Major League Word Problem

well Here’s another one of my favorite movie clips that has some maths in it, so let’s just play it and then as usual I’m going to chat about a little bit. Still doing your homework? yeah. You know we got a relatively big game today, kid… yeah? Well, I got a relatively big math tutor. Can’t have this hanging over my head Hmm Math, huh? You know I’ve always heard that it helps to write it down. If Joe can paint a house in three hours and Sam can paint the same house in five hours, How long does it take for them to do it together? Wait a minute… you never said this was a word problem. Scales, get over here. What’s up, man? If I could paint a house in three hours, And you can paint it in five, how long will it take us to paint it together? [Lonnie] Takes me three hours to paint a house, it takes you five – how long to do it together? What color paint? It’s simple – five times three, so that’s… 15. No, no, no [Lookits], it takes eight hours. Five plus three… That’s 8! Nah man, that’s not right – Check it out – There’s one, two of them. So it only takes… four hours. I should know this… my uncle’s a painter. Why don’t they just get a house that’s already painted? You know maybe there is no answer. Maybe it’s one of those trick questions. You ever think of that? I don’t know, I mean, “8” sounds good to me. [argument… “but there’s 2 of them” more arguing] Fellas fellas fellas fellas! The chalk, if you please. Why thank you. well Could you do it? [behind camera] at most three hours [behind camera] Because if one guy can do it in three hours – so at most it will be three hours. Burkard:Alright so let’s have a look, ok. So this is the setup. So we’ve got different suggestions. We’ve got like 15 8 [4] you know You say at most 3 – and you’re right of course right? I mean, so there’s there’s Joe working away and takes him three hours and basically we’ve got somebody there who joins them to help So it can only get better and so you can only get less so all of these are out, right? 15 is out, 8 is out 4 is out. Well, so this is one of those typical problems that they talk to you with in school and usually when you kind of pose a problem like this everybody’s eyes displays over and just “oh, God” So anyway, let’s try to make sense of it. I mean the first thing. I have to say about this is it’s actually It’s a silly problem. You know like most of these school problems are silly problems, and it doesn’t have anything to do with reality right? I mean you can’t paint a house In three hours – you can maybe paint a door in three hours… And there’s all kinds of you know hidden assumptions in here which you’ve been drilled to you know … work with – so everybody kind of just launches into making up some numbers – but really, I mean it’s actually more useful just to think about this and say something like, “well It’s going to take less than three hours”. And it’s actually really really good answer probably better answer than what we actually come up with here. Okay, so what’s it about? Well, Joe paints the house in three hours, Sam painted in five – so it’s a bit slower, and then we have to figure out, well, if they work together, well – We already know it’s going to take less than three hours. But what exactly is going to be? You know, in an ideal mathematical world, right? In an ideal mathematical world, Joe looks like this, Sam looks like this, and the house looks like that? In the Real World? anyway Okay, so what makes this problem hard? Hmm. Well let’s see whether we can make it simpler… Well, let’s just imagine that both Joe and Sam, both take three hours to paint a house, okay? So both take three hours to paint a house… Well then You know basically there’s Joe painting the house, and there’s Sam painting a house and after three hours They’re finished with the house, so basically in three hours They’re painting two houses, right? So if you had two houses there, in three hours they would have painted both of them together. So we can say together Three hours – then it’s pretty obvious what the answer is. So how long does it take them to do it together? It’s going to … well basically we have to divide it by two here. We have to divide by 2. We get a 1 here, and you know one and a half there, so that’s what it is. Right? … and that’s well um… What about the real answer? Three hours is faster than this guy So that means that the real answer is probably a bit more than that, okay? So we’re getting closer. So let us say thet they both take five hours. What happens then? So both take five hours, then in Five hours, they finish again (2 houses) and then how long does it take them to do one? Just divide by two. So… 2.5 – and that’s going to be an overestimate again, right? because, well, you know that’s both working really slow… But it’s mix of those – so we’re somewhere in between 1.5. and 2.5. So that’s fine, right? Okay, so well, what makes these other problems simple, is that both of these numbers are the same. Okay, now the trick to solve pretty much any of these problems is to make these numbers the same – How can we make them the same? Well this statement here Well, what does it imply? It implies that Joe paints two houses in… Six hours, right? so we could do it as this… or three houses in nine hours? or Four houses in 12 hours or five houses in fifteen hours – and actually when you kind of see the 15, Wooo… well you see … I can also count up down there – Right? I can say, Sam: two houses in ten hours, and three houses in fifteen hours, and all of a sudden those right sides are the same. Now we can do exactly what we did before, all right? Then we say, well in 15 hours, this guy’s painted five houses and this guy’s painted three houses. So together they’ve painted eight houses. Alright… but… We’ll get ahead of Ourselves. Let’s just kind of scroll back and kind of come from here. So how do we get to the 15? Well basically, take that five and multiply here. That gets us to fifteen – and then how do we get to fifteen here? Or we multiply by three, right? So just kind of cross multiply, and we get there, okay? And then we add up and we get our eight houses and fifteen hours – and then what about the one house? Well, we just have to divide by eight, it gets us a 1 here, And what does it get over here? It gets us a 50 divided by eight, which is about 1.9, okay? So that’s what it is … alright… oh… Just scroll back again – eight houses, fifteen – initial numbers – a three and five, how do they go into these numbers here? well this one is three plus five, and this one here was three times five and actually when you when you think about what we’ve done, all of this is kind of staying true if you change the 3 or the 5 to anything else. What if we change the three to 666 and the five to 665… You know, you just change three to 666, (and the 5 to 665) – and it’s still going to be true. So the whole calculation goes through all right, so it’s completely general. Okay, and then of course in this case here if we divide by three plus five, we get that as the general solution. Okay, well let’s see how they did it in the movie. So there we go… Why thank you. Using the simple Formula: A times B, over A plus B we arrive at our answer of one and seven-eighths. Are you sure? Oh-ho-ho – but of course my diminutive leader – long have I been familiar with the exactitudes of the mathematical world. very Impressive

