LIVE Blitz #3721 (Speed) Chess Game: White vs Assumpcaos in Van’t Kruijs opening

welcome to another mega exciting
5-minute autopairing so – we could get an advance here with e4 – I wouldn’t
mind this so this is like reverse French defense with a tempo up which is a bit of fun here because this is such a logical plan to me – one of the most beautiful logical undermining pawn
chain plans in chess really so I don’t mind this – I like this position
I mean especially a tempo up – and I think it could be handy to blow up black’s Center here okay and can we get the bishop pair ?!- this
would be a classic achievement other way round to get to get that bishop or
sometimes as long as this bishop is not dead later – it all depends what happens to that Bishop later really. But he’s having to tactically cling on to d5 here okay we
may Nxc4 – Bishop takes ?! I think a3 – as long as he hasn’t got a chance for Na5 okay if I castle here?! Bishop b6 introduces
Na5 – mind you I’ve introduced Nxe4 in this position okay can i play Knight d5 so e4 looks vulnerable – Will he take there – on d2 ?! That’s an interesting position
um Knight takes e4 Knight g3 On bishop takes I think he can take here
and then take here on e4 so probably Knight takes e4 might be the threat if
there is a threat here – Nxe4 looks more likely to work um in fact
does he have to give up the dark square bishop now ?! intriguing yeah I thought he might have to do that possibly f3 is a good idea – try and wrench
open this f-file – create a target there .. If I took, I could fracture his pawns … I am wondering just f3 though ?! … f3 for a moment … There is no Na5 – just looking out for the
forcing moves – Knight d4 even the crazy ones.. Rd8 … maybe okay… now rook
takes f3 looks kind of logical to try and put pressure on f7 and this is
also what I like about the french defense -the F file of the French defense
is a lot of excitement sometimes can i play queen b3 here – it looks as
though it’s with tempo – As long as though there are no major forcing move from black like
Knight d4 so I’m on b7 I’m not on f7 here I’m on … err… okay it may be rook c5 ?! Switch my attention to
the C file quickly here .. because actually he has weakened c6 and behind that c7 so if
I just doubled or trebled -this C file might actually be more exploitable than
f7 – c7 might be more exploitable than f7
because he’s got the King actually protecting f7 that’s one of the reasons.
c7 has only the queen protecting it he’s got the Queen the rook and the King
protecting f7 so the more exploitable weakness might be c7. It is a sort of a–
targetable pawn on that nice C file. I have got the c-file and the f-file for my rooks and he’s
using a hell of a lot of time I have got to say Is he going to speed up ?!
ah it seems I’m crashing through on that C file barring any major disaster can I
not just exchange of Queen’s here and crash through on the C file ?! I like the clarity of the French defence
– you know – the undermining clarity – it seemed pretty smooth okay thank you
– he said thank you – a nice guy
ah yeah – I liked my position I’m threatening Bishop takes here – yeah yeah I should
have maybe looked at this bit more if he plays queen takes -oh there is d5 – I didn’t see
that at all to be honest yeah – that makes that quite unpalatable then for
black – this position – okay still – this is a nice position rook c5 is even the top choice
there from the engine this is already a beautiful position anyway – +3 here –
okay comments questions likes shares appreciated – thanks very much

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