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they take up the most realistic childhood silver you don’t think like that I believe a championship is far from being over I’ll just remind you that we have beaten twice Lester you know so we have done our job against them and so people have more to look at the other teams not too much add us on that front and that we will not give up in the championship we fight until the end I have always the same pressure it’s the pressure I apply to myself that’s always the same after that what people talk you have more people talking when twenty years ago more opinions but it doesn’t change the pressure the real pressure is from comes from your desire to win the next game that’s the only one that matters really no not not specially no I think I feel privileged to have a confidence of a club for such a long time on the other hand I think I work seven days a week with full commitment and I’m not part-time since I’m here I’ve shown true commitment and that’s all I can do but apart from that I believe it’s a privilege to work with the club of that stature for such a long time

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