Make Someone Smile Challenge | Behind the Scenes | Cricket Wireless

– Hey, girl. (suspenseful orchestral music) – Ah, there you are! – A TV cannot communicate. – Really?
– You know what I mean? – ‘Cause it seems like I am right now. (laughs) – Today, we’ve got a
really exciting shoot. It’s a bit complex because we’re doing a hidden
camera social experiment. Throw some live animation on top of that. Let’s see how we can get people who sit down on this bench to smile. The cool thing, though, is we’re going to get them to smile by having them interact with Cricket’s animated character Rose. But what they don’t know
is that there’s actually somebody else that we’ve
pulled off the street telling Rose what to do. (upbeat instrumental music) – How are you doing today? – Hi. (ominous drum boom) (laughs) – Pretend like we’re on a roller coaster. (quietly shrieks) (music intensifies) – The character Rose comes out and kind of interacts with
the person in real time, makes a connection. At Cricket Wireless, we’re all
about creating connections. I’m excited to see how
this technology works. – There’s actually a voice actor
who has an inertial suit on that’s controlling all of
Rose’s movements in real time. – I am moving in this body
suit and Rose, my character, will be mimicking my
motions on the screen. – So, what we’re doing here is
we’re doing real-time capture using sensors on all their joints. The movement of the performer is put on top of a 3D character. We can make Rose come alive. – We’re going to see real people connect with Cricket characters like never before. I just can’t wait to see how people react. The beauty of unscripted is you never know what you’re going to get. – Hello, sir. You in the red suspenders. – Ah, there you are! – The big challenge was
to make this kid smile through a cartoon character, but look at me. I’m a thousand watts! (laughs) – Hey, girl. – I was sitting down and the
screen started talking to me. It made me dance, do the robot. So random and unexpected, so I had fun. – Like, I literally was
cracking up back there. Hi!
– Hi! – So, I just saw you talking to Rose. That was me telling her what to do. (lively orchestral music) – It made a new connection, because now I can say I had an experience that I’ve never had before. – It’s always great to
see people surprised, and when you’re doing
it in the real world, it brings them out. It’s an authentic reaction and that’s kind of what we’re all about. We’re experimenting with ways for the characters to come
out and interact with people and put smiles on their faces. – Right now, my cheeks are
like, it made me smile a lot. – It was an actual, genuine interaction. – And sometimes that’s
all someone really needs is someone to come along and say “Hello” and brighten their day. – And everyone needs a little bit of love and smile in their life. – Thank you so much, Cricket Wireless. I had a blast. It was so fun. – Hey, Cricket Wireless. You’re the best, man, keep it up. – [Voiceover] (drowned out by music) (energetic orchestral music)

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  1. Ok cricket should do less of this and focus on making cricket more appealing to the customers. For starters they should price match phones from other carriers like Metro and boost mobile because for some reason cricket phones are always priced higher & in most cases have lower specs then the same exact phone on Boost Mobile and Metro..?

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