and silly turnovers a lot of big
Simpson will step in struck down
in his first attacked Judge Donald topic into thinking
that struggled with the but not
sold today when fell off the screen in the
other thing that is struck me
and all the years I’ve been here this these kids can ride on top
of the play he told they’ll be step right in
the picture in the the our fearless fear the ball
in the siege is real the role of the key thing did it
by pitching the sat and offer
meet the Puc just now held a
talented these players all right
but and the 33rd page of the game from
Curtis Slaney the ms and Simpson goes down some the game for the second time you
finish the Lincoln in her city
is a car to live in SMS are
really hard the game live is a lot of
failure here these kids are
learning the idea was success and failure
might play misty , just think about the team from the rubble 30 hours to get your
tool for in Contra they departed this nationally
televised tournament Arizona went down the line has
their own of the Jackson- the one more comment this
morning only reacting to the the
the ball was in some of the land
in using the press and analyst,
see in the evolution there Jackson
who came into this game without
a hit in this German red the now with a single and double
in his first two at bats than those moments is saying it
to its a game and nothing to run
again in its pervasive the today and if you don’t
believe be available only on the phone right now brings absolved iron on second
and third in two outs in the
slaying of this the login to wait for the
capture and-loan is for an asp pull one guy are no less
than pages think it’s it’s gonna
resemble Augusta national debt
from it is to put a cap to the
ground near Nicole strike three
Curtis the reruns and Sunday and when
we come back we’ll only the Harrison Ford, Harrison Ford
has the reason for the starter since the early years and no one has-been like one
that is if I see nothing more
than that of a deal because, you
might as a prefix piece of code that demanded the bridge don’t want a
more mixed events Bridgestone to their tires, the
1011 points for such performance
can we ever all that’s where you back
and whites bridge tolls tires when designing behind the pilot
legs and we decided that he can
ensure his professional driver
files were students at a meeting the conflict that prevents fast
and one of the the two units have been sort of
japan’s the wires storage units in Latin
with the statement no one else
can make things that I cannot
give the Fishel vehicle, and
throw the comments of
those polls going out there and
see how it seems like it’s a
fine sieve on how see it’s not
only ha the new chief the air of the errors and the time of
the questions as to his last
thing you and me and the routing
of beach this team has been a lot of time, then, the
personnel reform licensing attitude and his top
aides and to have it on an airplane logo
one of the region again early to get rice and which are favored from
us for any sign of course , goes the end of each act like
to go to the beach into the beach for this Australian team before
the start of the year that the
digital age stand here they’ll
be used for a loan for check for
o I’d like to get the picture: if
you only live comment about
yesterday of course a free car
changes everything, no question
about series every four being off the
inning Kentucky three nothing
leave with three runs in the top
of the second inning and
Harrison can you couldn’t you would be
awful on a trampoline are in all
that great that it’s true right
now for some eighth I know
you’re of 11 page using long that ended in Cuba very closely
to be considered getting to them
all and avoid disputes which is
outstanding, beginning his hair old guy that scoops up in the
third race and then using time and a bring up the first baseman
mike a target nicknamed the donkey town’s
biggest you don’t even try to
find a the 147 which derives much more than a way to
3 inches taller than the women
all over this can we don’t need
to labor and the copy biased and the line of a nearby is a serious student
and I swear on these vials will
be copied by as is making more
than any other in the player
when h and sold to worded safely on
first that is one of the county
edition of the mood of the league’s even
stop the fight is one of the
favorite system agency are among
the players in this night world
seri maybe in some cases look down on
this TV in those instances
marine biologist, the late 1940s
the end zone that the proposed
and the Napoli cannons of these
right way to fight the guy to get down the
second not everyone able to see
everything to your aid
Williamsport, after scandal to 11 offer a new DB and Wilson and some kind of thing the very
shallow right field officiates a
left in the Newman left the
picture left the dinner and
he’ll g want to pitch to Wilson is felt
that not only wants to be a
marine biologist woody woke up
and he told our crew your decision they lost his
voice on the way over here while
yelling while playing Marie
record on Nintendo’s way can I
have to the city was the only one
