LOW, SOFT AND SHORT!!! | Spike Volleyball Career Mode Episode 6

*Spike Volleyball Gameplay Career Mode Yes Guy Gaming* the old adage high hard and deep we
don’t we don’t apply to that we go low hard and short I’m on it is he still
feeling it yeah I hit that low soft and short yes hello Ramona welcome back to yes guy
game we’re back playing spike volleyball and we’re here in the career vote and I
gotta say thank you to everybody for all the awesome comments and tips and tricks
and stuff that you guys are putting in the comments below all the likes all the
support that you’ve shown to this series I know this game just came out but I
really really appreciate the support and the tips too so a few things come up we
will give me some tips on how to play a little bit better which I’m hopeful to
introduce here in this game and also a lot of people saying the game gets a lot
better when you get better players so that’s what I’m gonna be trying to
focusing on doing is trying to get some better players and hopefully it’ll kind
of smooth out some of the bugs we can have a lot more fun with this game so
thanks again you haven’t hit that subscribe button be sure to do so but
let’s get into it so nice I got a new libero with a strong point in reception
well if he’s a libero a better of a strong point reception huge I see so a
lot of people have been asking how you make consultants in this game and I
think I’ve just figured it out so if you get a player with a strong
point then you can define them as a consultant for that strong point I’m
pretty sure I don’t want to do it with this guy because I want this guy to be
my libero I don’t think my current libero is a strong point in reception
let’s check him no he doesn’t so he’s 67 overall but he doesn’t have
that strong point well 71 in reception and 74 and dig
what’s this guy okay 79 in reception 67 and dig well so maybe I should keep my
own libero I don’t know I will figure it out later
okay so we’re in a bit of a tournament phase right now we came we were playing
through pool play had a couple of losses but somehow won our pool so now we’re in
the semi-final of this tournament I guess which is pretty cool so we’re
playing Russia so it’s do or die so I better pick my shit up let’s go get
fired up may come on now is it rally cap time sure let’s go all
right here we go let’s split the two tactics short back
hit that shit down the line buddy that’s right good start
where’s they going spread it get back right back well that’s it dig it that
deep buddy hit that real deep off the block can i play it yes I can that guy’s
not ready for it yeah yeah what about to me almost not get through nice the rally
caps working all right here we go that serve didn’t work out okay because the
center’s in the back so if I want to take out a guy and receive I got to go
to that guy maybe I’ll get the net flipper as well yeah that guy’s out so
stack this way oh pipe yep that’s a dig all right pound this deep buddy real
deep whoa that came off the block faster than I
went in I’m not even mad that was sick no that was out I shouldn’t have played
it okay hit this deep buddy gosh she dug it spread the wings go
google yep outside what’s the play I’ll try the tool maybe nah she dug it where
is he going back set yeah and up yeah there’s a dig so this guy again go deep
gosh these guys are weak oh yeah it’s gone
let’s go always leaving me this sideline yeah don’t leave me that sideline buddy
because I’m gonna hit it top serve stacked back yes who was
hitting that all right let’s go sharp angle buddy all right he’s still dug it
but I was able to do it back set and uh yep there’s a dig set outside deep dude sucked up I got shits land again but it
got what is it was coming off this block aggressively was there an update that I
didn’t notice deep corner hit that deep corner he’s out watch the back set yeah
I’m on it set that kind of side bang it line buddy
we dug it back let’s go what was that are they gonna show us all the way
probably not all right I’m gonna get an ace in this corner hit that get that
shit buddy gosh she’s all over this team feels
pretty good yep oh there’s a dig set that guy deep buddy deep
making the Libero move for it at least in the middle successful walk come on
want to see a replay that shit get out all right here we go
you keep serving that line you don’t like that you don’t like that that’s
pressure yeah stack back yep there’s a dig it set
the guy outside hit that deep gosh they dig everything like I’m having
trouble scoring go go hit it over your head and deep let’s go ah yeah that’s
the only way I score is by hitting it into the block that’s I don’t know like
that seems dumb though Oh No please go in nice stack back there’s a
dig at that cross gosh I almost scored that back yep oh wait what wait oh I got the point there on a
successful block but I blocked it right back into his hand that was over the net
that means my point like was it an over call what I’ll take it though but like
what the hell is that at that deep line gosh I need an ace yeah pipe oh no hi
that guy’s getting over the net the net flipper though like yeah jeez all right
pass up I’d like to run some middle I would set a single middle set this game
the net flipper the net flipper always scores no matter what I press jeez
comment down below if you got a way to solve that net flipper as I don’t well
that’s one way to solve that serve I’m pounded on a bounce where’s the center
serve a deep to that guy nice way to take him out yep there’s a dig set that
guy hit that sharp buddy that was maybe dumb hey got it in got
back what whoa yeah is going on this is where the games like ah he’s waiting I
got to start glitching out nobody hit that like there was nobody there but the
ball got hit oh yes wait wait get it in please yes I somehow dug a net flipper
in the middle successful block successful wha yeah
come on let’s go I’m feeling at this game all right let’s keep it rolling
boys keep serving that guy yikes click ah that’s for sure in that
guy hates it he’s out of the service Eve Oh were they setting there’s a dig okay
I’m gonna take some risk here and pound it oh no I gotta go dude shit this guy’s
all over me the key was blocking it straight down on his side I will take it
keep spin serving over there that guy he frickin hates it I knew his name I’d be
chirping him through the net he is sack bot back set and up oh I tried to play
it that was maybe a bad idea alright keep rolling keep rolling 12 3
this is a beatdown yeah ok pass by him but he’s out of the
pass line yep and up I’m all over that like can these guys penetrate please ah
alright here we go let’s get a pass I haven’t had a single good pass yeah run
that middle nice time to bounce it right first please kill of the game the first
time it hits the floor thank you all right down that line buddy let’s hit
a float down the line see see what the deal is there see if I can still do the
same thing No sideout
let’s go middle again geez yeah upset that middle he’s good
oh yes off the block what is going on with my chair right now let’s not do a
float serve it seems that the ripping the spin is way more accurate than
putting in an easy float there’s a dig except the guy who just dug it shittily
yes in the court got a stack out this way for sure there’s a dig set that guy