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  1. Speaking as someone who works in the real world and as you mention that the real world answer would have nothing to do with the theoretical answer I would like to offer my perspective on a real world answer. Now I as a tradesman can perform say ten units of productive effort. An apprentice can only perform 5 units of productive effort cos he doesn't know all the tricks of the trade which are used to increase efficiency. When two people work together though, they are always more than twice as efficient. They can help each other put the scaffold up and shift it etc. Paint can be fetched and mixed, brushes can be washed out whilst the tradesman continues to perform at peak productive effort. Same for roofing plumbers and in fact even more so. The theoretical by and large always differs from the real world where productive effort and groups working together. I tell the kids on outdoor education camp that maths does not apply to teams of people working together. 1 plus 1 can equal more than 2. The output is what counts and there is no such thing as a zero sum game. Love watching your thoroughly entertaining vids too bro.

  2. I got 1.8 by making 3=100% meaning 5 would be 40% more than 3. 40% x 5 is 1.2
    3 – 1.2 is 1.8 lol that's how my brain works but could someone explain where I messed up? 🙂

  3. For those who say it's easier to add up the rates at which they paint a house or that that's an alternative option. That is in fact exactly what he is doing. By manipulating the numbers of houses and adding together the results once it's in hours he's really just combining fraction representations of the rates using the least common denominators.

  4. I don't know about you guys, but it just sort of occurs in my head how solve this problem. I solved it the same way as in the video.

  5. Thank you very much for the great videos you have done!
    Love them all.
    Extremely interesting and well made.

  6. A much better method is to flip the rates. The questions is posed in terms of hours per house. Instead write it in terms of houses per hour. A can paint 1/3 houses per hour, and B can paint 1/5 houses per hour. Together we add their rates. They can paint 8/15 houses per hour. So one house takes 15/8 hours.

