Life at Baylor during #Move2BU

Hey guys, it’s Mason, and this is day one
of #Move2BU at Baylor University. We’re here at Brooks, just one of several
residence halls on campus where hundreds of volunteers — staff, faculty and students — are giving their time and energy to move our new freshmen in before the start of
the fall semester. It’s quite an incredible experience,
as lines of cars pull up to the curb, and volunteers help unload
their students in record time — almost before their students and their families
even get out of their vehicles! But the work does not end here, as our new students still have to
move in, unpack, and decorate their rooms. Alright guys, let’s go inside and see what their
new home-away-from-home looks like. Okay, so most of the residence halls on campus
are shared between male and female students, so we’re gonna go check out the
girls’ side first. So we’re up into the third floor of Brooks, looking for any rooms that may be set up,
or at least partially set up, given that they just moved in today, a couple hours ago. Hi guys! So I’m vlogging… Dor–! I done found one of my campers! I know Doreen will act right for me. Okay, Doreen… How’s it going? “Good.” You got a single room? “Yeah.” Doesn’t have a roommate? “No.” Are you gonna enjoy that,
or would you like a roommate? “I would like a roommate.” You would like a roommate? Why? “Because, I want that experience.” You want that college experience. “Yes.” You want that college experience. But you have other people in your apartment,
so come on, let’s go meet… Well hello there. “Hi.” Hello… Oh, you got it all set up like this, this is gorgeous!
“Thank you.” Alright let’s look… Do a little pano of the room…
Got the closet over there… Doreen… And what was your name again? “Amy.” Amy. Hello, Amy. Down there? Okay, storage bins down here. Okay! “And I bought a little clothing rack…”
Clothing rack… And this? That’s your closet? “Yeah, where I hang my clothes.” Oh — California. “Whoop whoop!” Mmm hmm. Is this Mom? “Yeah, hi.” Well, hello! How are you? “Good, and you?” Are you happy to get rid of them, or sad?
“Aww… happy and sad.” Okay. Bittersweet. Alright, let’s head over to East Village
and check out a guy’s room. Alright, we’re over here at Earle Hall now,
where most of our science majors will live — pre-medicine, pre-PT, pre-pharm. Let’s head inside. Alright, so now we’re gonna head to my old room
here in Earle Hall. We’re gonna check out and see who’s in there,
see who’s in the room there. Nobody. Nobody’s here. Hmmm… But this was my side,
and this was my roommate’s side. So, bye room! Miss you. Alright. Hi guys. “Hi!” I’m here blogging for Baylor Move-In Day, and I noticed that y’all have a really cool room, so… Would y’all tell me what’s going on in here? “We’ve got the futon…”
Futon, okay, with the cupholders… Oh, that’s lit. Okay, I love that! Alright, what’s going on over here? Taking a nap? Dad, taking a nap? A little desk area over here… and look at that — we’ve got wallpaper in here! Oh, it’s textured? Lord have mercy, look at this —
feels like actual brick! Oh, and they got the deer poster! They livin’ it up in here, living lavish! I never! I could never… This is amazing… They got their pull-out couch in here… Oh my gosh… Oh! And it lifts up! Fancy! They got TV over here, with food! Oh my gosh, look at all those chips and fruit snacks! So they got the closet over here. They got their Tide pods up there… with their two layers of hanging down here. A mirror… Hello! “Show them how you use the Fabreze, boys…” Alright, show us how you use the Fabreze… Oh — not like that! Alright guys, that’s it for day one of moving to Baylor. I’m gonna toss it over to Dania,
who’s gonna show us a couple more living spaces. Thanks guys! Thanks Mason! Hi everyone, I’m Dania; right now we are at Penland Residence Hall,
which in fact used to only house guys. Now, it houses both female and male students. It’s day two of #Move2BU,
and our volunteers are still at it, moving over 3,000 freshmen into their new homes. Penland is also one of our largest halls,
housing over 400 students, so our volunteers are given a major workout this morning. As you can see, this is really cool,
because you can see specifically that Penland Residence Hall is going to be housing students from all over — not only the world, but the country too,
which is really, really cool. You can find a lovely community even though we’re from all kinds of different places. Move-in day can be a really hectic, crazy, but fun time for students and their families. I just kind of want to see how their move-in day is going, so why don’t you come along with me, and we’ll check that out? Okay, so we’re in Penland Residence Hall,
here with my friends Sam and Luke. Can we, like, look around your room? I see you’ve got a whole setup… Whose setup is this over here?
“This is my side.” Okay… What’s this for? We have a great set up here, my friends
— for school, for sure, of course. “I’m taking the required alcohol course right now…” The required Alcohol EDU course —
make sure you get that done, guys. Oh my gosh, it’s due tomorrow, okay. Then we have the other side here for my friend Sam,
am I right? Okay, what do you have going on on this side?
“A MacBook.” MacBook Pro — that’s a necessity, I will say. So I’m seeing that your closet over here is pretty big. Would you guys mind just… It’s kind of crazy that both of you guys can fit in this closet. Oh – got the slime cap.
Brought the necessity — that’s wonderful. Well, that was a quick tour of Penland.
Now let’s head over to Collins. Now, we are at Collins Residence Hall, which is the largest… Oh, my.Now, we’re at Collins Residence Hall,
which is one of the largest female dorms on campus, housing over 600 students.We are really excited to talk to some of our students and just see how they’re feeling… talk to some of the girls who live in Collins, and just find out what’s gonna be so special for them this year. Hi Selma! How are you? Okay, so the layout of the room is really cute. You can see how they have, like,
their beds set up next to each other, but with enough room to have both families in here to move around and kind of help set up, so that’s so nice. The closets are right over here, and it’s
just a really nice little layout. (You don’t have to hide or anything…) Yeah, Mom, how are you feeling today? “I’m excited, but I’m very nervous.
But you guys are very helpful.” “Just by the time we just pulled up, and you guys just invaded the car. It was amazing.” They took everything out, right? It’s crazy. “They were really hard workers, so we appreciate it.” How about you just tell us really quick,
how are you feeling today? “I’m feeling great. At first I was like, super overwhelmed, but now like that everything’s kind of
like falling into place, it’s like a deep breath, and I’m super excited.” Let’s take a look at those lights.
How. Cute. I have literally never seen that before.
I love that so much. I can get both the moms really quick… Can you just tell us, like, some of the emotions
that are kind of, like, running through your head? I know it can be a really, really hard time, but it’s also really, like, fun, to see the whole set up and everything. “I’m probably like every other mother.
I’m just gonna miss her, miss her, miss her. “But I’m so excited for her. “The next chapter for her life, ’cause it’s exciting.” How about you? “Yes, I’m sad.” (laughs) “She’s just plain sad!” “But, I’m so excited for her. I mean, I’m kinda wishing I was going to college right now. “It’s so fun.”
“Collins is such a fun community.” “And Sing’s amazing and fun… yeah.
So many sweet girls we’ve met already. It’s amazing.” Yeah, wonderful! Well, that was a really quick tour of #Move2BU. It’s really nice to see students settling into
their new homes here at Baylor. Welcome to Baylor,
and we wish you all the very, very best. Alright, I’ll catch you guys later. This room is very nice — excellent texture! We love that! Alright.

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