Madison Park & the Reserves at Madison Park Murrieta Condos

What can you get with an entry-level
price range in Murietta? Well, starting in the $200,000s this condo
community I’m going to tell you about today was built in the early 2000s, it
has modern amenities, a great pool and spa, plus it’s in an awesome location. I’m
going to tell you all about it and we are starting right now. Hi I’m Jessica Genung. I’m a Realtor here
in the Murrieta, Temecula, Menifee Valley. I make these videos every week with the
goal of educating YOU about what’s going on in our local real estate market. I
give you tours of local neighborhoods, such as this one, and I tell you about
what it’s like to live here. Please consider subscribing to my channel, like
this video, or comment below with some feedback. Let’s get right to it. Today
we’re going to be talking about Madison Park and the Reserves at Madison Park
condo communities. They are side-by-side communities which are located west of
the 15 freeway in Murietta California. You can choose from one, two and three
bedroom floor plans here. The Madison Park condos were first starting to be
built around 2002 and the Reserves they finished up a little bit later around
2005. Both communities have lots of amenities including a pool, spa, Clubhouse,
fitness center and kids playground. The Madison Park and the Reserves at Madison
Park pool and Clubhouse facilities are very similar if not identical in size
and design. The entry landscaping is a little bit more striking at the older
Madison Park with mature palm trees including this giant palm in the center
of the entryway. The HOA fees are around $200 but they are variable based on
water meter reading. As far as taxes, go both Madison Park
communities are on the very low side for the area with only around $200 to $400 a
year in special assessments. So that’s going to put you at an overall tax rate of
around 1.2%. So compare this $200 to $400 a year in special
assessments to the typical newer condos in Murietta which have special assessment
fees in the 2000 to 3000 range per year, and this is in addition to your base tax
rate. So you might be wondering with all this information, if Madison Park is such
an awesome location on the west side of Murietta and it has all these great
amenities, why is it one of the least expensive communities in Murrieta? Well,
my personal opinion of the reason that they are more affordable is that they’re
a little bit more apartment style in design. The stairways are on the
exterior of the building which is similar to many apartment buildings. Also
the garages have no direct access. Contrary to most of the condo complexes
in the area most Madison Park units only come with a single car garage and lastly
the entire condo layout for each unit is on one level. The positive spin on that
is finding a condo entirely on the ground level with no stairs is rare. The
baby boomer generation is increasingly looking for no stairs and a single level.
Most three-bedroom condos in the Murietta area are going to be more
town home style-so you’re going to have your bedrooms upstairs and your
your living area downstairs and typically buyers are willing to pay a
premium for separated living and sleeping areas as well as direct garage
access for increased safety. If you happen to know already that a two-car
garage, as well as direct access, is a must for you, check out my video up here
on the Skyview Ridge community, which is a condo community in Murietta that’s a
great option I would recommend if you’re looking for those couple of
things. Here is a tour of the interior of a two-bedroom unit in the Reserves at
Madison Park. This one has been very nicely recently updated as you can see
here with the quartz countertops, the stainless steel appliances, new light
fixtures, it has a vinyl flooring. The interior laundry room is just off the
kitchen in this floorplan and the bedrooms have very nice separation being
on opposite sides of the unit each with their own bathroom.
The great Westside location of these communities is walking distance to many
stores and restaurants such as Panera Bread, Kohl’s, Lowe’s home improvement
store and also you can walk right across the street to Mulligan’s Family Fun
Center where there is miniature golf and a lot more things for kids and families
to do. It’s close to the 15 freeway but not too close if you know what I mean.
And lastly it’s in top-rated Murietta School District. Thanks as always
for watching my video and if you liked it don’t forget to subscribe, see you
next time. Bye! what can you get with an entry-level
price range in Murietta we’ll start

12 thoughts on “Madison Park & the Reserves at Madison Park Murrieta Condos

  1. The condos you speak of in the Murrieta Cali area sound fabby. These two communities: Madison Park & the Reserves at Madison Park seem affordable for the area. You're right tho; they do have that apartment feel.

  2. Another very good and informative video Jessica. Great looking condos for entry-level buyers. Thanks for sharing…

  3. I love your overview of the amenities as well as features that make these communities send out. I also found it very helpful that you referenced another community that has attached garages and multilevel living if that’s what someone is looking for. Very helpful!

  4. Great homes and great prices. My parents-in-law live in Torrance, Ca and prices there are much higher. This is a great place to live.

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