LGR – Batter Up! – First PC Baseball Game I Played

[typing] [PC speaker version of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”] Greetings! This is, uh… Well, this is something that I’ve
wanted to talk about for a long time, and I’ve been trying to get it working. And… this is a game that I had as a kid. And, you know, I just thought about it after seeing the insane Game 7 of the World Series, where the Cubs actually won after 108 years. What the nuts? And it was a lot of fun.
So it got me thinking about the very first baseball game I ever had on the PC, and it was this one! It’s called Batter Up! So, I can’t get my backups to work properly, and here’s the thing: I’ve also
never found a copy of this online. Uh, barely any record of it at all. So, it blows my mind that there’s still, like, games like this that I thought were
commonplace back in the day, but apparently they’re not.
And there’s just, there’s really– certainly no downloads that I could find. So, if you’ve ever heard of this, or might
have some download version of this, please let me know. But this is– it’s actually an edutainment thing. And, uh… Yeah… So, it looks like it’s working right. And, um… For the most part it does, but I
haven’t been able to get all the files off of my old floppy disks. There’s some of them that are corrupt,
as we’ll see as we get into the game. Um, so, whenever I do actually find all of the files, I will review this… whenever. Because I would love to find the full, like, you know, complete thing of this. There were later versions, too. Earlier ones, obviously, this is 2.0. Also later ones. Um… In fact, from what I remember reading
a couple of years ago when I was trying to get this to work another time, it’s still used in a much later
iteration in the National Math Bee. And it’s still called Batter Up, but it
doesn’t really resemble this version at all. The one I have here is really old. Tried contacting them years, but I didn’t get anywhere. This version is just, it’s obscure. And it’s got a really interesting history, which I’ll dive into whenever I get around to reviewing that. But that’s IF I get this to work properly. As of now, you can pretty much do what you’re about to see here, which is MOST of it, so that’s good. Uh, yes, we’ll turn on the sound because I specifically remember the sound being a little… uhhh… Well, you know how in like Sonic the
Hedgehog, and you’re underwater? Da-da-da-da-DA-DA-DA… It’s not quite that, like anxiety… [giggles] …ridden, but, uh… There’s some stuff with the sound here that I remember freaking me out as like a 7-year-old kid playing this on my 486. And these animations… [laughs] I love it. OK, here’s the sound. [PC speaker beeping] Yeah, so this is counting down
and you have to get these right as accurately as possible and as quick as possible to get a good hit. So, of course, playing on the easiest so I can play
a good game of math baseball! Here’s where it starts to not quite work. Some of these graphics, the graphics files and some other ones on the disks that I have of this are corrupt. Did I get a home run? Holy crap, I did! Alright. Ha ha. Yay! [laughs] What an exciting game. But, yeah, some of the files are corrupt, But I– this– I just– I… This is burned into my mind. Specifically, that Chick-fil-A logo on the left! And I blame THIS game and THAT logo for making me just like go crazy for Chick-fil-A whenever
I finally got a car and a job as a teenager, and it’s just like… [laughs] Oh, Chick-fil-A! I could go and get some chicken like I always… I, I don’t know. From…
It’s just a weird childhood memory that embed themselves in your brain,
and it’s just like, oh, yeah. Oh, did I get another home run?
This is gonna be a really one-sided game. Yeah. Outfielders are like, I dunno, I don’t care. Yeah… And this is pretty much it. I mean, this is, this is like the whole game right here. So… I don’t have a whole lot to show in the review, it’s just… ridiculous childhood memories for me, and, um… I dunno. I quite like this for some weird reason. And is way better than I’ve ever gotten it to run before, so I just wanted to make a video now that I just, uh… somehow get some of the files working off of, um, the floppy disks I have. I don’t actually have the originals. I got it… I don’t even remember where. We might have copied it from
someone, cuz it was shareware, so you could… legally do that. Um, chances are we got it at the local book fair. Because at the time I was homeschooled, and so a lot of my education came from edutainment games, which is one reason I so, like, about Edutainment Month every year, every April. And so I’m actually really looking forward to next April so I can talk about more edutainment. [laughs] But yeah, this game and a whole bunch of other games
that I had that were educational came from a local book fair
and that place was awesome. It was just… you know, a convention of a
whole bunch of educational stuff and things that were just fun. They had some just plain old games for DOS and Windows 3.1 as well, but it was mostly educational stuff. And, man, you know. It was cheaper, too, because we
got a discount for, like, actually being a homeschooled family or something, if I recall. There was something like that, I dunno. And so we just, we would stack
up on just disks, floppy disks, on tons of games, and, um… This was one of them. This is a really exhilarating game here. Yeah, I guess if you just get four correct, then it’s a home run every time, which… [laughs] Maybe I should have done something
other than Little League Edition. That’s a little, uh… Uh, you know. Escape to restart the game. Alright, let’s put it all the way up to
the highest and see how that goes. [laughs] I’m probably not gonna do well
at that, I got to admit. I’m, um… Yeah, let’s play against the computer. Let’s see here, let’s just do… Fraction conversion! Oh, God. Alright. Oh, wait. Hold on. There we go. Oh, I don’t wanna do this. Hall of Fame?! Hmm… Yeah, alright. Well, this is not gonna go well. Batter up! LGR! Yes… [chuckles] Alright. I love those animations! That’s so cool. [laughs] It was cool to me as a kid, so it’s still cool now. Like it’s… Alright. OK, so this isn’t too bad. There we go. Oh, God! I don’t know. I should know, but… [chuckles] [laughs] [laughing] Um… Nope! [laughs] Well, you know, whatever.
This is gonna be a more fair game now. I don’t even know. I’m terrible at doing
some of these things in my head. What? Seven and two-thirds? Alright. Am I supposed to–
I should probably be trying to like… write these out, I suppose? Let’s try… oh, crap. [typing] What does it want me to do here? Come on! I was trying to put that in, it wouldn’t let me. I was like pressing Space, and it’s like… Huh. Alright, whatever. Yeah! He caught it. I’m out. Oh, that sucks. Let’s see what the computer does. Batter up, Computer! Yes… Alright, pitcher, do your thing. You look exactly the same as the last guy. Ah, yes. Aw, I just thought that ball animation was so cool. Aw, why is the computer so good?! [laughs] It’s like it’s a computer or something! Ugh! It can calculate this crap. OK. Here we go. They got to first. Well, anyway, that is Batter Up! I don’t feel like doing any more of those things because I can’t do half of them in my head. Who can? I don’t know! I certainly couldn’t as a kid. I can now, so whatever. I never claimed to be good at those. But yeah, this game. So if ANYBODY– PLEASE, if you have information on this, if you have a version of this backed up somewhere, I cannot find a SINGLE version of this out there. As I said before, it’s just not there. I mean, I can’t–
I’ve just searched for years and there’s just no record of it. I’ve asked everyone I possibly could that might have archives of it, there’s just none. So… I dunno. But anyway, thank you very much for watching. And hopefully I’ll get a review of this sometime, if I ever get a version that’s fully working. Or some of the later ones. But yeah, thanks for watching. [PC speaker version of “Take Me Out
to the Ballgame” plays to the end]

