Making Birdies Preparing For First Golf Tournament In 2019 | Front 9 Practice Round At Greystone

two under what is up hope y’all are doing well out
here at Greystone this is actually the course where I’m gonna be playing the
Tennessee State Open hearing about a week from now not sure what I’m gonna
get this uploaded hopefully before the event starts wanting to give you a
little peek into what the course look like so we’re gonna go try to play all
18 today I’m gonna try to shoot it all however I’m not really gonna commentate
on camera I’m just gonna overlay some commentary throughout the video let you
see the course let you see some of the shots I’m gonna try to keep score today
see what we shoot give us a feel for where our game is and we’re gonna head
straight to the first tee right now didn’t get a chance to warm up so needed
to take a few extra practice swings here on the first tee par-4 playing about 435
yards from the tees here very downhill hole at about 200 yards off the tee
starts severely sloping down to the green this one okay for the first swing
of the day little short contact wasn’t great left me a little more into the
green and I would have liked I believe I had a little over 175 left to the hole
here a little into the breeze downhill severely just want to show you how far uphill
that is to where I hit my approach shot from very downhill shot to the green
here these greens are really looking good there’s a lot of undulation and
spots on several of these greens here this was a little downhill putt just
kind of getting a feel for how the greens are rolling and a little firm
easy tap-in for the part number two par-5 playing about 565 yards
from here one of my favorite holes on the course huge risk/reward hole if you
hit a good tee ball you can definitely go at this green in two didn’t hit this
one as good as I would have liked however not bad shape
just not quite enough distance off the tee to really give myself a good look
get it go at the green even though yardage wise I can reach it
there’s a creek that runs right in front of the green all carry to the front edge
of the green you have about 240 yards from here just gonna lay this one out to
the right to give us a decent little chip up to the green
we ended up hitting this about pin-high not bad from over in here however that
pin was a little further right did make this a little more difficult needed to
go ahead and take our medicine play it on past the hole to leave it short have
about 25 30 feet left here for birdie this is a really fun hole if you’ve got
like six iron in hand you really can attack this hole however I had four iron
there didn’t want to get too aggressive at the chip hit that up there was a good
roll tap-in here for the par number three par three this par three is
pretty straightforward fairly flat fairly inviting green have about a
hundred and seventy yards from here wend should have been helping off the
right at this one okay came up a little short right but not a bad place to miss
and fairly straightforward little chip here old pitching wedge pumpkin run up
there about four feet short should have been a little more aggressive however chose to leave the flag in here just cuz
this play about myself normally would definitely take this pin out for these
short putts in competition pars through the first three number four par four
from this box I was playing it was playing a little under 400 yards however
dead back into the breeze going with driver not a whole lot of trouble up
there pretty straight hole kind of took it over the corner there it’s just rough
if you miss it right however we hit this one well have a little over 90 yards
don’t remember the exact yardage maybe 93 hit this one well back into the
breeze lands just passed and spinning back trickle trickle trickle gives us a
good look at birdie see if we can troll one in for the first bird of the day yes
sir we are on the board number five par 4 playing about 340
yards from here a little uphill time to sting it but that one well sorry for the
overexposure there on the TV I get a little washed out left us 90 yards to a
very middle pen pretty good look from here good contact good number left it out a
bit right all in all not bad it was us a decent
look for birdie sorry about the overexposure again the
Sun going in and out of college blows it brutal 25 feet big breaker here this
greens have a lot of break on them need to spend a little time getting used to
the undulation on these greens before tournament time easy part of their
number 6 par-3 fairly flat from this tea to a back pin the whole is playing about
215 yards hoping breeze 6-iron in hand starting to swing it well hitting a lot
of good numbers however lines off the iron shots and
wedge shots were a little off today but always like seeing hitting shots on good
numbers 20 feet here for birdie like I said a lot of break on these greens
didn’t quite see that breaking not much however it did solid comeback par there
on number six number seven par for one of the longer par fours on the course
and one of the wonderful holes ever as long as you keep this tee shot to the
right of that bunker that you see straight ahead should be alright if this
one well helping buries miss that bunker just to the right plate a little putt
lovely in corner of it left us 140 left to this whole location
so that was a great tee shot there gap wedge left here see if we can’t hit this
on a good number good swing there like I said the lines were not great well by
continuing to hit the numbers were looking for so really like to see that
just need a little fine-tuning 15 feet left for birdie kind of a little double
breaker here tough to tell on camera let’s go come on
that was huge one of the more difficult holes always fun to make birdie there on
seven number a par-4 plays about 370 however you can cut the corner that kind
of short left bunker you see there that is carry Abul and you do have a lot of room made a
good swing they’re gonna leave us about 55 yards to kind of a middle back pin
like I said a lot of room up there driver is probably the play depending on
the wind might have been a little aggressive there I don’t want a little
long a little amped up after that birdie on seven twenty feet or so for birdie
gonna be quick coming down this hill tough to tell on camera how severely
downhill this putt is you can see by the pace that that putt was rolling in on
par there on eight two under par through eight holes number nine par-5 fun par-5
year not really a driver the fairway runs out up there probably about 200 85
yards off the tee holes playing about 515 yards into the wind it fell in well
this is just a hybrid off the tee probably hit that about 250 maybe 255
into the breeze you can kind of rip on to hybrids have hybrid left here I
believe I had 245 yards left into the breeze up the hill this was a
smoked hybrid wasn’t sure if I could quite and get there however we did front
edge 50/50 five feet from here not bad speed pretty decent roll from
there a little uphill four footer for birdie and to close out the nine boom
that is what I like to see making all those putts inside of five feet that is
it for this nine holes got to get a look at the front nine here at Greystone
where I’m gonna be playing the Tennessee State Open I hope you’ll enjoyed kind of
coming along for the practice round hit it pretty good need to work on the
Greens a bit didn’t roll it bad but just some of the lines I was choosing there’s
a lot more break in these greens and I’m giving it credit for
so probably need to come out of here a few days before just to get them a
little more comfortable on the greens but overall pretty happy with that
3-under 33 I take that about every day so that’s gonna be it for this upload
gonna be doing a separate video for the back nine so stay tuned for when that
will be coming out I’m actually gonna go play it right now but we’ll be uploading
these on separate days hope you enjoyed if you like this kind of content let me
know down below I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to do a course vlog this
way well this really wasn’t vlog more just showing the shots and voice overlay
kind of talking through the course as we go let me know if you enjoyed this in
the comments down below please throw a little like up there and subscribe below
if you like this kind of content thanks so much for tuning in and guys until
next time we’ll see you when we say yeah you you

51 thoughts on “Making Birdies Preparing For First Golf Tournament In 2019 | Front 9 Practice Round At Greystone

  1. This video was formatted a little different than my past course vlogs. Would love some feedback on what you liked or didn't like especially with the voice layover. Thanks!

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