MACE Premier Cricket Kit Bag

Hi Guys this is Nipun from and I’m excited to review one of the kit bag that we just received
MACE premium individual not a team back but this is individual kit back perfect
size for an individual player perfect size for an individual who’s also a
wicket keeper because you might be able to kind of keep all your gear inside
this kitbag very nice very well manufactured very well designed so I’ll start
with the pulley here so if you take a look this has a hidden trolley for easy with two sturdy wheels and if you look at
the base here a very nice sturdy base reinforced with two vertical mean
vertical straight parallel straight aluminum grid so these are very nice
if you look at the wheel base obviously smooth wheels and that’s the hidden trolley
plus it also comes with the handle if you want to drag just with the handle
instead of the trolley so with that said I’m gonna give you a moment to a kind of you know
look 360 degrees and obviously I will have to sort of circle around so if you
can notice here this is a padded bat case covered and on this side we have
something called wallet key mobile pouch I’m going to go into details on this
very soon as well the bats so for now I’m gonna just slide this in
drag it down and start looking at it you’re looking at a side pocket big
decent size a squeezed in a ball box ball box in there and it still has a lot of room for
first aid kit, dirty socks or things like that that’s one and we are looking
at the wallet key mobile pouch WKMP obviously go beyond laundry what are you
looking here is organizer right there one, two for keys
so I have this for phone I have additional storage space plus a
hidden compartment if you will for an iPad so this is all it goes plus it has
enough room to throw in like about five six keys in there very decent very well
designed kind of an angular momentum that goes along with the beautiful
design MACE cricket ,we have a shoulder strap which we will padded it for you to
kind of carry it on your shoulder if you want to not easy because it gets heavier
when you stuff a lot of stuff in the kit bag that’s why the pulley in the handle helps. We’re looking at what’s inside well I also going to show you this is
the dirty laundry pouch, dirty socks clothes you can throw in you can also
use this for dirty shoes if you will you know you can put anything you want in
there before I go inside let’s take a look that’s the padded pouch that’s one
guy and I have another bat same one kind of with double padding in there
bubble wrap that’s my bat these are the two bats that I use on
different conditions obviously and i will slide this one in so that’s two bat personal cases if you
will it can carry two bats with a bubble wrap and that’s one of the reason I can
keep bubble wrap inside its very big enough or two bats plus you can also put
in your third bat if you want to in the kit bag so these are my three
personal bats that’s in here just for the purpose of demo I have kind of slide those in here I have one pair of batting gloves a shirt, a cap, a pants that mine personal
stripper then I have a helmet, glove and a guard of course that goes in there and I
one pair of my shorter version pads if you will the color ones for t20 cricket
again our beautiful beautiful pads MACE pro-lite the lightest pads in stock at
this point and then I have my white version for the red ball game so that
been said pretty roomy inside and you will take a look so for me I’m using two two
pads instead a keeper could actually use keeper gears to kind of stuff that in in
this feedback so the opening of the base for you to king of see aluminum steel
base trolley or sturdy base this is what it looks like inside
really roomy nice kit bag a perfecly priced item but if you go with higher
brands the same same kit bags would potentially cost you anywhere between
$150 dollars two $140 – $130 this are being
sold on at $100 bucks sometime you never know you might
find a very good deal a bargain price at about $80, $70, $75 so take a look at
this and I hope this video helps you see what exactly this bag can carry, a
lot of gears this all stuff was right in here and again you know this is Nipun
from and I was intending to do this for a while but
haven’t got enough time so here I am today reviewing MACE Premium kit bag. I
hope your guys enjoyed stay tuned for more gears review again this is Nipun from
Cricket Merchant I hope you enjoyed it thank you guys Cheers!

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