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  1. This reminds me of a game I loved on my Dad's old PCjr: Touchdown Football. I couldn't even play it because we lost the joystick but it was fun to watch the computer pay itself. However when I started looking for it online it took forever just to find someone off-offhandedly mentioning it. Thankfully I still have the original disk but I don't have a PCjr or Tandy yet to be able to make sure it still works, and I can't even image the disk with the Kryoflux to use in DOSBox because of the on-disk copy protection.

    I really hope you can find a working copy of this game or get your copy working. I hate to see old games die from obscurity.

  2. Here's what the U.S. Copyright office has on the game btw. Some info might be helpful. http://cocatalog.loc.gov/cgi-bin/Pwebrecon.cgi?v1=1&ti=1,1&Search%5FArg=Veta&Search%5FCode=NALL&CNT=25&PID=6CvAjlc48Oc-HvX3OTMeVIQwxcnA&SEQ=20161107142344&SID=3

  3. This reminds me of a math game I played at my school.
    Around 22 years ago I played a math based game that would time how fast you would complete the math problems.
    It used still images of an F1 car that would go along a track as you answered the math problems.
    I cannot locate the game today and forgot the name.

  4. Funny coincidence, one of my first pc games was a Polish spelling game Ortotris, made also in 1992. It was just words falling down pieces in tetris, except you can't rotate them – just submit the correct spelling.