  7. 1/3 house per hour
    1/5 house per hour
    1/5 + 1/3 = 8/15
    8/15 in an hour
    1/15 in 1/8 hour
    1/8 hours = 7.5 min
    1/15 in 7.5 min
    112.5 min per house
    112.5 – 60 = 52.5
    52.5 min = 52 min 30 sec
    Time = 1h 52m 30s

  8. Who can explain why this method DOES NOT work?

    Class A Painter: 3 hrs per house per painter
    Class B Painter : 5 hrs per house per painter

    Average: 4 hrs per house per painter

    Above situation 2 painters, therefore ans= 4/(2) = 2 hrs per house

    And why this method DOES work?

    Class A painter: 1/3 house per hour per painter (5/15 house per hour, per painter)
    Class B painter: 1/5 house per hour per painter (3/15 house per hour, per painter)

    Average: 4/15 house per hour per painter

    Above situation 2 painters, therefore

    (4/15)*(2) = 8/15 house per hour

    therefore 15/8 hours per house => 1 hour 52.5 minutes per house

  9. The difficulty of this type of problem is that at its heart it's total time from given rates problem.. and rates can't be averaged or added — one part of the rate, either task or time, has to be factored out and only then can the adding begin.

  10. Anyone familiar with summing electrical resistors in-parallel can solve this as 1/R1+1/R2=1/R. The resistances, in this case, are the elapsed times required to paint a house. It's in-parallel because they're working side-by-side on the same house.

  11. Before I started the video, I figured it out by thinking painting speed in terms of “houses per hour”. I also assumed that “they can cooperate flawlessly” in my setup. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  12. 15/8=1,9 or 1,875 … ok, but 15 hours/8=? 🙂 Mathologer style: First 15hours/2=7hours 30min, 7:30/2=3hours 45 min, and 3:45/2=?? Too difficult, let’s “Split” : 3hours/2= 1hour 30 min, and 45min/2=22min and 30 sec.
    1,875 hours is total of 1hour 30 min + 22min and 30sec=1hour 52 min 30 sec

  13. I think (1/a)+(1/b) should have its own operation symbol, like 3blue1brown mentioned in the "triangle of power" video.

  14. I solved by finding the speed of there painting and added them together and then figured out how many hours it would take

  15. When the math teacher asked a question like that, I guess/knew that this problem is equivalent to calculate the value of 2 resistors connected in parallel. Joe is fast with lawn mower : it takes him 3 hours while Bill need 5 hours. How many hours it will take if Joe and Bill work together?

    I was not good at division at that time (there was no cell phone and pocket calculators were expansive… I asked a friend to perform the division using my formula. It took some time and nobody could come up with the correct answer, so the teacher started to give the answer. Finally, the friend finished and I raised my hand and gave that answer.

    The teacher said: you found it because I started to explain the solution. I could prove that it was not the case since that friend was performing the division without understanding it's purpose. I realized today that giving my rationale: this kind of question is similar to resistors in parallel, such answer is as strange for the teacher as if I would have known how to resolve directly that problem.
    In other words, why a young kid would know anything about electronic circuits. Children are supposed to care about simple things, not about calculating electronic circuit components.

  16. An hourly rate 0f 1/3 and 1/5 = 3/15 + 5/15 (8/15) so 2 hours = 16/15…….
     4/15 = 1/2 an hour, 2/15 = 15 mins, 1/15 = 7 1/2 mins…. therefore 16/15 – 1/15
    is 2 hours minus 7 1/2 mins which equals 1 hour 52 1/2 mins… I thank you

  17. It is sad that the guy at the end just spits out a formula and the boy does not seem to have understood the reasoning behind it. Is is as good as if the boy had copied the homework.

  18. I think I know it. at the moment I'm at 3:00

    joe: 3 hours = 1 house, so 1 hour = 1/3 house
    sam: 5 hours = 1 house, so 1 hour = 1/5 house

    1 hour: sam + joe = 1/3 + 1/5 = 8/15
    1 house: 1/(8/15) = 1,875 ≈ 1,9 hours

    So the answer is 1,9 hours

  19. If the house is 1H and two guys are A and B, in 1 hour A paints 1/3H and B paints 1/5H. If we add them together, we have 10/30+6/30 = 16/30 = 8/15. So it would take 15/8 hours, which is a bit less than 2 hours.

