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To execute the lob in table tennis you need
to have a stroke that is very similar to your top spin stroke. So with both the forehand
and backhand you are starting low and finishing high. With the lob what you want to do is
brush the ball up and get the ball high up into the air to give yourself a little bit
more time. The contact is like the top spin brushing the ball a little bit to get a bit
of top spin on the ball. Where you want to place the ball when your lobbing tactically
it’s really important that you get the ball nice and long and deep on the table. If you
get the ball short and close to the net it makes for a very easy smash for your opponent.
So you want to get the ball nice and deep and close to the ends of the table. The other
thing is you want to try generate as much top spin as you can because the top spin makes
the ball kick off the table and forces the smasher back away from the table. That’s where
you want them away from the table so that you have more time with your lob. So with
the lob get some top spin on the ball the stroke is very much like a top spin stroke
with the back hand and your starting low and finishing up high with a very vertical swing
to lift the ball in the air. Remember tactically get the ball deep on the table and try and
generate lots of top spin on the ball. To push your smasher away from the table.

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  1. It is good to get some topspin on the ball when lobbing. This will help to drive your opponent further back from the table making the smash more difficult for them.

  2. thanks this helps a lot Pingskills rocks 😀 i'm the 2nd best on my team do to these lessons. Was like 8th on my team before i watched the form and correct movements.

  3. I got a question what happens when the opponent does a low topspin to the corner of the table should i keep lobbing it high or go for a low topsping return its very difficult to keep lobbing with limited space (i'm not the fastest person in the world) while they attack the corners.

  4. You use the lob when you are forced back from the table. If you have a chance to play a more aggressive shot such as a counter topspin then that would be a reasonable option. It just happens that when you are far back, and facing a smash, a more aggressive shot is a lower percentage so you really need to weigh up your options.

  5. sorry but you can't really recommend rubbers unless i know how you play and what your style is comfortable playing with. i'd recommend something hard and fast coz after a while you'll learn how to get bak in the rally with a smash from far bak, but i am a spinny player so i use soft rubbers but i have great lobs.

  6. lol u forgot that u can't score if u just kept lobbing, there will be a time when u return the smash with a topspin or smash

  7. if you want to seriously generate a lot of spin, you should buy brands such as "Double Happiness," or buy a customised bat. These don't come easy, Double Happiness is sold only in Hong Kong but is very cheap, only 18 dollars, and is at a professional standard. howver, a custom bat costs 1000's of dollars (but you can make each side of the bat a different type of rubber) They spin significantly more than standard bats. They tend to smell a bit, but their worth it.

  8. @majorkoolness Well on you'd be pretty hard pressed to find a "Pro" bat for 1000dollar's i mean the most expensive custom blades are at max 250 Dollars.

  9. lobbing is a desperation defensive technique. Just to keep the ball in play. You wait for the smasher to make an error and not put enough height into the smash, then you can attack.
    Have you ever tried looping a smash that has a lot of height? Very hard to do. If you watch the pros, they'll counter smash when the trajectory of the shot is flatter.

  10. @bballforlife1 "why are that fools shorts" ? Do you really think that is grammatically correct at all?

  11. @umangsri129 Ok this is a long time ago you put this question, but I can answer it. Every smash is different. Some smashes you can chop, counter-spin, or lob with top spin or side spin, simple counter… back. It's just the way what's easy to do, or make you opponent harder to return. But I think that placement is far more important than the spin you give.

  12. very nice, but what if the smasher is placing the ball… and not just at me ? from side to side, should i try to do the same, but just using more footwork?

  13. @TheL0ler Yes that is correct. You'll just need to try and place yourself in the best position once you make the lob to cover as much of the angle as you can and then move into position after your opponent smashes the ball.

  14. A drop shot is an option if you are the smasher. Done well it can be very effective. We have a video on this. It can be tricky if the ball is deep and if the lobber can reach it then they can potentially get back into the rally so there are some risks with the shot. It's good to see you thinking of options!

  15. the smasher could just surprise him with a shot near the net, forcing the defender to sprint forward and try to return it super fast

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