couldn’t sleep on the long
flight hearing if that doesn’t
have a home just so much these
are kids into you’re using it in scoring
position try to get us to really
on the board for the first time
in this little league world
series o home it’ll be great you Gotta do to pitch a fastball is laying
in an essay and chestnut report a second strike out in
one of the first pitch here today
and will use for the wedding
even be in eastern time what exactly was in Sydney
Australia, 1:11 AM on Tuesday to the rattan of us watching
this one, I can see the
Australian if you’re watching on
ESPN are on the affidavit banks
ran with u to 40 with a sample of van ride
a bus in knowing that went from
the saddest story of the little
league world series to a happy e in this is my favorite name in
the world series for hitter
Oscar cloud seeding the upgrade
is that pretty darn good and the Philip takes full three out of the week
they can fill that it is later
on a broadcaster now he’d like
to know more the kids in this game was either
favorite TV show is family feels violent opportunity to those of
these someone explains the
bill’s opponents of interleague
play this team, playing
ball-playing shutout Richard Dawson summer
meeting is held back because
pick Steve Harvey fans might
explain that right when they get
on base the ingrates itself sometimes the the chance of making the
adjustments on the mound esteem
of the three and a the believe they scored three
runs in the top of the second AM at the front of a genuine man on
second and two outs in Maine and
as those of words into one, that can only the Kentucky maintains it
started a family that she said when of Littlejohn
it’s a little gone into knows
that thanks to an obvious donate
like their troubled your total f mid-life and finding it hard to
stay on top of it has jumped at
the top crust takes a great
story frame or a free home
should ha eat alone can fire Lanes the man
and his 20,900 miles from earth
I have less time than global last write down the average kid plays
last two sports who calls for
extermination cents each for
Health Care much for me, from
former as this integrated issued in and if
you want when the season to find your own
money is in the building they got forgiven for your
address to find the only the program near you is only the only the tunnel and Wayne Gretzky
dismaying RE: the day the best ball team will
make you a better baseball the player in baseball will make
you a better basketball player the no question about the idea that kids should be playing more
support in general you avoid burnout in some cases
it can only play once more for
the young age, I didn’t see the point out that not make you
better in other sports and the
love is all that if you played
12 months the year you will get
ti each inside by Curtis but it’s
called a strike account goes
into my soul Baker may feel the
spring and I said he did you
play in the mural by a small want your
winning the Heisman trophy goes
yes been in rural softball
wildwood said tell you about in
the lo swinging and missing camel the
goes down strikes and the the third baseman and shallot
will step in with SAC Curtis on
the mound and of course we looks can be
consulted ligament and others in the old team to
another thing that I don’t say
it’s no chance you’re right
about that Curtis four strikeouts 04 era
the third and the first page is a strike and its journey into a beautiful
morning early afternoon hearing
comments were canceled and so good to see them get the
game in last night when it was
the threat of understood were
thunderstorms in the area , cleared out in time of the
cubs put on a bit of an
exhibition in terms of getting
yesterday is a shot to center
field and a sea of that evidence Allen get you there was a Biblical
rainstorm here yesterday were
all worry whether he gets the
minimum turnout while the
everything th and she the hour delivering the center
Kevin hang in there is a TV
picture so also encourage is just off the starting pitcher
for pulling green singled in his
first it down and came around to
score the first one in this g is so nice they didn’t put a
right handed hitter detention
for him as learn that in a lefty
of young can imagine that type of glove and it’s the captured by a rule
makes the play for the first of
the inning game for us to tell
you that’s a typical on the one
t the needy and all that is viewed
as the editing it you’re amazed at
the skill level the easel evidence will be
rolled to their ability to play
difficult to see you see how
skillful these kids are loading
them pla the kids in the middle infield
for work way they play around
the bag the absolutely
breathtaking I’ve seen some
plays shortstop one of the Charles rocket down
the line, fallible auto you really impressed in the
very impressed enough cannot be
fun to play of Tokyo the renegades in outstanding
industry that they haven’t given
up a run of the the little defensively that they
finish or presenting you say you
should the Simi until they took
yesterday you can tell a lot
about a team by the integrity of the
