Life is Like a T20 (Cricket and Life Series)

Life is like a T20 match. When you are in your teens or in your early
twenties, those years are like the powerplay overs During the powerplay, that means during the
first six overs of a T20 innings, the batsmen can experiment and play aggressively without
worrying too much, because there are fewer fielders outside the 30-yard circle. But the challenge is to not lose too many
wickets during these beginning overs. Similarly, when you are in your teens or in
your early twenties, you are more free to experiment with life, with career options
etc., because there are fewer family responsibilities to worry about. But don’t go so far that you end up losing
your physical health or mental balance in these formative years. Because you still have a long way to go in
life. Now, in a T20, once you are through the first
powerplay, that means after the first six overs, the batsmen have to play more responsible
cricket for the next nine or ten overs in order to stabilize the innings. This middle stretch is a bit boring, but to
win the match, the batsmen have to go through it patiently. Similarly, once you enter into your late twenties
or early thirties, it’s time to become more responsible, it’s time to stabilize your life
– that means work towards a stable career and stable relationships. Now life can get a bit boring here, it may involve
a lot of hard work, and unfortunately this phase of life stays for a long time. But to be successful, you have to go through
all these patiently. Back to the T20, once the innings enters the
final overs, the batsmen can again freely express themselves, take extraordinary risks,
and reap the rewards of a stable innings. Similarly in life, once you have attained
stability – in your career and in your relationships – you have earned the right to go out and
about. Now you can freely express yourself and enjoy life which is now situated upon a stable foundation. Even when it comes to spirituality, it’s
the same story. In the first phase you explore spirituality,
in the second phase you work hard on spiritual practices, and in the final phase you experience
unbounded spiritual happiness. So whether it’s a T20 match, whether it’s
life or spiritual life, you will be called upon at some point to sacrifice shallow pleasures
in order to reach deeper happiness, you will have to forego temptations in order to reach
your cherished goals.

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