take a rip on it buddy gosh that’s so soft why it’s a high ball yeah that is a
high set and set with all these agarose yeah come on all right set number two
here we go let’s look for that net flipper ray yes I think he’s my setter
gotta go this way he pounded that I had the triple on it
pounded that way around jeez that was good how do I do that see ball jeez that was weak
yep come on it set the back set down that deep line well that’s about idiot I don’t know why you’re showing me that
because that was in but it went outside the antenna
I got a pic you gotta watch where you’re aiming but also where your guy is so you
know like what the path is gonna be yep yeah set middle yeah look at low we hit
that that’s how that’s how we go baby you know the old adage high heart and
deep we don’t we don’t apply that we go low hard and short that’s how we play
hit that line buddy gosh I wanted ace it love setting right side yep there’s a
dig set that guy and I’m gonna pound it to that deep corner so soft what how do I do that you know what I’ve
been too smart with my attacks like I’m hitting it deep I gotta just go for the
balance I think yeah absolutely go for the bounce
especially with middle words every time buddy
just a leave we drew it up low shallow it hard nice
so with that front row left side if that guy he’s out of it so they’re got to go
right side get over there middle there’s a dig said a high ball to that
guy is it good geez where is the camera right now I’m
gonna go come on that’s stupid net flipper all right I’m gonna battle now
all of a sudden somehow I gotta figure my shit out yep okay block that there’s
a dick geez what was that jeez I’m so lucky I dug that in it deep
gosh ooh what how’d that happen what where’s my block I win the first
set and the game just decides it’s gonna start glitching I won’t do it much a
weird shit let’s go all right here we go hold on you get a good frickin pass pass
up there we go set the middle guy that’s the play he
was ready for it yes come on I’m determined I got to pay attention like
this in does require some focus to do the right plays at the right times right
like let’s get a block outside go middle okay he’s in system for sure now you’re
gonna balance that yes God yeah I watch what position my guy is in to see if
he’s able to do that and then bounce it I also don’t like how
this game encourages you to bounce it instead of hitting it high hard and deep
which is the smart way so we’re gonna hit low down and shallow and soft every
time why not oh that’s a semi pass get right side I’m on it
is he still feeling it yeah I hit that low soft and short yes
nice yes a star momentum share let’s go hit that again trouble you know where
they’re going oh don’t even block that just let it go I totally screwed up but
whatever hit that ace oh great pass by that guy where are you
middle where are you guys going I’m on that is he feeling good is it a
good set yes it is yes come on whoa shallow wait what was
it low soft and short that’s the new mantra forget hi Arden deep low soft and
short oh this could be out yeah that was out I I did make a mistake that was my
fault shoot after that huge run I let them off the hook
yep oh definitely going middle on this back meter you guys who were hold up I’m mad but
like did you see that why does that happen
it’s like games went by we’re having a lot of fun and they do some bullshit
like that in a close game well the guy goes up doesn’t do anything and then
bounces it when it’s like in the floor come on
all right stay tough stay tough I’m not making success with the left side so
let’s run that shit he’s loving that gosh nice dig by that guy see ball yes
in the net go on yeah are they lined up here what
if I go right up and do a static short that’s not really strategically any
better yeah how’s this guy looking is he
feeling good absolutely Josh come on I don’t know how
that guy is digging it I need time to get him at low soft and short and he’s
diving and making a play on that all right here we go let’s try that static
serve deep he pass it easy yep there’s a jig set this guy he’s not really ready
for it oh he’s feeling it oh great dig Oh see ball hit deep jumbo get out there
and up what why are you showing me this hit I
don’t care about this hit I want to see how the rally ended but I can’t I’m
gonna show it all the way right before this stuff I wanted to see they kind of
short let’s keep that static serve why I don’t know like try something out it’s
passing it well it’s an easy serve what are you thinking dude my guys are not
good hitters that’s really what’s happening I think whoa I’m all over what
is happening there just to play at the net the bonus goes whoo see ya nice
don’t really know what the hell that was tough blow he’s out of it great dig by
that guy how’s this guy feeling yeah it’s a deep line hit okay my left side
guy’s on fire this game I like that because I’m bringing him inside actually
all right let’s hit that float again down that scene maybe whoa there’s a dig
set the C ball in it back door Oh tough tough pass up pass it up
let’s run a pipe it hey it worked okay there’s a dig set that guy in the front
as he’s feeling it that’s a C vault go go go gosh it’s a big triple block this guy just
panics brutal alright pass up I need a good pass that running the pipe was
stupid these guys aren’t that good yeah run the middle that back set what a dig
by that guy and nobody’s there yeah it’s such a great dig
holy laying out and extending nobody there alright for the wind boys for the
win oh there’s a dig where’s the camera going deep corner buddy
so easy get out there everybody successful for the win yeah that’s a
huge semi-final win boys oh come on one there take it for the final without
difficulty yes indeed it wasn’t easy for them but the team managed to work up the
necessary whoa look at that guy sorry you see that guy in the crowd Wow okay
guys that’s gonna do it for this episode of spike volleyball I gotta thank you
guys so much again for watching the videos supporting the channel now all
the new subscribers everybody who’s commented on the previous episodes thank
you so much it means a lot to see the support and to kind of feel the
community around this game and it makes me realize that there’s a lot of people
out there who love volleyball and really enjoy video games and want both to be
together and to be great so let’s let’s continue that conversation going and
hopefully we get noticed by big Big Bend games and black sheep and they want to
improve this game and really modify and help make it the game that it could very
well be for for all the fans so I think that’s only positive and and I’m really
surprised how positive the feedback has been for this game the game is crazily
buggy there’s a lot of people still going it’s a great game having a lot of
fun so yeah I think that’s just a great thing about the volleyball community
around the world is it’s a lot of positive people a lot of people who
really love the sport and our huge fans so thank you guys for that and thank you
for showing the support for the channel well that’s all I got to say that’s it
for this episode thank you so much for sticking all the way through this
video and we hope to see you next time on yes guy gaming *Spike Volleyball Gameplay Career Mode Yes Guy Gaming*

