Ma Long Backhand Techniques

Welcome to the channel of coach EmRatThich. Special thanks to zzglily has shared this
training video of Ma Long. He practices the
backhand attack against backspin ball from a chopper. You could be impressive of
Ma Long’s backhand. But don’t train like that. In the history of table tennis, there are
only a few players that can consistently use the backhand attack the backspin ball of a
chopper. They are Werner Schlager,
Kalinikos Kreanga, Karakasevic and Wang Hao. Even the backhand dominant player like Zhang
Jike and Ovtcharov, they always use the forehand to attack the backspin ball
of a chopper. Because of the
obstruction of the body in the backhand stroke, you can’t loop kill the backspin
ball with your backhand. Using the backhand, you can lift the ball,
but it’s very hard to hit the ball “forward”. So what’s the reason for this backhand training
of Ma Long? During the
Chinese Trials, Liu Guoliang has analyzed many times about the revolution of
table tennis. The new ball is slower, so the players have
time to attack and counter attack every ball now. Ma Long is asked to adjust this new style
of table tennis. However, this backhand attack against the
chopper is used only in some “emergency” situations, as a surprise factor. Of course, the best way to attack the backspin
ball is using your forehand to loopkill the ball. I will show this forehand training of Ma Long
in the next video.

23 thoughts on “Ma Long Backhand Techniques

  1. Well I suppose Ma Long has also trained like that to improve his backhand topspin against backspin and have like some variety in his training to strengthen his backhand. I don't really think, Ma Long needs a surprise element against defenders, he'd destroy any chopper anytime without much effort.

  2. I addicted your videos… you are great person emrathich ….now I just see this video and I  logged for thank you. Thanks a lot

  3. thanks you a lot for your lessons, its so inspired.
    In this video you telling about Schlager / Karakasevic / Wang Hao technique. May be you tell something more about they backhand?

  4. I think practicing attack against choppers is very effective for your forehand stroke, you can really feel the contact, and you have all the time in the world to prepare for your shot. It's also train you to predict the ball trajectory, to be consistant, and to treasure chances to kill the ball if the ball goes a little bit higher than normal.

  5. Will you at some point be putting out a video on playing as a defensive player/chopper? There is so little information on that, and it is a valid style of play. Esp at lower levels. Thanks

  6. Great channel and videos, I need help with my gear, after 2 years of learning I found your video about the feel and spin and I noticed that my blade and rubber is probaly not the best setup for me to learn, I want a good gear setup to learn the feel and the spin. can you plz recommend me a good setup for a beginner?

  7. The new ball is not slower, it is much more heavier and speed oriented, not spins oriented that's why the chops / backspin looks slower because there isn't enough spins could be made. For offensive players this is an advantage but for choppers don't expect too much. I just don't really understand what reasons behind the changing of the new ball is it because they want to change table tennis into a sport for power play or skillfull spins play? The old days ball is not faster but only lighter and the ball is very good at making spins that's why they think it is faster but the fact is the spins that make it seems faster

  8. lot of the text is wrong. you can kill underspin with bh. karakasevic has done it and so has ma long. it depends on the incoming ball not due to "obstruction of the body".
    werner schlager could NOT consistently rip underspin with bh. you also missed timo boll the most famous anti-chopper. bh loop vs chop is not new at all. and it's not due to "surprise factor" but for agility purposes when you can't make it to the fh side

  9. Mã Long giật trái đẹp quá! Nếu có một clip do Ma Long quay lại và hướng dẫn giật trái một cách cụ thể và rõ ràng thì hay biết mấy. Quay chậm thật chậm. Có ai liên hệ được với MaLong nhờ anh ấy hướng dẫn thì tuyệt………….

  10. hey coach I have a cheap stiga pro carbon blade I love it cause I have great control with it … I purchased a dhs hurricane 3 neo for my fore hand and I'd like to know your recommendation for a dhs rubber for my backhand … blade 25$ dhs h3 neo 22$ … bh rubber ?

  11. I'm sure Ma Long could rip those balls with his backhand if he used the technique he sometimes uses far off the table, a really big stroke starting from the hip with lots of rotation

  12. Very well explained.. I used to try backhand topspin against chops but was very rarely getting it right!! Thank you

  13. sir i do play well in practice but during match i get nervous and i am not able to attack or play upto my full potential..plz help me..sir?…

  14. When are you going to teach how to play as a modern defender? Its interesting, you state how to play against them, but never coach how to play as a defensive player against an attacker. There is so little training for defenders, its just ridiculous.

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