Live Inspired. Vlog Episode 183: Expect the Best

Alright, well good morning my friends. Welcome to Wednesday morning vlog with John
O’Leary. This one is live. We are streaming to you live on Facebook Live
from Franklin, TN, just south of Nashville. I have the honor of speaking with Dave Ramsey
and his organization later today, was on a show with them last night, and on another
one this afternoon. Live national radio. Super excited about all of that. Had a really cool message planned for you
this morning, and then two things transpired in short order that made me kinda pivot from
that into a new direction. Number 1: While I was checking out, the lady
in front of me told the person behind the desk, never expect too much from people. That way, you’ll never be disappointed. So I thought about that quote for a minute. I’m going to say it again. Never expect too much from people. That way you’ll never be disappointed. So that’s one way to venture into your checkout
process if you choose. That’s one thing that happened. The second was this: after I went back upstairs
for the final time. I grabbed by bag, which is right over there,
I’m getting ready to walk over there to my car. I reach into my pockets from two days ago. The blue jeans I was wearing. And I pulled this out, as seen here. Michael Wacha, the pitcher for the Cardinals. This is a ticket stub from Monday night. I took my little boys to a baseball game,
told them in the afternoon: Hey boys, if you’re good for mom today, I’m
taking you downtown. We’re going to the ballgame tonight. 82 degrees, no humidity, perfect night for
baseball. Boys are fired up! They’re screaming, they high-fiving, they’re
totally into this. I come home from work later on that afternoon,
get home around 5:30 or so, and I see on the kitchen table three baseball gloves, and on
top of them, three Cardinals hats. What does that tell you? You know, really. What does the idea of a child bringing a baseball
glove to a baseball game with 52,000 other people suggest? To me it means this. This is the reason it matters, this is where
I’m going with you today. They expected, before they even went downtown,
that they were gonna catch a baseball. There are 51,997 other active participants,
ok. But these three boys went down to that game
Monday night with the full expectation that not only were the Cardinals gonna win. They did. Not only were they gonna have a great time. They did. Not only were they gonna get some nachos and
hot dogs and pretzels and Sprites and have a good time and maybe even buy a foam finger. We did a lot of that. But they were gonna get a baseball. They had this incredibly high expectation. This joyful, this one full of hope and optimism
for tomorrow, starting right now. In the bleak process of our lives as we go
through checking out from hotels and traffic behind me on the highway and all the disappointments
and all the difficulties, all the negative headlines that we all face, my invitation for you today is to grab your
baseball glove. To put on your hat, whatever hat it may represent,
and to expect a little bit more, not less, of people. Not less of yourself. Not less of life. No, but expect more. Go into this day with the optimism naturally
engrained within each of us when we were kids. My friends, I have a brother up in New Jersey
who is doing incredible things. His name is Charles Rosen. He is phenomenal- Charles. He has a brewery that employs people who have
been released from penitentiaries. He’s making a phenomenal impact. If you want to learn about his phenomenal
impact, what it meant to the organization, what it meant to this city, what it’s meaning
to New Jersey and ultimately what it means to each of us, I encourage you today to cruise over to right
now our LIve Inspired podcast with John O’Leary. Links all over the place on our website, but
you can also grab it anywhere that you pull down your podcasts. Live Inspired with John O’Leary. So I want to thank Barbara (you are raising
the right kind of kids) and Zaida (good morning from Hartford, NY). Zaida, I’m glad you’re here. And everyone else who’s tuning in right now. Expect more, not less. Expect greatness, not less. Expect beauty, and my promise to you on this
Wednesday morning is you will find it. So Natalie and everyone else, have an awesome
morning. For this time and until next time, this is
John O’Leary. And today is your day. Grab that glove, grab that hat, Live Inspired.

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