1. What an absolutely great break down of Lydia Ko's swing and the swing analysis.  Amateur male golfers usually don't look at the swings of the women players to copy them, but in her case, they should.  Best tempo and effortless swing with supreme accuracy.   Thanks for taking the time to explain this, I appreciated it.  Keep up the good work.

  2. I prefer the old Lydia Ko swing which looked natural and worked well. This new contrived A swing just does not look right. The old swing got her on to tour and I think she might have the talent to make this manufactured A swing work but she would have been far better served sticking with what she had,

  3. Love seeing a swing analysis and then tips on how to get started. These are some great videos. Please keep them coming

  4. Thank you very much for the analysis! I have the book and this analysis is a great perspective on Davids swing. Subscribed!

  5. I've been using a version of the "A" swing for nearly 20 years and every time I try to go away from it and try something else it turns out to be a complete disaster! Once you get the moves down it's the best golf swing technique you can use to better your game!

  6. Your video is the best on youtube so far on A swing backswing, I think senior golfers should give it a try because it is much shorter backswing and only one way get to the top, I am 66 and only been playing golf 4 years ,I feel much confidence with the A swing. Thanks for the video .

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  8. Thanks Adam!  All your work is "top shelf"!.  But this 10 minutes is probably your best ever!I'm early 40's and starting to dedicate some effort into Golf again, and this video has assisted in "ironing-out" my iron play!  Which carries over to the short game, and the long game!  Well done, you are a STAR!  Thanks again, from The Sands, Torquay, Australia – Simon and son Teo.

  9. Hi again Adam.  Wow, this video has really helped me out!  It has lead me down the path of watching a few more videos on the A Swing.  I have only recently dedicated some effort to becoming a student of the game.  About 2 months ago, I bought a Calloway Complete Set, X Series (N415's – sort of entry level for Calloway, but a quality set).  Plus a Phil Mickelson Grind 60/10 Wedge…  I've had so much fun mastering the Wedge, and my short game, and watching Phil's Short Game (and videos)… And I have quickly become pretty good in the short game, because there was less time for me to stuff up my back swing!…  My swing was OK… But now the A-Swing has really put me into the slot… I love the part in this video when you say, "and that gives her a Green Light… to really hit the ball"… Words to that effect… I haven't even had any golf lessons ever!  But your teaching has been excellent… Just slowly working on 1 or 2 little things… After a while, I have worked on 30 things from you… But you lead me down the path of the A-Swing, and that was MY "Green Light" moment!  I can finally unleash some real power on the ball!  Thank-you Adam!… 2 things on my Golf Bucket List, 1 – Play Pebble Beach, and 2 – get a lesson from you, and meet you.  Your passion for golf comes out in your videos, well done! … I live on the Ladies Tee at Hole 18, The Sands, Torquay, Australia… Which is close to the club house, and the practice facilities!

  10. I bought into the A swing theory and bought the book….We golf nuts will fall for anything!!! Been playing golf for nearly thirty years to a low single figure handicap. Tried his A swing out but only find it to hard to make the wholesale changes one has to make specifically in the backswing. One has to spend hours on the range and thousands of swings to make the changes natural which is not practical especially for time poor amatuers!! In my opinion ultimately Leadbetter has destroyed Lydia. She had the perfect swing before David Leadbetter got hold of her so why fix what ain't broke is the question I ask?? There is a old Texan saying "Dance with the one that brung ya" and I believe that finally she has been left stranded at the ball!!. Please read Kelvin Miyahira's article link attached on saving Lydia ko written earlier this month, he is a highly respected coach and technical buff on the game. http://kelvinmiyahira.com/index.php/articles/articles-2/2016-articles/159-2016-10-saving-lydia-ko

  11. If you want to hit a lot of straight shots this swing is perfect but at the beginning you lose 1 1/2 to 2 club length in distance. But the more you keep practicing with it it will come back to just a 1/2 a club length.

  12. Thanks for the video. bought the book. but it's nice to have videos to learn from. can you do a video on using the A swing with a driver? thanks very helpful

  13. I've tried David's A Swing and much of it is quite useful but I've found that a slight hybrid of that swing works really well .. by letting the club path be slightly less steep on the backswing, I have been able to swing more "on plane." To allow the club to shallow the wrists have to be almost too supple for me and I've found that a late on plane wrist cock that then steepens the club shaft allows me to feel the club dropping into the slot. Both work but it's more consistent with the latter than the former. Keeping the club in front and steep tends to induce weight moving forward even though that is something that David does NOT want to happen.

  14. Just learning the A swing, only been at it a couple weeks, but already contact is "crisper" with my irons, usually straighter ball flight, and, as a bonus, I've gained nearly 10 yards distance on all my clubs 🙂 Can't wait to see what happens when I really get the hang of it 🙂 For reference I've been playing for probably 10 years and am a 12 handicap, so not terrible, but loads of room for improvement.

