Loop like Ma Long — EXPLOSIVE forehand — TOMORROW TABLE TENNIS

Im letzten Video haben wir gelernt, wie man auf starken Unterschnitt anzieht und in diesem Video zeige ich euch wie man die Power im eigenen Topspin erhöht Basierend auf den Schritten vom letzten Video, Möchte ich einige Details hinzufügen Ich glaube kleine Anpassungen können einen großen Unterschied machen Zuerst werde ich auf die Beinarbeit eingehen Wenn ich einen kurzen Aufschlag erhalte, mache ich einen Schritt nach vorne Zweiter Schritt: Ich kehre zurück zu meiner Ausgangsposition Dritter Schritt: Ich springe um Also sind es drei Schritte: eins, zwei und drei Und, wenn du beginnst die Hüfte zu drehen bewege den Arm NICHT unabhängig vom Körper nach hinten Sondern lass ihn MIT deinem Körper gleichzeitig und natürlich nach hinten gehen Der Arm bleibt einfach hier Und diese Position die dein Arm automatisch einnimmt, ist die korrekte Position Zweitens möchte ich über die Hand reden, der den Schläger NICHT hält Ich glaube sie sollte irgendwo im Zentrum des Körpers bleiben Wenn du deinen Arm hier lässt, verlierst du deine Balance Wenn du dich eindrehst, sollte deine Schulter nach vorne zeigen Und dein gesamter Körper sollte in diese Richtung zeigen Ein guter Rat ist den linken Arm nach vorne zu strecken, etwa so Dadurch bekommst du mehr Platz zum drehen des Körpers Als drittes möchte ich über die Drehung an sich sprechen Ich glaube diese Drehung ist nicht ein Transfer von rechts nach links oder von unten nach oben Die Drehung bedeutet dass dein Körper wie ein Ball von unten rechts nach oben links agieren muss Deine Beine sollten sich so drehen Und du musst einen Bogen erzeugen Am Ende sollte deine rechte Hüfte nach vorne gehen Als viertes möchte ich über die Kraft Konzentration sprechen Erstens solltest du vor jedem Schlag wirklich entspannt bleiben Anschließend muss jeder Muskel deines Körpers sich konzentrieren Und zwar auf den Moment des Ballkontakts Wie ich im letzten Video sagte, die Kraft überträgt sich durch eine Sequenz Von deinem Bein, über die Hüfte und dann zum Arm Nun möchte ich auf den Unterarm Einsatz näher eingehen Während du dich dem Ball näherst, musst du den Unterarm sehr schnell beugen Das ist der Teil, der die Kraft erzeugt Die wird durch diese Kontraktion erzeugt. Und durch nichts anderem Bewege nicht deinen Ellbogen. Einfach nur das Dann möchte ich noch auf die Finger und das Handgelenk eingehen Um die Kraft auf den Ball zu übertragen, muss die Kraft durch die Hüfte auf die Finger geleitet werden Du musst also dein Handgelenk beim Treffen benutzen Und am Ende musst du deinen Griff fester spannen und den Daumen auf den Schläger pressen um die Kraft zu übertragen Und ein weiterer Aspekt ist, dass du immer auf den Ball zugehen musst um ihm die Vorwärtsbewegung zu geben Du musst dein gesamtes Körpergewicht in den Ball geben Und dein gesamter Arm ist wie eine Peitsche. Es ist wie eine Peitsch-Bewegung, die den Ball trifft Da wir hier über Power-Topspins reden sollte der Schlaganteil beim Treffen höher sein als der Streichanteil des Ballkontakts Der Balltreffpunkt sollte am höchsten Punkt oder gar ein wenig früher stattfinden

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  1. Nice music selection. And thank you SO MUCH for these videos. You are damn amazing your explanationd are so good, I'm going to train so hard to become a pro. Man I wish you were my trainer

  2. Your videos are great. You explain the concept and the techniques in a very simple but very effective manner. That's why I subscribed to your channel immediately. Keep up the good job.

  3. Sure, you can do this when someone is feeding you the ball to directly where you want it to be, pretty much knowing the future. But how the hell can you implement this in a match? Do you really expect your opponent ball gonna behave exactly like this? No, and you know it. Just a slight change and your shot is useless, so how do you deal with that?

  4. what material are u playing with? in a test with chinese material we finally understood why the chinese style has more and bigger movement than the western. the catapult effect on western material is much bigger due to non sticky rubber and soft sponge. therefore the movement has to be smaller.

  5. But if you make more videos like this you could earn a little bit of contribution too for yourself :), and thanks so much even replying to all comments. I hope you are going to make more videos, your instruction is so clear!

  6. Dude, you're like really good with your explanations and you're also really good at table tennis, how much do you compete professionally etc? Keep up the fantastic work, don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise, one of the best channels I've come across so far for table tennis.

  7. Nice video. Kinda like the idea of the free arm across to help remind/encourage that body twist prior to the loop. Also everybody check out Ma Long looping at the end. He's pretty jacked. So let it be a lesson to everybody to hit the weights and add some mass… Being bigger & stronger never hurts. ๐Ÿ˜›

  8. I just saw your 2nd videos (the first one is the ma lin serve), and i agree with all the commentators. Your videos and explanations are amazing. Please keep up the good work.