  20. Real world problem:
    I use pumps to drain water from tanks. We have one pump set that can drain and refill a standard tank in 18 hours, and another, more powerful pump set that can drain and refill a tank in 13 hours. One day, we get a request to drain and refill a tank overnight, so that repairs can be performed between closing time, and opening time the next day.
    How long will it take if we put both pump sets to work on the same pool?

    Its not that silly a problem.

  21. Joe paints 1/3 of a house in 1 hour.
    Sam paints 1/5 of a house in 1 hour.
    It’s one of those times when the operator is 1/((1/J)+(1/S)).
    It also comes up as one of the exponent identity trio where one of them is 2^(a+b) = (do you remember what you learned in school?)
    One of them is the operator that I just mentioned which I am going to call & for now.
    So the problem again?
    Joe paints 1/3 of a house in 1 hour. J = 3
    Sam paints 1/5 of a house in 1 hour. S = 5
    3 & 5 = 1.875

  22. Joe can paint half a house in 1.5 hours. In that time Sam can paint 3/10 of a house. So in 1.5 hours they can paint 4/5 of the house. So the time it takes to paint the whole house is 90 mins times 1.25 which is equal to 112.5 minutes or 1 hour, 52 minutes and 30 seconds.

  23. Another good video. 15/8 works out as 1:52:30. Method I used was to work out how much of a house they did in an hour, then multiply up the fractions adding smaller amounts of the same joint ratio until it took the time shown to achieve 30/30 of house painted I.e. all of it.

  24. I thought like this:
    The thing divided by the sum of all velocities needed for the thing is the time needed!

    s/Σv_i = t

  25. Hitler could paint an entire apartment in ONE afternoon! TWO coats!
    There was a painter!! But an entire house in just three hours? No way.

  26. For kids who do not know how to add fractions, or to inverse them, like: (1/(1/3+1/5)), the Mathologer method is the ideal method.. I am fascinated by its simplicity.. thanks

  27. Out of all the numbers to choose from you picked the number of the antichrist. Even when there is prophecy specifically stating that those who take this number will certainly perish, you still want to put that to the test. You will only prove the prophecy to be true by your belief that it is not true.

  28. Is no one noticing the guy in the movie is writing the inverse? 15/8, not 8/15?

    Reminds me of house the Scare crow in the Wizard of Oz gets the Pythagorean theorem wrong after the wizard gives him a diploma.

  29. I did the problem and got the same answer (yay!), here was my setup:

    Person 1 can paint 100% of a house in 3 hours (100% / (3h)), person two can paint 100% of a house in 5 hours (100% / (5h)), if you add their rates together, and multiply by the time taken, you get 100% of a painted house ( (100% / (3h) + 100% / (5h))t = 100%)


    (1/(3h) + 1/(5h))t = 1
    t = 1 / ((5h + 3h) / (3h * 5h)) = 15h^2 / (8h) = 15h / 8 = 1.875h

  30. The answer is… 0! Because the house has already been painted twice (first by Joe and later by Sam), there's no need to paint it a third time! After all, how do they know how much time it takes them to paint the house, considering the problem says "the same house".
    Now seriously, I just did like everyone else, the reciprocal of the sum of reciprocals.

  31. If those were two programmers writing code together, hours actually add up. In this case, it would take them to write the program 8 hours 🙂

  32. Two basically equivalent ways of solving:
    If Joe can paint a house in 3 hours, that means that after 1 hour, he would have painted 1/3 of the house; similarly, Sam would have painted 1/5. Together, they would have painted 1/3+1/5=(3+5)/(3*5)=8/15 of a house in 1 hour. Thus, taking the reciprocal means that they could paint a house in 15/8, or 1 and 7/8 hours.
    Or, possibly more easily, what Mathologer did: in 3*5=15 hours, Joe could paint 5 houses, while Sam could paint 3. Together, they could paint 8 houses in that time. Painting 1 house is 1/8 of that labor, and thus would take a proportional amount of the time, or 15/8 hours again.