  15. As a hitting coach and into the science of hitting mechanics, I applied this technique to my golf swing and my ball striking improved dramatically. Staying connected in the back swing was very helpful along with keeping the club outside the hands. Great video.

  16. Hi Adam
    I recently started swinging my clubs like this, sort of copying Ryan Moore`s swing.
    Then after googling i came across David Leadbetters A Swing.
    Its the only way i can swing on plane and a very strange thing happens my hips bump and i actually rotate moving my weight forward ( something i struggle with) it just naturally happens for me.
    A lot of people dislike Leadbetter saying its a gimmick on other you tube comments.
    But honestly Adam for the first time in two years since i took up this great sport i can hit the ball consistently well.
    one mans food is another mans poison i know, but this just works for me taking the club up steep then i can feel it shallow, rotate hard then pow.
    just my tupence worth . Paul

  17. Lydia developed a two-way miss as a result of her hands moving out in the downswing (as your video shows)…if Lead had taught her (like he did many players back in '80s and early '90s) to shallow the clubhead ONTO the inclined shaft plane instead of creating a "look" of the club shallowing relative to the backswing (which doesn't mean squat) then she would probably still be with him today…you guys were all good teachers back then which makes one wonder what was wrong with what you were doing

  18. Great tip !! Check my page Groove your T & T (tempo & Timing) a la LYDIA Ko! Just follow the Beat.

  19. Leadbetter pure shit swing. Should be banned from golf for messing up her swing to start with. Marched straight on the tour, beat everyone, went straight to # 1 with nobody coming. Was ZERO reason to mess with her swing. Look at her now, got a pair of top tens in two years. You took the best female player in the world your swing turned her average at best. Leadbetter, the dingleberry of pro golf. Can't do so teach. Can't teach either.

  20. Excellent video and breakdown. I just wish I was as smart as some of the people who have Blessed us with their negative opinions that were stated like they are absolute facts. There are many ways to strike the ball and not every technique will work with everybody who plays……and that…is a fact! Thanks for showing us an option that may or not work for all who try it.

  21. Try the single plane dont be a cookie cutter want to look like all the pros you dont have the time Moes swing will save your back and score

  22. Adam, I really appreciate your perspective on the A swing. I see some vitriolic comments and how you have engaged with some very bitter people and all credit to you. DL is a great coach, like yourself, and whilst I am entirely new to the A swing (I'm a one plane swinger now, 1.1 hcp) Im more than willing to give it a try and am discussing with my coach now. Thanks for your brilliant presentation, one day I'd love to visit with you. All best

  23. The skinny blond thing is not working for Lydia. She looks weak and terrible to be honest. I want to give her a sandwich every time I see her.

  24. Played a round with my friends who always outdrive me. Got a little frustrated and remembered this move. Did some practice swings and then stepped up to the tee and SMOKED what was probably the longest drive of my career, 50 yards past my buddies. I had aimed over the cart path about 150 yards away and literally split the path as the ball flew. Wowza. As a long time "arms swinger" this pivot action felt totally weird, I wondered how I could even hit the ball swinging this way, but when I saw the results…as they say, the proof is in the pudding. I am switching to the A Swing. Great job, Adam! You really clarified some aspects of this for me.

  25. Tried the “lawnmower pull” at the range today. I felt very centered when I did it on my backswing. It felt like cheating. Lol. Question though you do the move in both directions when you demo it. I was not able to translate it to the downswing. One thing I notice with Lydia Ko and most great players is that lead arm is flat against their chest a long way into the downswing. How do I do that part of the move? And does the lawnmower pull apply there? Thank you.

  26. I've been playing 25 years, got down to 5hcp, but never really hit the ball well. Always been a hands out, roll the clubhead inside and catch the ball thin type of golfer. This A swing has changed my life, literally. In 25 years I've probably only hit a handful of shots pure, out of the sweetspot, with this swing I hit 7 pured irons in one round !!!
    I have no affiliation with Leadbetter but if I met him I'd kiss him !!

  27. The “A”swing seems very logical my only question is about the wrist hinge on the way back it seems to cup your left wrist at the top of the backswing. Is that fine when using this method to steepen your backswing? When do you flatten the left wrist?

  28. Ive been practicing the A swing on the range the last 2 days. Ordered the book yesterday!Played first tournament yesterday and overall was very happy with ball striking aside from 2 blocked drives. Hopefully the book has something on blocks. It definitely does make the backswing easier and more compact without sacrificing any power. I’ve engrained my swing for the last 36 years and changes are difficult. Are you an A swing teacher if I need an online lesson?

  29. In fact, "A-swing" can make many golfers' swings progress. However, many ordinary golfers do not understand the advantages of A-swing. Matthew Wolff's swing is rated by many as bizarre and strange, but in fact it's not at all. He is proving that David Leadbetter was right.

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