infield that they’d say the that was seamless that was
so precise it was tremendous and
the coach is a magician with a
fungal that 11 pitch decreasing Newman Coach
Ted Koppel to the shortstop I
mean the lowland ice block behind the
plate like IE or the hands of these running play
by salary to swipes at the ingrates killed and three
awareness by Salant in the extra
base and sell off its 50 the two-seat advantage of some
old the king miscues to gain added
into not allow the outs in the
dauphin this game but as soon as
the pages deliver you the Getchell local call
secondary leave and that’s the
idea of being the data center on
to it as a whole house that the asta better before you can
take off the CD connecting challenging
second on second now after the exhibit spot for ground ball to
shortstop only by chilled the flip dissecting he’s just in
time forgot they are chilled of the
late than never even begin to
force the the end of that there’s a
there’s an ado the greed of the study of the the the the Kentucky the cell that can
display in making the deal’s
approval yet with a cat named as
to who has last points that can
cau buy them laugh for more than can be so she’ll have one of the
time when the non-known their line at the one below- the one 0.7, the CIA was to Congress and
others in my car insurance and
idea how I believe that guy can continue
thinking percent more per share
of Somalia circus bird has been
talking to the press to win the
ch diet as being and was tied in to
start it in Deja vu Steve get
in, day and pointing fingers
against a formidable hope that could literally be any
one of its somebody, find out
who was going on here though some of the the city the size of the the news from the system the city has the needs of the contents of the
defense’s vineyard Williams for
downgrade was that compilation
of Reno said they’d like accent
and me she said that while we think
it there and the 122 outs and fifth inning
two guys off, shortstop I know I
have to make a play on this ball
given the situation game of taki into a TV and we are not
surprised the ADC we see are millions for
the skill level and enthusiasm
and the sportsmanship of these
teams as being just fabulous Lucas guy or no to lead off the
bottom of the third inning for
Sydney Australia this has been to the Philippines
swam with the dog the cup of the
thing during this game and you
would be terrible if you were shaving the
year on national television now
I would the way worse than you
and all of this time to save you Lucas says other skills by the
way 02 pitch is outside the guy that the
announcements last night at the annual fee of
the classic is so cool and love among the other
switches Blake and competitive
league soccer and Ricky is a
shot into the center field since
the the field as the URL is the the only enough to own the buried in only the sky and home until everyone
the evidence for days the only world series to bob and
that the the three men about how good was
that the first eight the basement of us billions in
is they haven’t scored at the
maybe this is the name taking
the law seems to the rim of the World Series the nephew trainer cannot now is the
tuner after guy or deleted
safely there with a double
integrates the liberation after
words first page swinging a they do spell off this is
bleakly read these five the tall
79 pounds just another reminder
canvassed the thus open to all shapes and
sizes has won the trainers favorite movie 42 of
the great biopic about the great Jackie Robinson won one H coverups in for a
called strike to MATIF wrecking
the girl the place for the Minnesota team
her she listed are favor player the Ver was Jackie Robinson
operates the own command is that
once the appreciation not only
the current player swinging this
all and please be the first minute
of play in the case that’s as guy or to live and sisters
are writing gets there with one
out in the the warren court may be scores
on a fly ball infield grounder the demands of base running on finish the point on many steeper clear the Jackie
Robinson the Exe to the overall
recognition of the gay the writing and emptying into
the 22 watch the courage stores
and TV in its core rate is well
that the gigabit history of the
ga to one person if you’d like to
meet rights and another in the
said, Nolan Ryan is my hero the women riding on his pitching
20 years old the trial of badge in the
painting is the date the the borders of the modified play three with the
yearlings for Aviv the bee of the concessions
and a movie with the mountaineer
and hit five home runs and one
is that what they were you suggesting that she placed
at the opportunity for Australia that again on the board here for
the first time in the the sternum in the been shut out
to this point, down 31 out in a
big opportunity here the Simpson residence june
delivery of the center field and
an RBI single for your
windshield industrial use of the
only coaches lookup the concentration by
chilled on this one going up,
and of a faltering to serve that
one in the right center field
for a b ers’ running Internet for
Australia first pitch so we mean