  33. Product/sum is used in electronics! When you started explaining it all clicked and I did up the math and got 1.875! Good stuff dude I love your videos they keep my mind in line :-p

  34. People resist doing work.
    Joe and Sam are people working in *parallel*.
    Therefore, people doing work add like resistors in parallel. We calculate (1/3 + 1/5)^-1 = 1.875 hours to paint the house.
    It's basic social engineering!

  35. 1 7/8 hours

    It takes person A 3 hours and person B 5 hours, so person A paints 1/3 of it in an hour and person B does 1/5 in an hour. If you multiply 1/3 by 5 and 1/5 by 3 you have 5/15 and 3/15. Add them together and they paint 8/15 in an hour, flip it and it takes 15/8 hours too paint the house, simplify too get 1 7/8.

  36. It is easier…it is done by Indian students in class 4 or 5…..

    1st one can paint 1 house in 3 hours then
    In 1 hour he can paint 1/3 of house….

    And another guy can paint 1 in 5 hours then
    In 1 hour he can paint 1/5 of the house….

    So, in 1 hour if they work togather then they can paint 1/3+1/5 of house ie.8/15
    Therefore, they can paint 1 house in 1/(8/15) hours ie. 15/8 hours or 1.875 hours……

    It is most accurate ans

  37. Why make it so complicated. Just imagine a surface area for the house (for instance 100m²) and then it is pretty easy and you have the answer really fast. (I know that this is a way to get to the answer that does only work with silly school problems and does not work with real mathematical problems where you need to proof that something is universally applicable)

  38. It's going to take longer, because Joe will be complaining about Sam's slowness, and that will cause all kinds of problems 🙂

  39. I took a different approach, more like a physics approach:

    Think in terms of Houses per hour (analogous to something like Km/h or MPH)
    1 House in 3 Hours = 1/3 Houses per hour
    1 House in 5 Hours = 1/5 Houses per hour

    They would be adding their efforts. in other words the whole work is the effort of painter A + painter B. So you add them and it would give you the total Houses per Hour then can do together. You are adding fractions. That explains where the 15 comes from (lowest common denominator).

    (1/3 + 1/5) Houses per hour = 8/15 Houses per Hour.

    You just need to invert Houses per Hour, to get Hours per House.
    15/8 Hours per House = 1.875, or approx. 1.9

  40. I'm just throughing crap at the wall here. I havent watched it yet but I'me gonna say that the one with the faster time will have done about half of the job in half the time it took him to do the whole job and at that same point the other one will have done 3 5ths of the other half meaning at an hour and a half 8 10ths of the jobe have been done to bump that up to 100% you just need to increase it by one fourth one fourth of an hour and half is 22and a half (i think) so one hour and 52 and a half is the final answer.
    1:52:30 roughly.

  41. Vielen Dank für meine tägliche Portion Aha!-Mathematik 😉

    In diesem Video habe ich allerdings eine wichtige Sache vermisst. Nämlich die Motivation bzw. der Hintergrund, eine von beiden Dimensionen gleich, das heißt VERgleichbar zu machen, und damit erst die Voraussetzung zu schaffen, den Mittelwert über die andere Dimension des Problems zu bilden.

  42. The movies not Major League, it's Little Big League.
    The multiple different ways that you explained it to us, the more confused you made me..

  43. I want to extend the analysis to more than two workers (3, 4, …, n) with their working time hours T3, …., Tn , then the result is 1/Te = 1/T1 + 1/T2 + 1/T3 + … + 1/Tn , where Te is time needed to complete the work if all the workers are working … This formula is in fact a formula for parallel operation

  44. Solved it with fractions. The problem isn't the numbers, the problem is the relationship between the numbers. Sam takes 1 hour to paint 1/3 of a house and Joe takes 1 hour to paint 1/5 of a house. So 1/3 x number of hours + 1/5 x number of hours = 1 house. Then solve for number of hours. Easy.