  5. I found a useful Floppy Recovery program, that surprising works, especially for floppies that have lost their formatting: https://sourceforge.net/projects/floppyrecover/files/

  6. You have probably looked into this already, but have you tried floppy disk recovery software? I tried to find stuff about this game but found as much about it as you did.
    I couldn't find anything about VETA as a game company either.

  7. Is there an online community for researching obscure PC/video games? If not, it'd be cool to start preserving these for new generations.

  8. Saw your old post on vogons from around 2012. Is it only one graphics-file that are corrupt?
    There must excist tools for viewing and editing that kind of files, and for you to create a replacement file.

  9. Woah, you have a relic right there. It actually works pretty good. I tried looking everywhere, even on archive.org and it's nowhere to be found…

  10. Oh man this reminds me of a game I played in elementary school. Probably '92-'94 roughly. It was an edutainment game based on football, though I don't remember if was just math or what. Any chance you know what it is, and if so do you have it?

  11. I understand how it is to find something that is unknown to the internet. there was the PC version of Ms. Pac-Man that has a level maker. I don't know where to find it.

  12. I was homeschooled as well, and I have many fond memories of edu-tainment titles as well – but we had Commodore 64's and Amigas at the time instead of PCs.

  13. YAY a game where i can do an "unassisted tripple play"!
    But i can't do a "20 strikeout game" against anybody. Or a 3-2-3. 🙁

  14. I have Earl Weaver's Baseball II for MS-DOS, which has three floppies: one of which was 5 1/4" Floppies of the game, 3 1/2" Floppies of the game, and the Sound Blaster 1.0 or 1.5 drivers diskette on 5 1/4" Floppies. I still have the 3 1/2" floppies since the other diskettes got warped, and the graphics are amazing in the game, especially with 4 music options: IBM PC Speaker, Tandy, Adlib, and Roland. The voices back then were played through the IBM PC Speaker (strike, out, etc.) while the ball getting hit with the bat, or throwing a ball are using the sound card you chose, like Roland for example. I love the music using the Roland MT-32 since it sounds so real and better SFX than the sound card's chipset (Adlib or OPL3).

  15. wow man i remember this. you know all those childhood memories that you suppress for one reason or another? yeah, this was a trigger. I remember getting a C- in math one time, and this was the only game i was allowed to play until i brought it up to at least a B. As you probably have guessed, this was a time before internet, hell even "progress reports". We got a report card once every nine weeks. yep, nine weeks. it was hell, but it was effective. I'm not sure what ever happened to it….. it was probably just misplaced….maliciously.

  16. In reference to your trouble locating a copy of a game you thought was moderately popular…
    It makes me sad to think of the very early days where someone would sell a game they created in a local shop to a few hundred or thousand folks and now they are lost to time. They would stuff the floppy/cassette in a ziplock bag with instruction printed off a dot matrix. Now I know a lot of the games were most likely crap, but a few had to be good or even great. There could very well have been a Tetris in all those games gone by that never got out of their local region.

  17. Obscure stuff is just the best. Even better when you have a good memory connected to it. It just makes you feel awesome when you share that memory.

  18. Seeing stuff about math games we used to play as kids makes me want to find one game I used to play over 20 years ago on Windows 95.

    I don't remember the name, but it was math-oriented. It was set in some sort of purple factory, one of the main characters was a super-smart gorilla by what I can recall. There were different games in the factory, but I kept getting stuck on one where you'd have to count the number of cubes in a bigger cube, or the number of chocolate squares in a bar of chocolate.

    Can anyone help me? A friend suggested Math Factory 2000, but I can't find anything about that game.

  19. I remember playing a slightly newer knock off of this called Major League Math on a CD-Rom. It was kind of fun, you could play a mode where the goal was to break windows in skyscrapers across the street from the park.

  20. Is it just graphics, or are there some major components that need to be fixed? Because if it's only graphics, you could probably redraw them manually.

  21. What format are the graphics stored in?

    Should be fairly easy to redraw that diamond backdrop. Doubly so since chunks of it should be retrievable from the runner image.

  22. Can you do a video on G-nome or Great Math/Word Adventure for windows 95? It came with packard bell computers in the mid 90's. Also, do you remember a program called KiddoNet?

