Like Bo, Julian knows football and baseball

it’s been six years since the am flat Panthers beat their Prince Road rivals Flowing Wells on the gridiron they did so last Friday night thanks in parts of the talents of who Leon Encinas he’s our Friday football fever to SOT Road Runners Player of the Week you might say that my Panthers football star who lien encinas is a lot like Bo Jackson he’s a baseball player playing football as a hobby it all started with my dad if it wasn’t for my dad I wouldn’t be playing for what he ended over the same but we don’t play football and then the end I’m going to studying playful one then I just started loving the gentleman and it was mad at Wren alone that led to an 11 tackle 2 touchdown performance and amp eyes 38 nothing week 4 victory over rival Flowing Wells Encinas the Panthers captain has five touchdowns on the season he set a preseason goal of 12 but his best friend Orlando Burrell pushed that number higher they’ve known each other since they were 5 years old medium I made a promise to him that we’d get at least 14 together it was a goal he set to get 12 and I said I wasn’t gonna let it happen let’s try for something bigger and he’s very athletic so I know that he can get more than what he thinks he can get but back to Encinas being the bo Jackson of the class of 2020 he not only plays baseball he’s pretty good at it football is just something to get away from baseball for a little bit so good at baseball to get this he’s currently playing in a Fall League on weekends currently as in right now during the football season the majority of my games are on Saturdays and in Phoenix oh and having to play Friday night and then travel up there and work in the morning one of the best uh you know baseball players of Tucson and you know we try to to make things work with him on Saturday you know he has tournaments to go to we do that so he’s great at both you get any baseball in during the the course of the week leading up to those weekend trips oh yeah it all has to just come right then they’re in the game my name is our lawn Dubrow I’m a lineman with the Alpha Panthers and I’m honored to present the KBO a wrote Tucson Road Runners Player of the Week award tomorrow boy Julian Athena’s [Applause] [Music]

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