. De-escalate is the key word. The gun toting fool kept getting badgering to shoot and victim will kill him. Stupid situation all the way around. Swallow your pride, walk away and report these fools as threatening you. Best turn the other cheek or be forced to fall on your cheek with three shots.

  28. lol White trash woman cheering him on – until it goes wrong then it's "he didn't do nuffin" and "papa-bear mode" like she told all the tabloits. Too bad she ACTUALLY filmed the encounter and it shows her equally trashy (ex) husband threatening their lives and throwing a bat at them. Remember you live in a stand your ground law, lady. It's the wild west out there 🙂

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