23 thoughts on “LOW, SOFT AND SHORT!!! | Spike Volleyball Career Mode Episode 6

  1. When you re spiking without aproach try to play with the Block (tool) and do not hit max power when you re far away from the net

  2. Great video. Maybe they will improve the game and add a lot of additions but you know you have to give them time. Greetings from Poland 🙂

  3. I figured out how to deal with net flipper. You normally press the button and release to make a pass. Next time when you press, you hold when you see the net flipper, just hold and release at the last moment. Works for me every time.

  4. Heyyy, do a drop ball. Your setter can do a drop ball when he’s on the front line. See that “dump” do it!! DO IT!!! And please do more FLOAT SERVE.

  5. Just watched episodes 5 & 6 and noticed there's a lot more success in terms of digging during rallies and blocking. Wonder if they've already patched the game. Did you download any updates so far? One quick question, when executing a quick middle hit, can you activate the middle to jump while the ball is still being set? Meanwhile, greetings from Vancouver! Loving your Team Canada! ?

  6. I'm also playing Career Mode and I have nooo ideia how I'm winning all the games and all the competitions. Do you know if the game already has any update? And congratulations for your videossssssss, I'm lovin it.

  7. Low, soft, and short=YESSSSSSSSSSS!! 16:16: I think this guy wants to secretly try out for our national soccer team. LOL Really enjoying this playthrough on a chilly Tuesday night 🙂

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