Loop like Zhang Jike — EXPLOSIVE backhand — TOMORROW TABLE TENNIS

In diesem Video zeige ich wie man einen starken Rückhand Topspin entwickelt Zuerst die Beinarbeit. Genauso wie bei der Vorhand Es sind immer drei Schritte: eins, zwei, drei Zuerst musst du in die Knie gehen und deinen Körperschwerpunkt richtig runterkriegen Dann stell dir vor dein Körper wäre ein Bogen, den du zu spannen versuchst Senke zugleich deinen Schläger und verlagere dein Gewicht auf dein linkes Bein Es ist wichtig, dass du den Ellbogen rausstreckst damit dieser als Drehpunkt agieren kann Dann verlagere dein Gewicht vom linken Bein auf das rechte Bein Genau wie bei der Vorhand – nur umgekehrt Und du musst deine Hüfte drehen In dem du den Ellbogen als Drehpunkt benutzt kreierst du einen Bogen Der Ellbogen sollte fixiert bleiben Streiche anschließend den Ball Sobald du die Reibung des Balles am Belag fühlst, dann kannst du vorwärts durch-peitschen Du musst deinen Arm zur Seite öffnen, damit du die Flughöhe bzw. den Bogen des Balls senken kannst Und du stoppst sofort hier. Nicht weiter schlagen Es ist sehr wichtig das Handgelenk einzusetzen Denn hier wird die Kraft generiert Du musst beim Streichen des Balls das Handgelenk öffnen Dein Timing sollte etwa auf den höchsten Punkt des Balles oder ein wenig später liegen

70 thoughts on “Loop like Zhang Jike — EXPLOSIVE backhand — TOMORROW TABLE TENNIS

  1. Hello can you please make a video of modern basic backhand flat hitting for beginners in detail, none of the videos on youtube now truly show in details an effective modern backhand like the current chinese players have(fan zhendong, ma long, zhang jike). all just have similar but vague advice, including the paid content!!
    Thank you 🙂

  2. Dude you are awesome! Love your videos. Really good explanation and demonstration. Keep up the good work
    Regards from Germany

  3. I like your videos, straight on the point,short and easy to understand. Keep uploading, your video quality is very good as well.

  4. Your channels gaining good traction man, have you got any tips on placement, I keep hitting the ball just a few cm outside the table and mass that sweet spot

  5. i d love yr backhand loop. I ll try to practice this shoot, it's very a smooth and powerfull backhand. the poblem in this shoot the tranfering of weight is hard. i think this shoot serves for backspin push not for nospin push. anyway Thanks all yr work

  6. Your new but your videos are so good man. I can see your channel getting by time definitely and I can say I was here form the beginning.

  7. Some guys say not to rotate the body position like forehand drive to increase the consistence. They highlight the using of forearm&wrist, not the rotation. How do you think of that?

  8. For footwork, when should you have right foot forward because when some people backhand loop they want to add power to the shot by having right foot forward instead of left. Pros and cons of each?

  9. I come quite often back to your GREAT videos, to discover things I could not realize at first glance.
    This time I was very surprised by your phrase “Once you feel the friction (grip) of the ball, THEN you can WHIP forward”.
    The contact with the ball is very, very short. And at this MOMENT you should ACCELARATE your bat at the maximum. AFTER this moment – whatever you do – you can not influence the ball anymore.
    But at your version, your first approach the bat with the whole body including forearm producing an arc. Then you feel the GRIP (FRICTION). Only THEN you start to WHIP.
    It means, that your bat at the moment of the contact is only at the beginning of its acceleration. And its whip happens when the ball is already our of its reach.
    I was sure that at the moment of the contact you should ALREADY ACHIEVE the maximum speed of the bat as a result of the coordinated movements of the body, forearm and wrist. It means, the whip is already REALISED.
    Do you REALLY have time to feel the friction. When it starts, during the grip. Do you REALLY manipulate quite consciously the ball on your bat during this milliseconds of the friction?

  10. Hello, thanks a lot for the explanation! Can you please also give few tips how to perform top spin on the ball returned by drive /top spin(top spin on the ball)? I can't understand the difference here with drive. I would be really appreciated if you will be able to watch my recording and give few tips ^_^ https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ji8-3V6-BZeQEavkDQr1u4GKe46csrXItg/view?usp=sharing

  11. Your videos are great, thanks for the help. I have a question that has stumped me for quite a while.
    What is the purpose of finishing the backend stroke with your racket perpendicular to the table? Why not just keep it closed the whole time? Is it just recovering to get ready for the next shot? Thanks

  12. I tried it today. It's hard. I couldn't do it, but thank you for your video. Update. Earlier, I was playing with a friend and I guess I was a little too tense to get the shot right. But as of an hour ago, I am at my home where I practiced the shot with my robot. I finally got it right, by correctly using my deltoid muscle into the shot. Thank again for your video.

  13. In the beginning you talk about bending your knees and lowering the center of gravity. I assume it's for "loading the spring" to release all the power at once to produce a strong shot. So a lot of power would come from the legs and rotation of the wrist. But then during the demonstration you don't seem to be using your legs, they remain bent (your head doesn't move up). Is the movement so subtle that I can't even see it, or do the legs actually need to remain bent as before during the shot? Thanks!

  14. I have practice with this backhand loop style. But I think my backhand rubber is not good. Can you tell me what rubber did you use on this video ? Is it harder to BH loop with chinesse tacky rubber, like hurricane or neo or skyline ?

  15. again Nice one , but please do explain in which situation do we need that like a combination shots , for eg : back hand side spind serve and back hand flip

  16. Greetings from Guayaquil-Ecuador. Their videos are very interesting, but for South America we need you to implement the subtitles in Spanish language in all your videos, please. In my city, table tennis players need a lot of help with the technical aspects of the sport. Thank you very much for your attention.
    Saludos desde Guayaquil-Ecuador. Sus vídeos son muy interesantes, pero para Sudamérica necesitamos que ustedes implementen los subtítulos en lenguaje español en todos sus vídeos, por favor. En mi ciudad los jugadores de tenis de mesa necesitamos mucha ayuda con los aspectos técnicos del deporte. Muchas gracias por su atención.

  17. Amazing video and content, however I've been struggling the most on the backhand grip while top spinning/loop driving. I just can't seem to control the racquet. Is there any standard backhand grip to follow, or which one would you recommend? Thanks in advance!

  18. Do you change the grip between FHs and BHs? I tend to do BH loop better with my thumb placed more vertically on the rubber. However quickly switching to FH becomes a bit difficult with this BH grip…

  19. Yooooooo is this MyTTC in Markham? I am about to join the one in Waterloo! Would love to meet you some day! Love your vids and channel. Great instructor. Quick question: Stiga Infinity VPS V all wood with Tibhar MX-P fh and MX-S bh. What do u think for advanced basement player (beginner club player) haha thanks!

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