by Curtis and a nice play by the fleet but
never enjoyed with the catcher this is one of the few
situations where it would not
benefit to the left indicator if
you wanna for all behind the
router first the debilitating kitchens of
that situation is a sharper outlaw the second
since Intel- the-time one of 463, the way I’ve only read into the use of the knife in telling you that
this is beautiful the middle infield play defeat
was perfect the Atty. was perfect and the
throw was from the first wives
is as follows the large a hung right in there text of leveling for a highlights and low as the stars came from the , the debate the mobilizing up now and 99% of the event’s theme
of an eighth to 2019 estimate is
made for some of the sincere as any, 17 months as
$1000 on its late 19th-the-sea
and finance of northwest and of
the state’s medfly I switch from
bre sea-see for yourself what people
are switching for the All-Star
opener to 20%: a sort of old, and some
of the victims of the one- seven , and she the conversion is a strain of what is the final
four, 16, see these details of
life for downtown, but what about the lawyers board
went out on the big five in fact
that are going to short the second of our shores the first and foremost a faint
at the right thus database that can handle
the waterfall of a the flare yourself and others,
please write the game and a specially old
again today service to the
command line for the event in front of a new
revenues of a Canadian ice was
make the absolute the textbook
was issued to defeat their
shortstop p have to concede that really
wants textbook and the first pitch in the strike would allow take the picture
show are run ball down the third
base line and just now the above Los six beaver player of
the Smith again and OS is
baseball history to be caught
mills the end of the Andes debt is a southwest,
and that’s what he wants and
even Rosa need to talk to his
dad about the wording the classy that I have
for linux like he’s a DL into
that would if you can just get into any one
through 30 the onto pitched a loss accuse
inside glossy got a good look at
it for is one of bad cold on the
mound in the beginning it was in the cockpit was down
on several flights at this event for excite you to
two pitch is outside the lawsuit is making
Curtis the wood is 49 and 68,000 east in
right on top of the play any guide: packet that one
fouling off the screen and repeated in Seoul and
courage and see these kids say
I’m standing here in one of the
men go ahead, not flinching and
it’s ki quote to work release of the
best thing about little league
might be battling severe friends
on the field but you’re always
frie the pin to shallow left field
and a good looking played by
Matthew to the reader who came into the
game in the bottom the last inning to pinch it
makes a plane left and then say
the you like fries now the pinch
hitter and it’s just low Ely is being too long and Unix
wants to go to the target the Asa] only available to places
you wanna go and work and it’s it’s a worldly can read and
write about that Cousin Christopher Migden the
old lady greatly to regional in
2008 seven for stiffer and you like
and a conversation about what
it’s like to get his feet were
these close to the currently competition the two pitch from Curtis
Hawkins in the rise just a the civil war in Ely is his
front foot his front foot the use of almost out of the
batter’s box towards the picture the tune the kids hitters. Stay
in this close to the kitchen is
far off in the box its number 64 from Curtis, lefty
gets rise swinging for the second out of the inning : the good side will be in
Denver for our next preseason
game to the 49 ers’ and the
Broncos engage in the eastern
side Pacific, tonight in college football story in
less than a week to Jackson either favorite food
speed of the look I love steamer
of the released well that’s
favor food content in the
freckles to power producer Joe Mccoy isn’t
as well as modest intakes of the Jackson has been hitting store
this game to those single and double and an RBI and 11 pitch is outside the core rate look inside
volunteer stadium the fans lining the bleachers behind
the outfield wall down the line
everywhere to delay get a
glimpse of the action here today , and of course the the the fun
continues to route the day we
get the continuation of the New
Jersey Hawaii cable I used
outstandi to two pitch and looked like it
might have gotten it to the
outside for the plate want you
to hold on to lose to three into
the of the rest of the day we talk
about a real innovation games
begin at three eastern on ESPN
and interesting team was sold only
the old way of selling the kids
on NT and there is the top of a
white female using and the game
r the IE knew that was out of the
strike zone that one was alone
in the plane had a good idea to
say to the collecting to two
befo the full of the they’re been solved Ira takes full one
the ticket taker steamed broccoli
Jackson I’ve done a little real
milkshakes all dire one open to: scoop with Lucas
guy or delisted impressive
behind the plate not just with
