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Hi, I’m Alois Rosario. Today we’re going to
show you the long pimple chop block. If you are unsure about what long pimples are, take
a look at our video on the effects of rubber. This shot is used by long pimpled players
when they’re close to the table. It’s quite a defensive stroke but it can be used really
effectively to keep the attacker away from playing a strong ball. This stroke is most effective against a topspin
ball. As the ball is spinning in to me with topspin I’m coming down on the ball and the
ball actually stays spinning in the same direction but goes back with backspin. Now if I want to put more backspin on the
ball what I’m going to do is brush down on the ball a little bit faster so using a little
bit more wrist and brushing down to then get that ball rotating even faster so I’m going
to add a little bit of my own spin on the ball to get the ball back with more backspin
on the ball. The stroke isn’t a large one. All you’re doing
is you’re coming straight down on the ball. The long pimples are absorbing some of the
speed and the spin and your action is from up to down. To help to absorb some of the speed it’s great
to keep your wrist nice and relaxed so that your bat is a lot softer and it acts more
like a cushion rather than a hard wall. So by keeping your wrist relaxed you absorb some
of the speed. Because the ball goes back quite slowly it’s
really important to keep the ball low over the net. If the ball goes up high it gives
them a little bit more time to adjust to that ball and then play a stronger shot so remember
keep the ball as low as you can over the net. Something else that is going to make your
stroke more effective is if you take the ball early off the bounce. This gives them less
time. It’s also getting you to hit the ball from closer to the net which will help you
to keep the ball low and also shorter if you need to. So get the ball as early off the
bounce as you can. When the ball is going really fast to you,
your stroke needs to be vertical so that you’re not giving it anymore forward momentum. The
speed of the ball is going to take the ball back on to the table but if they play a slower
ball then you’re going to need a little bit of your own forward momentum to get the ball
back over the net. And like with all of our strokes at PingSkills
it’s important to keep it simple so we’re going to get the bat coming through on one
plane. So straight down or forward, so we’re not going to try and scoop through the ball
or make it too complicated or change the angle of our racket during our stroke. The angle
of the racket stays the same and we move in one plane for our stroke.

44 thoughts on “Long Pimple Chop Block | Table Tennis | PingSkills

  1. Very nice video as always sir.
    I am big fan of pingskills.

    Can u make a video of how to play the knuckle/dead/no spin ball produced by long pips (ox/ no sponge) close to table play.

    When we push with inverted rubber to LP the return shot produces knuckle ball which has no spin and it dies very quickly. How to tackle or play this type of ball??

    Thank you.

  2. Hi guys , an old guy at my club has the most unique serve i have ever seen , he has a "stance" when serving like Jun Mizutani , but he contacts the ball only with the edge of his bat ! Have you ever seen a serve like that before? The ball also catches a very un-predictable spin and it is nearly impossible to read his spin.

  3. I see this tecnique during a Mizutani's match, and is very effective. Is a chop, but not too much high/long. Can be called "Short backhand chop" 🙂

    But, why the defenders players tend to use a normal chop instead of use this one ?

  4. Hi Master! And congratulations on your lessons! for me are very important THANKS.
    I have a question for this topic: I would like to answer with a ball Very very very much cut (a Inverted effect). Which rubber long pimple advises me to buy??

  5. I've had lp's for a while now. And I think I'm going back to regular rubber on bh. I like being able to generate my own spin, and there is much more chance of a future with attacking. I have so big dream. If only I could train 40 hrs a week. My dream

  6. I have a long pimple rab on backhand side.
    what can I do with a heavy/light chop shot on my backhand?
    please answer me ,thanks for the video

  7. Dear pingskill, thank you very much for this video, its very inspiring. Do you use OX long pips or you have sponge under the rubber? And what is reason for the choice? Thank you very much! I used a pip rubber with 1mm sponge and it doesn't work quite well, the ball bounces a bit far off the table, I wish to find out if this is the problem with the rubber.

  8. Loosing matches to players in my brackets who run long pips. With normal inverted, I'm finding that I must work harder to win a point and pips players are able to rudder the ball around the table effortlessly. I don't mind a challenge, but I do find my frustration level goes up quickly when I have to play against pips. One thing I notice lately is that chopping into pips doesn't always bring back topspin. Sometimes ball comes back dead spin or very light topspin which I then hit into the net… Is it possible to play with a flat angled bat against pips, then wait for them to pop it up so it can be attacked with topspin? Thx Gents.

  9. Hello! This video is awesome! I have a question. I am a new chopper who has been playing with long pimples on my backhand and normal rubber on my forehand for about 3 months and your videos have help me a lot. However, there is something that has been bugging me. Of what I understand, Joo Sae Hyuk has long pimple rubber on one side of the paddle, and on the other he has normal rubber just like me. However, I have seen on all of his videos that he never changes the side of the paddle to chop from long pimples to the normal rubber when he chops with the forehand. When I am playing and I have to switch from chopping from my backhand to my forhand, I switch the rubber to the long pimples to chop. This normally takes a lot of stamina, and I notice that Joo Sae Hyuk chops with normal rubber when he has to chop with his forehand. Have I been doing it incorrectly? Should I chop with the normal rubber when they are attacking me and I have to chop with my forehand, or switch the paddle to the long pimples rubber side? Thank you and sorry for this long message!

  10. This move only works for weak ass attacks. Anything stronger than that and the ball will lob outside the table

  11. Hi there, can you recommend around 1 to 5 blades that is good for longpimples ? maybe some popular blades in you club ?

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