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(gentle music) – Nokona has been in business since 1926, but this is our 85th year of making baseball and softball gloves. We’re the last remaining
manufacturer of gloves in the United States, so
we have a long heritage and I think we make a world-class product. (gentle music) From start to finish, with
making a baseball glove, we have about 43 different parts. There’s about 25 pieces of leather, and then you have the leather laces, you have the felt padding, the thread, patches, whatnot, a little
glue, a little Cosmoline, a little petroleum jelly. So about 45 pieces of material. Likewise, it takes about
45 different steps. You build it a lot like
you would build clothes, you build it with the
seams on the outside, and then you have to turn it inside-out, and we’ve got one guy
named Martin back here, and Martin’s job is to
take that outside shell and turn each finger, and
finally the thumb, inside-out. The key ingredient in
making a good ball glove is the leather. The steer hides that we
use, they’re probably grown in Texas or Oklahoma, so it’s
some of the best steer hide in the world. Usually out of a steer, we’re gonna get about 10 ball gloves. The most famous person ever to wear a Nokona glove was Nolan Ryan. His dad bought it for him
at the Alvin Hardware store in Alvin, Texas in the early
50s and we like to think that was the first thing
that got Nolan started on his career. We think that the secret of Nokona ballgloves are our people. Nokona with a K has always
been located in Nocona, Texas, about 3,000 people soaking wet. We come from a heritage, the city does, of boot makers and wallet
makers and purse makers. Through the years we’ve been known as the leather goods
center of the Southwest. So the people that we
have are truly craftsmen. They put together with love and heritage and experience, and we think
that it’s just a step above the rest of the gloves. (gentle music)

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