Major League (1/10) Movie CLIP – I’ve Been Cut Already? (1989) HD

(starter’s pistol fires) (starter’s pistol fires) Shit! I’ve been cut already? (all chattering) Who the hell is that? Get him a uniform. Lou: All right.
Did you get enough hay
for him? You sure?
Take good care of it,
all right? All right. (man chattering in spanish) Hey, jake.
How’s the knees
holding up? Great. Never been better. Mobility’s good?
No problem getting off
the throw to second?No problemo.I need a catcher, jake, Somebody who can
lead this team
on the field. So, I want
the absolute truth
here. Are you 100%? Yeah. Would I bullshit you
about something like that? You better,
if you wanna make
this team. Second base! Shit. (grunts) Hold it. Hold it. Well, you may run like mays,
but you hit like shit. With your speed,
you should hit the ball
on the ground And be legging them out. Every time I see you
hit one in the air, You owe me 20 pushups. Hey, no problem. Shit.

100 thoughts on “Major League (1/10) Movie CLIP – I’ve Been Cut Already? (1989) HD

  1. Actually they didn't play a prank on him. They got rid of him because he wasn't invited to spring training. Also, when I clicked on it to watch the video, I got an Allstate ad with Dennis Haysbert in it. He plays Pedro Serrano in the movie.

  2. The stupidity of the team when Mays hits the pop up, it hits the fencing then drops right down and both the players in the back of the fence are looking up as if he hit a high fly ball hahah

  3. I like how they were impressed by the time he got, even though he only started running after 5 seconds had already gone…

  4. the final game of this movie must be the greatest capture of atmosphere of any major sport. just when the theme plays and players on the field.

  5. It's funny…. Hayes is cut because he wasn't on the roster, nor was he properly invited to camp. So they ejected him.
    However, earlier in the movie the 3 guys at the diner were reading the spring training list of players and they say:
    "Ricky Vaughn…Willie Hayes? I never heard of most of em! Mitchell Friedman??"

    How could Willie Hayes name have been in the paper if he snuck his way into camp and they didnt know who he was??

  6. Fun fact: Wesley Snipes is actually so slow in real life all his scenes were shot in slow motion to make him look fast.

  7. These days, a GM would tell a guy like Willie Mays Hayes that he should work on his launch angle and exit velocity and completely waste his speed…

  8. Has anyone ever notice that back in the &0s and 90s any older man that had a mustache was a mentor or had a advisor mind set??

  9. This guy did the same thing Forrest Gump did get in the middle of a sports field and just start running. If it was really that easy I would be a major league player for sure.

  10. I thought it was "You may run like Hays, but you hit like his sister."
    I liked when later in the movie, during a real game, he hit a pop fly and started doing push-ups.

  11. All we got is one damn hit you can’t say damn on the air don’t worry nobody’s listening anyways


  13. Wesley was actually NOT fast. Charlie didn't need CGI cuz he threw mid/upper 80's. Best real baseball movie. ZERO popout to second HR's like in The Babe.

  14. This movie was awesome they had a lot of guys who had major talent but flawed. Sheen threw fast but had no control the big home run hitter hit amazing but could only hit fast balls. Berenger was like the Kevin Costner's role in bill Durham

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