Malala on cricket, travel, Bollywood and what she carries in her bag

So my friends and I sometimes play cricket, go out for dinner. We just sit in the garden, doing nothing Which is a problem because sometimes you have to be doing your essay, and you’re doing nothing. I just go crazy for cricket. Like I literally scream when I see a Pakistani player getting out, or when they hit a six, I just go crazy. I would love to go to Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Argentina, Maybe South Africa. Or Madagascar. My favourite Bollywood star is Shah Rukh Khan. He has always been my favourite Bollywood
star. I think he is the King of Bollywood. But my favourite female actors have been Kajol, Deepika, But yeah, Shah Rukh Khan,
all-time favourite. For me, just understanding technology, things like coding and app development and all these things is just so cool. One is Slack, which is really good for professional chit
chat. There’s also like a period app which is so cool because it just tells you when your periods are gonna be, And sometimes you’re completely not ready. I always carry a lip balm, My phone, A wallet, I also carry cards, because I can do a few magic tricks, So I carry cards with me. Just in case anybody wants to see my talents. Now you have to hit the cards. – Hit the cards.
– Yeah. So they fall on the floor. Yeah, you can hit them. You hit all of them! (laughter) One card was supposed to be in my hand! It’s okay, We can start again. Thank you so much for watching. Please subscribe to our channel, share and comment. Here, here, where.

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