the glove but yet the double in
key run can really play this position
the shells of personality and
Japanese character yesterday was
tremendous to Mexico catcher and
I the big left the Curtis delivers
it too will offer a new
miscellaneous by dire vision in the sols Tad more in
dire keeping score , so the navigation lock into
third base and I said to wait,
wait a long to end the inning for Australia the contact-iron eyes whether
the field and stays of 31 to zero to regularize the money
for extra, extra night, it’s true that -and-out, there’s a lot of
respect for life and some
devices are extra power in a signal that four out of five
homeowners from Lancaster the
whole context of cost as my home
advisor created a national
database that you can get matched with
Scott Brayton house and the very
highest offer free starring in
that sometimes act now and what
he , size and type, born down on
the free at a march edition of the one seen as
a Jessup Sarin tie at a time but
how to tie it is the time that
tell me what he was deployed, t to put it in the event began the
day when 0:39 estimate that that’s going to run two points
and tires delivered company: one
is because every driver of the
forms and we were never allow for breakfast or 3
minutes ago Bridgestone tires will you see this for canyon is
used as active at MMS first time
that he does all this, groceries
consecutive know he has been t the theme from Kenya and to give
updated kitchen has also never
see if a little for all of this
little island team 6/3 scoreless sea of bits of only four series
of lists of events and she
reported Friday that they can to
keep every play in the field to
writ though he’s taller than me so
she’s got some size seriously
and she can really move she’s
got great features daiquiri
range that the first pitch to jack fletcher
is in their first write about a
way the late eighties will be here
tomorrow night young and old can
appreciate what’s going on here in Williamsport
Pennsylvania and the last chance of his pitch
really, all the lovely and radiant and is a
case that of the catcher in the
a the higher for what that’s about
a nearly take as the standoff that we see that again until lookout that while life that you to sell
again error that if the legality of the same page year Jamison after an old plate
umpire if it is strong on making
sure chance of is ready to go and see if he’s shot up by that
a lot of things in the ironman out there on the
mountain ill just about anything
hotshot to short right click of
the role in time and those down beginning his record
63 and the beautiful player he knew
exactly what was going on may
the plate 1000 times was begun in generating any
religion that are dialing get
lower the Sony to tell the story as he’s
born on August 27 the team is
gonna be done on August 26 but
since it takes 30 hours to get
over advantage of all the letters on
Thursdays right, one sees
birthday to be celebrated on
that plane the one the page to get outside of the four
pages long were finally get little or and every one of these of these
games here we get another of the chair backs beyond of the now more on first and Kevin
that’s how it should be up for
the everyone should play and I
strongly believe kids and the
stat out what their best suited to
play and feared outfielder
played the infield position wants to
one will make you better off in
place for such an Akita seeking
just pitches to be a better
pictur rocket other one a play by
shallot and third Mondays
through the second Simpson, was
in everybody’s saying beautiful play their diplomacy
of the verdict in the early
sixties even the bases near the all gets a new real quickly
and his reaction time was
perfect the the man who teaches russia’s
role in the second love the challenge will be back
john as your own reaction time
becomes a complete with a bobble
the transference is suddenly Aus to get right back into this game
Sam Levitt Jr. Is letting the act of its own
way to go to 30 sheller to get
the force could play thereby a chance of
being a those Italian Town near
easies players are from a quick
flip the error litigated it speaks to be where
to send a coaching writing
heliport is coaching at this
level and you can see both of
these team of the teach these kids how to
play the game cars and from what
I’ve seen from all these teams
year these kids are very well
sch to play this guy Laughlin and fill it out and
shooting for Oscar cloud killed two men on to allow shock
to short night live is there to
console often throughout this
game in this tournament and the
g the age that way they can be a the struggle for the Kentucky
maintains a three won the years to the there’s only use of this isn’t the state owns and teens with cheese tubes and this can attend the Simpsons and an infant who the roofed news that the new suits
were to use P one a few from the days when the phone calls from
some of these the thinking was that statement
issued thing to do the teaching of the
defense and some months of some stones the reason the phones and other home
for them for all of the eighth
California closets and lighting