  45. My complicated, tired solution.

    V1 = A/3h = painter 1 painting speed.
    V2 = A/5h = painter 2 painting speed.
    A painting surface.

    Painter 1 works on A1 and painter 2 on A2.
    A1 + A2 = A
    A1 = V1t
    A2 = V2t
    t = the time it takes to paint the house together, so it’s the same on both.
    V1t + V2t = A

    Back to first lines.
    At/3h + At/5h = A /A cancels out
    t/3h + t/5h = 1
    (5t+3t)/(3x5h) = 1

    8t/15h =1
    t = 15h/8 = 1,875h

  46. The McDucky method is that one I also used and here is an explanation why it could be easily derived by football players. What is 1 house / time? It is speed, i.e. something very close to sportsmen's hearts! So we sum the speeds and have the final speed. Both methods (used by Mathologer and by a guy in the movie).

  47. Joe can do it in 3, but working with Sam slows him down. Together it takes something between 3 and 5 hrs. So Joe sends Sam out for some really good coffee, say to Seattle, and then paints the house in 3 hrs before Sam gets back. So 3 hrs, plus an excellent coffee break.
    You're welcome.

  48. Took me less than 20 seconds to figure out 1 hour, 52 minutes, and 30 seconds. Joe paints 33.33…% of the house in 1 hour and Sam paints 20% of the house in 1 hour, inverse (100%/53.33…%) is 1.875 hours. Or in algebraic terms, 1/3x + 1/5x=1.

  49. It cannot be less than 3 hours as the two painters would chat among themselves, get in each other's way, and generally be less productive unless you cut the house in two, push both halves apart far enough so that the two guys cannot interact in any way, and have both guys work on their individual halves, in which case you could assume that the house would be painted after 5 hours. The reconstruction of the house will probably take the rest of the week.

  50. It's not plausible that there is no interference. If the two guys cooperate well they might be faster than alone, so the result would be less than 15/8 h. It is also possible that they only have one equipment, which means that one guy can only support the other one. It's not exactly clear what this means with respect to the total time they need. It is still possible that they would be faster than 15/8 h, but they could also be slower. They are slower than 15/8 h for sure, if they don't agree about the color or whatever. In an extreme case they kill each other because of that, so they will never finish or only for t towards infinity. As a phsicist I would suggest that we just let them paint.

  51. 3 hours to paint a door? Good thing this guy is a mathematician and not a painter. The only problem with the movie answer is that he did not explain how he got the equation he used. The kid has learned nothing and is no better off than before.

  52. I took 1/((1/5)+(1/3)) and got 1.875 hours.
    I broke it down and tell him how much of a house that can paint per hour. Then I added the times together and then divided by 1 house

  53. I've made this:
    1/3 + 1/5 = 8/15 houses an hour together
    That means that they paint
    To get hours per house, we swap 8 and 15, getting 15/8 or 1.875 hours per house.

  54. distance, speed and time

    distance is ( house)
    speed is (1/5 +1/3) house per hour

    distance/ speed

  55. I would say think about it as a matter of speeds.

    The first guy has a speed of painting equal 1/3 (1 house per 3 hours) and the second has a speed of 1/5. Their combined speed is the some of these (1/3 + 1/5 = 5/15 + 3/15 = 8/15).
    From the speed you can derive how much time it would take them to paint a single house, which is 1/(8/15) = 15/8.