  9. One of the best instructional video I've ever watched. I'm looking forward for his next table tennis instructional video.

  10. I cannot hit an inside out forehand like the one in which the bottle didnโ€™t fall.. This specially happens when I serve a pendulum serve and the return comes back at my forehand in which case I am forced to use my backhand… Please point out the difference in techniques for cross court and an inside out forehand

  11. Thank you for your video, it is very helpful. I'd like to ask you two questions: a technical one and one for curiosity.
    Technical: If you have enough time in future it would be great for me if you make a very in-depth step-by-step explaination about how to hold the bat correclty. Not only about the pinch, but more about the correct positioning of the bat in the hand. I know I have to hold the racket with index finger and thumb but sometimes, during certain strokes, I feel like I miss power and consistency with my current grip and I feel it could be the angle of the bat in my hand.
    Curiosity: you said you are from China and that you play with T05 on both sides. So I was wondering why you do not use a chinese tacky rubber on your forehand like probabily most of your compatriots do? What is that – for you chinese guys – makes you choosing european rubber insted of chinese tacky ones?
    Thank you very much.

  12. Excellent video! Very detailed information! Can you explain more about the forehand wrist movement when looping topspin & underspin? Continue the great work! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

  13. As to the top-spin.
    1 All other factors equal, what is the best distance from the table, for a top-spin? What I mean, if you are close to the table, then it is difficult to send it above the net without sending in in the OUT. The more you away from the table, the more difficult it is to place it on the table at all.
    2 It is considered that one should touch the ball at its highest point.
    Letโ€™s suppose you anticipate correctly that the will pass its highest point if you hit right there where you are staying. What is better, to wait for a ball and produce a top spin on already descending ball, or to jump forward in order to brush it at its highest point?
    I noticed, that Ma Long produces the top spin with the LOWEST part of his bat. What is the advantage, or it is just his style without any deep meaning?

  14. Idk what but this guy is going to earn a lot of subs one day as he makes a very good and explained videos, I play tabletennis semi professionally and all the comments he makes are really on points. This videos should be shown to a younger guys ( 6 and up) by couches. They would learn alot.

  15. This guy takes time to answer almost every comment. If you open a paid chanel i will be first one to subscribe on monthly bases just to watch this videos. Maybe you need to think about that. Your videos are the best in youtube you need to make some money

  16. Just so I can fully understand this: weren't you contracting both forearm and upper arm when loop driving at the end of the video? So should I contract only the forearm, or should I also make use of the upper arm?

  17. The problem is that you say to not move your elbow but on the real stroke you really need to move you elbow… you can see it too during the examples

  18. Subscribe done.you will be my virtual sifu.keep it up. Love your lesson. And a bottle full of water ain't no shit.so much the power.

  19. That's fine and dandy, but try doing that when the ball is placed into your body or wide beyond your reach when the ball goes 10 times faster than what your assistant is giving you. Don't get me wrong. I've seen it done, but only by very elite players. Do you have a video that discusses footwork to place yourself in the power position against an awkward, fast ball, with spin that's randomly varied (dead vs. top spin vs. side spin)? Because that's what I need. I've got plenty of power, but good players stay away from my power and I'm told "you don't use enough power. You need more power." Yeah, I agree, but it's kind of hard when the ball is going 100 miles per hour into your body.

  20. Wonderful video and very clear. Is your arm straight when you contact the ball, and then snap the forearm? Many Chinese players I see have a straight arm at the point of contact. Thanks.

  21. Your explanations are really brilliant. You've made a massive understanding to my enjoyment of the game. I can now just work on my strokes without having to guess about what the right movements are. If I could ask one thing it would be to make videos for the forehand and backhand drives. Then I wouldn't have to guess about them either

  22. How do you do this at forehand side it's not that easy since we can't move forward in that as table block the movment

  23. yah, best of the best coaching online series, you got the skills to make things clear , and the very deep knowledge , thanks to you and your coach, you explained even those areas we struggle about and no body , never talked about before, please more video

  24. For near court play, the forearm is the key component for the brush action. The big arm remains relatively stable, relax and not wobbling. But for mid court to far court play, the big arm actually takes more dominant role, whips along the arc. Do not wobble though. Make sure the big arm whips along the arc. And upon contact with the ball, the forearm brushes the ball with concentrated power from the whole body.

  25. Dear Andy, please make a table tennis footwork video! It would be much appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚ love your work

  26. i guess ur playing hand is not ending in the right place. ma long' s hand lands near his forehead after completing the stroke. in ur case if opponent blocks u may be out of position

  27. Hi friend,
    Your presentation is very impressive and you seem to have a really great TT competence. Your video is just simply the best. Keep doing such great job. This is really a great contribution to the world. My salute๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ“

  28. I'd love to see what happens when this ball is returned with a block though; this seems like a very high commitment all-in stroke that doesn't move you back in position.

  29. thank you admin..your video very good in helping me to improve in table tennis.."can you make video, the different between forehand loop and forehand top spin..

  30. Dude I must say, this is game changer for me. I've just made notes of this movie and of 'how to loop against heavy backspin' and my forehand is going to be at least 200% better, I swear! Thank you very much!

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