and faster in Stamford sanctum o as the someone at California
closets done, as though the first time defending
human shield the RBI single with this guy or to Peter_that’s
where we or 31 right down to
pitcher in the game for
Australian lot with a law
barring the deal the elegant and rocky MTN it’s the two will
begin talking about here is as
likely to lead visiting the use
of DDT with this summer editor
does r like the report was favored food
everything sells debate would roll right
indulge use Camarillo be at the plate suv William Alexander is pinch
hitting for Camarillo be Alexander Thompson of late may differ by Max the meal though some of the great see the searing Williamsport and we
would take a moment to honor one
of our own candy errors working
his 19 and final of the league world series ee
was presented with a member of
all kinds of doubt the best of
your the leaves for our sincere
thanks to camp for all his years
of service making this
tournament what it is our
sincere thanks to a he’s gonna miss this place that
had sprung its 19th year my first and what
I’ve heard from every him CD come to fruition I
haven’t talked to a single
person who’s been here has been
yours a fan whose work this
event for ESPN it’s the best thing we do while
you’re making it the first of
five years ago, Ravitch told you
will be the best of it ever done the theme for this is how I hope
I get to keep doing this for the
year if only for context it’s there because line your view of
player Vlade they’re than the fifth floor way
smaller than they can keep an
idea that the new year for a lot for them that
some months before the four
baseball to direct a full
schedule coming up 2.5 east of
four pitch for bowling green kids the key is a modified the league
unfeasible to enter a tickets to
grab the official handles and
then we follow the action to joi Matthew escalator of use to pay
shooter now and that these two. It took all
the team photos he’s he’s really
good with a camera and took all
of this team photos of a house that’s the thing that jumps out
of you is that you assume that they would be
shot that is to allow going and
how much fun they had this event
at the two were we keep going
bac markets today are 12 year old is
so much more worldly bit when
you the wrong way more legal and I
currently in display the body
else do they have so many other
things interest it’s already
begun Gillespie expel Packwood asked
us to wear a really good swing
their homes up human right and the case in a whole lot over here till I was
I was saying to myself one with
12 year old Kevin Connors to be
part of the stern I can only im , so many great parents stories
here we talk to the code for the Kentucky team jackson’s as lowbrow others
everywhere great family
experience and to two pitch today the U.S. will
air on use of live there and some sure the border
of the syndicated, and they just
wanted to do well. They then
have a great thing about one out in a great day with his
cotton candy and baseball
involves using shot foul, first
baseman for EG: but but but but one with 12 year old kid there
there we go pretty good way to the stance
and hold tight seal into their hiding controls sport shop that would give the red light
blue uniform back we’ll be able to locate the
kirchen pictures, please know
that nice way of making local
are going to act on that one day
to play lead with actively a the end of the race in new the income to the plate good news they can’t find my
picture and why is that I think that destroyed its zeal
that picture that’s actual side
this and wall lookouts interpolated moving to get out
without one you what position in the week I put the chance to make sure
it’s the dismissal of four the given serious eye with a high
school of 401 the respect
kirchen not only of the diamond
on the basketball court as well
the will 62 years old 55145 need to do
it, determination to the fifth inning Kentucky a
3E1 lead in the three LPGA to
Greenlaw the 3080000 to seven
I’m a the two again let’s get these
kids in the mindset that more
than a swing the bat event that
sent three always sweet real
debate and that’s the ticket if you see
a typical exports go build a single deadlock in this
KB walks for the second time and soul into a rally
potentially your withholding the
Kentucky now being frustrated week we
check off about being on the
scoreboard you like to do with
the Bigs and that it might legal regarding the speed of rules
here right get the ball we throw
it can we keep playing the years Jamison mapper pop to short use all the bad in
this game takes her speech
strike one to some place that
are in one of these kids very
well roun I’ve got some very good news for
you all want to choose fouled off
the screen mode of some of the facts and repeat actual size would
really hurt if the cold of the
year, my mom got blisters she’s
95 still would use to come by
here t now that he’s outstanding all
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defendant and all it was just
the jersey they gave me a bit until the misty back in
1951 until the close of the chair of the St.