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                         Beginning with an ancient pyramidal computational device that stands 36 rows tall and looks very similar to that of the US Dollar’s pyramid.  Then there is the D.C. Obelisk monument of which stood @ 6,665 inches tall/and few fragments when built. <^> This is the never before revealed ‘Metaphorical Candlestick Theory’, where 9/11 sat within the flame of a candle.  So, our metaphorical candlestick was exactly the same height as D.C. Obelisk Monuments 6,665 inches. Here we go: <^> The computational device offers 6,666 inches as Day 254 was Sept, 11, and that it’s day counter sat up against the shadow of axial tilt located at row 23’s darkest day within US history.   From that Square counters position a rock is then tossed across the lake of time to the other side of the 23rd row. As time falls off to the bottom right-hand square counter of 666 (where time-hands off to ROY G BIV's re-rises of each epoch or next side of the pyramid), we tally 6,666. So, Ask yourself self, who is it that knows of just such an estranged computational device -?- of which until now, NO ONE has ever published anything about?   Once again with exactly a total of 6,666 and just fragments above the D.C. Obelisk inch count when it was built ~ becomes our Metaphorical Candles flame, and that infamous date of September 11th, 2001 burning away! <> And then there’s the 2nd of 3 lower terrorism dates <> 2015 and France. So there’s 36 rows of pyramid, while row 23’s axial tilt when each square counter running across it is counted derives the total of 6,095. Simply add St. Denis/Paris France’s day 317 of the year 2015 which was their ISIS attack, to America’s 9/11 day 254, and we have now pushed row 23’s value center of 6,095 + 317 + 254 <> up to 6,666; once again !  And yes both times we see locations that assisted in the creation of the District of Columbia being systematically hit by terrorism! NEXT Event of the 3??? <> It should be scheduled by the hand off of time as being exactly 6,666 days from and including 09/11/2001. And that date is December 11th, 2019 this year. 

       Locations? England, New York and the State of Maryland R encoded for the coming date. All total the hit locations add to row 12’s total of 870, while rows 11 & 13 contained every strip of data flow pertaining to the 1776’s birth of America on July 4rth by way of George Washington!  <^> I've sent this data flow into the FEDs, along with the CIA, of which I wrote into a book titled 'The Little Book' (a multifaceted book with additional fantasticals for the future). A few weeks after I sent in the book’s data flow back in July 2019, ISIS put out posters at the end of that month showing their plans as being terrorism hits that focus upon England, New York and California.  Over the year I’ve tried explaining that the code jumps numerically more so then name value, and interestingly enough using the cipher of A = 1 to Z = 26, Maryland & California both equal 88. Maryland also has a county location titled California Maryland. <^> So, I will stop here before it becomes mathematically too confusing and simplistically add that nuclear terrorism is also shown coming in 2021!   Unless people begin looking into my god given research, then we're all pretty much screwed! By the way you’ve most likely figured out that I’m not one of those holier than thou misfits trying to conform you or anyone else into a fear based end of days hoopla prediction, as I just want this shit stopped and then given the opportunity to run my own Laboratory ~ for the additional benefits shown me when I was dead for 17 minutes will aid in humanities futuristic success.   The multifaceted book I was given upon my N.D.E. experience shows the creation of Alchemy coming into reality, I.E. the elixir of life. That book also offers other fictional realities being brought into existence, of which I will not speak of those at this juncture.

       So, I’ve been shown just exactly how to force the human DNA connection point, of which is obviously blood to go backwards thereby total reversal of the fallout of stages of literal Copper and other medals.  Found within our mixes these heavy medals to again become their monatomic gaseous states, that there-then infuse with the spring lightning storms of watery morning dew that is collected on hillsides before the sun comes up, and then along with the vamped blood injected into the bottom of glass retorts, that thereby is then heated up until the inner workings of Nitre explode back the heavy elements into their gaius states, thereby pushing back in time the total workings of our own individualistic blood’s lifeline!     Ya it is indeed a mouthful! This is in short a cure for EVERYTHING!!!!! <> !!!!! A few weeks will go by, and then the human blood travels the line of ROY G BIV until the grand <> wolla! And, we all as fantastical as it sounds become VERY young once again! <^> Sounds incredible, but I’m certain that once 2021 offers us the opening to hell on Earth and that the United Nations European office rises up like the phoenix out of the ashes of New York ~ too there then reassemble a takeover of America, that someone will finally understand me Michael as being that proverbial diamond in the rough; and come collect me up for more fun and games.  I’m here getting older and we have got one fucking chance to succeed at this gig ! So worldly elites or someone with mass cash flow ~ wake the fuck up, come get me, and let's get busy!

