Loyola Volleyball Coach – High School Sports App

(soft music) – Michael Boehle, I’m
the head volleyball coach at Loyola High School. This is actually my 20th year as the head volleyball coach here. I’m an alum of the class of 1984. We have probably one
of the most successful volleyball programs in the nation. After meeting with REPu
and getting together with some of our head
coaches, it was obvious to us that it’s not
geared towards one sport, my sport of volleyball, for instance. Everybody, every sport
here at Loyola High School is gonna be able to benefit from this. Parents email me constantly
with Twitter updates, schedule changes, Instagram pictures, “Coach, when is the live
stream gonna be on?” It’s all under one umbrella
and that’s where my parents, and alumni, anybody who wants
to follow Loyola volleyball and Loyola High School can go. What other app gives
you push notifications, live updates on your scoring? There’s no one else out there. This is where we’re going
and REPu is the place to be. (upbeat music)

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