Louis browns got is a bad though not for leading the two
which is what the bench and that while we saw your picture as a
leader they ever make the ATP
Bell’s story I am playing him on television to want to allow field to reach
is spelled off and a good effort
by Australia but that’s beyond a
little get their lead in the deal were 1/8 his
peers uniform into the baseball all
the fame player in Cooperstown
to build a great idea for bob
cain was the pitcher 02 pitch its guide to left field
trainer comes on makes the way a meeting is over to encourage and getting a low
sale of the the kids never be they call the
maids the lines that the old partners to build the fans
and closed the game , they fear the game was a
member of one forgets his own there is the only other than will now 99% of its own and noble and fire Lanes them as
20,000 miles from earth by the warmest time a global last on your hard disk and pop of
staff Director Pete how fast
tech support story frame or a
free home should have $9249 and
21-10th the fields connecting with
people that out a new holiday inn express so you can be 255211 5 feet of its older than that
for all of the AIDS-related to rethink the whole world series 19 of all, what the AIDS, 1999% of the family’s
Americas that the oldest in likely to be here and
the the sport and gambling on the
hill was taking a movie the baseball hero in the world
series called the Williams were in Sylvania 31 bowling green Kentucky being a strictly a an opportunity for this guy ornamented in the event
the blue and came around to
score the first the run of this tournament for
the Sydney Australia tse market than five shots of your
race in deal and one of the
William Allen center stretches
to be out some really nice that
the tw and they got a shoulders squared
first base and through a dart
across the field way to go back and was played by a new
minute now it’s entering the
field institute report the action time the big enough on its feet in
the fall was the first to get guy or delete a link your
ear reentering the game for
australia’s Serbs want down the
line in writing just out of
reach o going to be compensated in that
meet all of his company the rose
yesterday cool thing that is the colts of the pirated CD and
landing year, the league players. We did the
state got off the plane traveled with him on the bosses
hear the complex inside both volunteers stadium
and lobby stadium and pages to seeing seeing big
leaguers mixed with the stores
here and delete it was just a kid who
usually to chicory moment not
only for them because but the
debate leaders denounced the
best p a place to get so Joe Bosco play
the role of the kids that the
Mexican youth to Tripoli query grounded to
short shallower to Alexander and
climbs the latter the dates that one of just next
door inside one of the stadium
they’re getting the room with a
continuation of New Jersey
Hawaii continuation of FDA game and it
continues our coverage of
baseball throughout the day here
on ESPN to allow speech number 60/8 from Chasse off always been
outstanding in this game is
giving up just one run to pull
in the Kentucky 85 pitches in
the limit f and Canada years put the ball in
play out in his fielders have
taken care of address one:
simpson’s incredible hope to reach bands in their first write 31
effort for jazz of on the mound for the great lakes only read Kentucky’s long he’s
given up just one more on Monday afternoon six strikeouts and only one only
remain as we can reach and peaceable east is east peace through tradition of them from three is too timid to do this is from sending these statues Sunday said on ESPN first was whose roles of its own as for a new bill for this guy
driving home from 162, see
details and platform that time,
the fifth as the ring, and I think the best of
the nation needs the 25 percent of all the starting
at all American Chevrolet percent of the reasons is 143:
(all American Chevrolet welcome back to tell the world
series on ESPN presented by the
mobile near the top of the sixth inning
year inside volunteer stadium home last might be less than the
only way for a member of the the city’s two teens and Canada
are troublesome things there’s a year of years ago
college, said this is a lot thus denying that these kids in
this state who really play, TT
after this the start: the
showcase gains and start doing
things t as opposed to say: Playfair
race: currently a state
championship which looked for 18
were things about me start doing this for
themselves from the state of the
Lincoln when I called the the still keep the team concept
in mind is that is the most
important part nickel a cigar rocket down the
first case sent word is capable
of meeting its own TV in the
city in right field rounding
first i and the employers fear they look
like a fall for two there just didn’t get the globe and
time and see what happens here and certainly wasn’t intentional
the umpires have the right here
call and subtraction obstruction to
me and the umpires and moved
into third and say they have
fallen in the end of the mental and steady stance on second you
like fries possible up in Curtis
squeezes this one for the first NBA to go back to point out the showcase teams in
the back of winning team the attack comes as major league
baseball will decrease of the
plane for a travel team that is
deciding to making long withdrawal want
the kids do on the infor senior
high school team is I think the
most important thing is Jackson either these reached
base and all three visit that
singled in the first doubled in
the second walked in the fourth inning fouls up
off guy that the ways of ending the
day to day of those Jackson right field a
little bit short dad MacUser coach of the sting
insists Jeff Goodnight as the
manager of this great lakes one matured and get even that
forbade the new twin boys and great things for his

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