      I need the finances to build my own lab.   Obviously @ this point I wonder if anyone is reading the code research that has taken over ten years to compile and send in?  Not that I really care any longer as I am certain that at any rate after 2021 and when the United Nations re-arrives in 2024 to take over the United States that the long awaited knock @ the door ~ arrives.  However, I am seriously ready to get to work now! . Let the folks @ the front of the ‘Money Train’ know that I am the one God sent to fix this shit! And that I am cocky enough to state this and prove it with the coming codes showing 2024 as our bend over and ass kiss goodbye to Democracy, UNLESS STOPPED!  <> Godspeed to each of YOU reading, and may Godbless all of humanity. 

    England, The Vatican, And America are all encoded for atomic hits in 2021. And having stated this, it now becomes obvious that both myself and ISIS need to be seriously considered & watched to a ~~ whole other nutter butter peanut butter sandwich cookie level ~~ to say the least.  I am the one sent to fix, and their the ones sent to begin the Revelational wars!! <> This research taught me much, handed me my ass, destroyed my life, and put me at a tables fringe of the most incredible study; of which is Alchemy. I don’t trust bureaucracy any longer and so I am now as of 2019 releasing some of my notes publically, and I don’t give a shit who this research/revelation pisses off!   Few will believe, most will subject their own thoughts and points of view too quickly, and all will obviously consider me to be off my rocker. However, as an old friend once said, Time Will Tell All. Let the elites know that I Michael that I am the one that brings hither forth the ancients encoded elixir ~!~ and that   

                                        I     NEED   MASS FUNDING Now ~~ Beotches!!~!! 

                                                                        Godspeed from Michael Timothy Babb…

  57. That is analogous to electronic circuits in parallel, and for a reason. In resistors in series, the CURRENT is the same, and so if u sum U=Ω₁i+Ω₂i+Ω₃i+Ω₄i+… = i(Ω₁+Ω₂+Ω₃+Ω₄+…), so the total resistance is the same. But when they are in parallel, its VOLTAGE is the same, so U=Ω₁i₁=Ω₂i₂=Ω₃i₃=Ω₄i₄=…, in this manner i=i₁+i₂+i₃+i₄+…=U/Ω₁+U/Ω₂+U/Ω₃+U/Ω₄+… =U(1/Ω₁+1/Ω₂+1/Ω₃+1/Ω₄+…) so 1/Ω=1/Ω₁+1/Ω₂+1/Ω₃+1/Ω₄+…

    This happens in other examples. if I have speed v when walking and V when running, if I walk a distance d in time t, vᵃᵛᵍ=d/t. If I run half the time, vᵃᵛᵍ=1/2(v+V), but if I run half the time, 2/vᵃᵛᵍ=1/v+1/V. As you can see, every time three variables have a relation a=y/x, if y is constant the equivalent a is the inverse of the sum of the inverses, while if x is constant the equivalent a is just the sum of the a′s.As they had a rate of 3 hours/house and 5 hours/house,if they painted the same amount of houses, it would have a rate of (3+5)/2=4 hours/house. Notice that rate is the average of both if each one paint the same amount of houses, one at a time, while if they paint for the same amount of time, their rate will be half the inverse of the sum of the inverses, .5/(1/3+1/5)=15/16 hours a house EACH(15/8 hrs/hs total), leaving 1 7/8 hrs to finish one house.

  58. None Ya
    if it takes me 2 minutes to smoke a cigarette and it takes you 3 minutes, then it will take us (2minutes+3minutes)/2people= 2.5 minutes to smoke 1 cigarette

  59. Have you never heard of “The Mythical Man-Month”? It will obviously take at least 11 hours. 3 for the fast guy to paint it wrong and 8 for the fast guy to fix it.

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