Ma Long Forehand and Backhand Technique

馬龍正反手技術 馬龍反手是否改變握拍? 馬龍的正手是世界最棒其中之一,他的反手不差,很連貫且快速。 馬龍的正手是世界最棒其中之一,他的反手不差,很連貫且快速。 請注意他正手的握拍,拇指在拍柄的邊緣。 現在我們來看看馬龍反手握拍?他改變或是保持一樣握拍? 這是他的中性握拍。拇指永遠在拍柄邊緣。你將看到,為增加力道,馬龍正反手都改變握拍方式。 當他反手上旋,他的拇指往上移來支撐他的擊球。他反手的確改變握拍。

50 thoughts on “Ma Long Forehand and Backhand Technique

  1. As I am amateur player should I practice using these techniques..?? I would be great if I hear something from you

  2. In some video in youtube he said that he changed grip but not when in rally, and for the backhand topspin i think his motion is more brush than hit, when i tried it feels heavy ?, so i can imagine how strong his hand

  3. Thank you so much coach Emratthich for the instruction. However I have a question: Isn’t it the thumb support applicable on in the case of Ma Long’s type of backhand and not in the case of the backhands of Liam Pitchford, Timo Boll, Kreanga or Ovctcharov? The head coach of China Liu Guoliang also had mentioned the principle differences between Chinese backhand and European backhand during the match between Fan Zhendong and Pitchford in London, and I have the same feeling. Chinese backhand is more of pushing/defensive type (except for the Fan Zhendong’s attacking flick and Zhang Jike’s backhand topspin) while European backhand is more of pulling/offensive type with more wrist work. And I think both are equally beneficial on their own coz Chinese are more forehand dominant where they keep 3/4 part of the table for forehand and using backhand only to defend or place the ball saves them time for getting ready for forehand attack. On the other hand, European use less footwork and stand more in the middle of the table so that they use both forehand and backhand for attacking equally. Hope to hear from you dear coach and also other friends if my analysis is not accurate??.

  4. Can you help me. I'm right handed and my topspin is pretty good so I use it a lot but I don't know what serve should i use if I want my opponent to return it in the right side on my topspin?

  5. Actually me and ma long has the same grip but he is far more better and consistent. This grip actually help you brush the ball and makes your spin more consistent and faster and you can counter topspin/loop with this grip properly based on how I use it

  6. That backhand technique looks wrong… he doesn't use waist enough.
    I have seen an old video of him receiving multi-ball from Liu Guoliang where he was corrected into using waist rotation to hit through the ball more as opposed to bouncing up & down… &:he did.
    Not like this one here now!
    If you want to view it search YouTube for:
    'Ma Long doing multiball with head coach Liu Guoliang'.

  7. He also has his left hand at the same level on backhand for better balance, I think, very interesting detail, few talk about

  8. naa i didn't like it >.< … i like to play simple ball .. open racket little push BH and FH and i also smash when i have the chance .. spin far from the table .. 3rd ball attack always .. that's what table tennis couches teach us

  9. I think ML changed his grip around 2013-14. By 2015 his BH was the way it is now. My speculation is that the more backhand biased grip that Zhang Jike uses turned out to have many benefits and I think that a backhand biased grip became the standard for shakehand players. Vid from 2013 you can see his thumb in the middle of the blade above the handle. Vid from 2015 More to the side the way it is now. I remember thinking at the time that his BH had improved a lot and I was somewhat sure it was the grip change.

  10. Thank you so much. I have always had the same question re transitions between forehand and backhand and what grip to hold. You solved a great mystery of mine. Thanks!

  11. Hi Coach, Thanks for this wonderful video but I have a question about this backhand thumb up technique. If I'm correct, I remember that Zhang Jike keeps his thumb on the handle instead of Ma Long and Fan Zhendong the thumb up on the rubber. The difference between them is thumb down can create stronger spin but slower speed, thumb up can create stronger speed but weaker spin (These also apply into banana flick). Also, thumb down can do a faster transition between forehand and backhand. Please correct me if I'm wrong. And please give us some suggestion which one is better. I was the thumb up before but I found a hard time to do the forehand and backhand transition so I start practicing the thumb down method and I can see my transition did better and I feel the banana flick is easier to do. However, the ball I return usually is not fast enough even though the spin is stronger, people still can return my banana flick or backhand stroke. So I'm not sure I should practice the thumb up method and focus on my transition improvement or I should keep the thumb down method and try to hit the ball harder to improve the speed. I also know that people are saying spinning play style no longer good on the new ball so does it mean the thumb up method is better? Please give me some suggestion and let me know which one is more stable. Thanks for your suggestion!

  12. In practice I hit the ball consistently but in match I play badly ,hi everyone some our coach emratthich explain this could anyone help me which video is that..??

  13. seeing ML changes his grip for his backhand stroke makes me wonder if FZD and the other Chinese elites do the same. ML's forehand is one of the best if not The Best at all in the world…but his backhand in my opinion is a bit inferior compared to his top teammates. I see ML a lot of times just pushes or blocks or punch a backhand ball when FZD would usually attack it with a lot of power and topspin in a more consistent way. i would like to know if this changing of grip is the optimum technique for backhand grip. i believe this technique makes ML a bit late to attack the backhand ball that is why sometimes he opts for a softer backhand return as oppose to FZD attacking automatically with his backhand even with multiple transition with his forehand.

  14. Anh đã gửi phần phụ đề tiếng Việt. Nhờ ERT xem lại và duyệt đăng nhé! Cảm ơn e nhiều!

  15. Honestly, much respect to the Chinese players but the BH of Ma Long and FZD looks forcefully awkward. It's not as fluid as the European BH.

  16. Are these 49 people who gave a thumb down crazy or what? This video does exactly what it promises! It answers the question it poses in the title and explains everything the best possible way! It also focuses and slows down the parts that are important for the execution of Ma Long's technique! 10 thumbs up from me!

  17. Ma Long technique full analysis:

    Ma Long equipment:

  18. An in depth frame by frame breakdown of a pro's technique is not something I knew TT was missing and now can not live without…big props!

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