Majoring in the Minors – Awesome Baseball Devotional

Is there anything more manly in life
with minor league baseball? Think about it. Watching young men who travel in
cramped buses, work to hone their skills, and then scrape to get by, all in an
attempt to pursue a dream that only a small percentage ever achieve, It’s like
some guys just never grow up. (crack, cheer) Whoo-hoo. I caught it! I caught a ball! It’s a good thing I brought my glove! Hey guys, Robbie Sondag here with a
little manly advice for living an authentic life. While the Bible doesn’t
mention minor league baseball, it does talk about pursuing a dream. In
Philippians 3:14 it says, “I press on toward the goal to win the prize for
which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.” Well believe it or not, I
was one of those kids who grew up wanting to play professional baseball.
And I would have done anything to have fulfilled that dream. I’d have pinched pennies, eaten PBJs, traveleded across the country, stayed with host families. But the
problem was, I wasn’t even good enough to play minor league ball much less major
league baseball. And even if I would have been good enough, did you know that only
10% of all minor league players make it to the big show? Well, if you live a life following Christ, then you’re involved in a story with
completely different odds. Your pursuit is not in vain. With Jesus you don’t have a
10% shot at making it to heaven, or 20% shot, or even a 90% shot. If you put the
Lord first your salvation is a 100% guaranteed. That’s because Jesus
already paid the price. So with regard to this verse, we don’t press on to earn our
way to heaven. We’ve already made the team. We’re now to try to win a trophy.
And the truth is, that’s what winners do. They go all out. So how about you? Are you living this one life all out in gratitude for the one who saved you? Or are you coasting, trying not to get your uniform dirty? Trust me, life is a lot more
exciting and heaven will be a lot more rewarding if you get in the game and
give it your absolute best. So yes there is something more manly in life than minor league baseball. It’s pressing on toward the goal of living a life all-out for
Jesus. And sometimes that means putting aside the childish things and just growing up. Is that Jack Suwinski? Maybe I can get his autograph. Might be worth something someday! Hey if you’re not a 100% sure whether or not you’ve made the heaven bound team, do me a favor. Connect with me via one of the social media links listed in the description
below. I’d love to chat with you. And make sure to check out this week’s bonus
video for a deeper journey into the world of minor league baseball. We’ll see
you next time for another installment of Manly Moments.

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