Ma Long Could Retire Sooner Than Expected

This is very sad news for many table tennis
lovers around the world. Ma Long could retire
sooner than expected due to his severe injury. It’s very sad since Ma Long is one of the
best players in table tennis of all time.Recently,
Ma Long explains the reason for his absence on the international competition in the interview
with China Daily Sports (November 2019). Ma Long’s biggest challenge
is his severe injury Ma Long’s injury is not new. Ma Long’s knee issue started in 2007 (12 years
ago!). His left
knee is calcified and worn out with his repetitive actions of the play.Physical therapy,
acupuncture, and correction have been tried numerous times. Sometimes he went
for cortisone injection under ultrasound to reduce the pain. Before the 2017 World Championships, Ma Long
got a cortisone injection on the knee. After he won men’s singles champion, whenever
he felt pain on the knee, he still used the above approaches for relief. The situation was not better before the 2018
Swedish Open but Ma Long was eager to attend the tournament. He decided to take another cortisone injection
before the match, in a local hospital in Sweden. China Team was worried
about Ma Long’s knee problem In January 2019, the head coach Liu Guoliang
spoke publicly about Ma Long’s knee injury for the first time. A professional medical team and a fitness
team helped him, but recovery was slow. Then in mid-February, Ma Long started technical
training. Before that, he was only doing physical rehabilitation
and training. Beijing coach was very worried if Ma Long
continues to play. On February 25, Liu Guoliang said that the
team had not yet abandoned Ma Long, but that he will have an alternative plan
for the worst case. Why Ma Long’s injury is so serious? Ma Long, in order to play, has decided to
take another cortisone injection before the match. But this time in the Swedish Open, his pain
was not relieved. Instead, it triggered the
outbreak and worsening of his knee injury which lasted for more than 3 months. It is simple to summarize what happened to
Ma Long’s left knee as “repetitive strain injury”. However, it is too difficult to describe what
takes to get full recovery. After Ma
Long won his third World singles Champion, he is still in the process of recovery. Ma Long has multiple injuries When Ma Long announced withdrawal from Marvelous
12 trial in Shenzhen due to injuries, many thought
that was just an excuse. Ma Long has several injuries:knee injury since
2007(main problem) Waist and wrist injury since 2014
Neck issue recently due to over-competition Will Ma Long put his racket down Ma Long has confirmed that he always love
the game. And he will be always the “spiritual leader”
of the China Team. He won’t put his racket down! Let’s see the interview (November 2019) So due to over competition, and the change
of the new ball, many atheletes has suffered from the injuries. And you can see that Ma Long has tried his
best to play in this World Cup 2019. Ma Long could stop playing for years. Will Ma Long play in Tokyo 2020? When will Ma Long decide his retirement? Why Ma Long’s injury is painful? Will Ma Long continue playing table tennis? All of these questions are explained on
PingSunday. (Read the answer by the link below) Will Ma Long retire as Zhang Jike? (completely disappear on the internation competition). Or
will Ma Long become the coach like Ma Lin, Wang Hao? We don’t know. However, the most important for Ma Long right
now is, he can still enjoy playing table tennis as long as he can. And at the same time, he love
playing with his “little Dragon” ^^ Anyway, all of my wishes for Ma Long. I hope that he can recover and come back soon. Because he is the real leader, the model in
table tennis. Table tennis without Ma Long,
is table tennis without the true leader.

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