  23. this reminds me 2 things:

    One time a friend of mine lend me over some of those CD's from PC Computer magazines that has a bunch of demos for games, and i was mostly interested in one single game Quake, but that game was in such bad shape that it didnt let me even copy the entire disc into the HDD without freezing and restarting the whole pc, but just 2 games could be copied, one was a demo for a Beavis and Butthead PC game i think and the other was the demo for Tekwar, so since im a fan of that series i copied the game but some of the files got corrupted, but strangely enough the game worked, but it was a nightmarish glitched mess that looked and sounded straight from a creepypasta.

    And the second thing is that some of this Shareware games are actually pretty difficult to find, i actually wanted to find a copy or just a downloable version of this game called Jumpstar made by Dexterity Software, that game used to be my childhood back when i got my first pc, i played the heck of the demo back at the day and even if for today is a bit cheesy and pretty dated its still fun and pretty addictive too, is just a shame that Dexterity Software before closing down didnt do a compilation of their games or tried to make some sort of deal with other software companies to "share" or sell their games even if they arent software developers anymore.

  24. I found someone on a forum talking about it but turns out that was you. Oops.
    I really hope you end up finding it. That's how I felt with some storybook making program for DOS. Never did find it.

  25. I was homeschooled too! We also went to book fairs every year. It helped my dad worked in IT for a public school so he brought home new games for me every once in a while. Ah, good memories, waking up in the morning and getting school done by like 1 p.m. and spending the rest of the afternoon playing edutainment games 🙂

  26. Greetings from Russia! I totally love your channel, Clint, you should consider a career in narration/voice acting with a voice and general speech skills such as yours.

  27. I don't know if I imagined it but I may have played that on a '1000 Kids Educational Games'(not sure of the name) CD. It was a 'Explorer The World Of Software CD'. IF it was that CD, I gave it away years ago.

  28. If anyone tries this it seems to want to be installed in c:bat, it also seems to use CPU cycles to run, so if you have an emulator, you will have to slow it down.

  29. "Here's a baseball game."
    "You solve math problems to score runs."
    ::curls into an assball on the floor and shuts down::

    (Math was my worst subject throughout school.)

  30. if you like your Edutainment titles, check out "10 out of 10 Junior Essentials"

    Played that all the time when I was a kid.

  31. Hey! The chick-fil-a logo reminded me of something that they did back in the day. I remember as a kid, I would go to chick fil a and get the kids meal and with the kids meal would come some educational type game or booklet or what have you. Maybe this game was included in those meals at some point in time. Maybe try contacting chick fil a about it and see if they have any records or anything of the game being given out with the meals.

  32. OMG! I remember playing this game in elementary school! It was a later version but I remember this game!!

  33. The computer seems to be really good at calculating numbers. It's almost as unfair as playing Spy Vs. Spy against the computer… Almost.

  34. I vividly remember playing a slightly improved verison of this game. I DESPISED it, as it was a requirement for school and I disliked math.

  35. I have the complete dos library a -z that i did download off Usenet long time ago
    I will check that for you and get back to you if it is there

  36. When I think back to my childhood "edutainment" games I always think of Putt-Putt and Richard Scarrys How Things Work in Busytown 😀

  37. This was around the Windows 2000 Era, but I remember growing up with a few edutainment games that came from Chick Fil A and McDonald's kids meals. nobody really keeps track of fast food kids toys but that might spark your memory!

  38. I remember as a kid playing an old kids game I believe was called Zug the megasaur presents the dinosaur discovery kit, but its kinda hard to find much on it anymore.

  39. Thanks to some folks at DevAngels Limited, there's now a fix for this version of Batter Up that takes care of some of the file corruption! This is so cool, download it here and add it to the original folder linked to in the description above:

  40. I had a shareware Bible quiz game just like this as a kid, but it used an 8-bit graphics set similar to RBI Baseball. You would pick a skill level (single, double, triple, home run) that would decide how far the runner would advance if you got the answer right. Then you had to answer questions to stop the computer which were randomly chosen. So many 81-0 wins.

  41. My first baseball game was Hardball for the C64, when the Mets weren't useless. I'd play the game while the Mets were on my little portable black-and-white TV. Good times.

  42. This kind of reminds me of a game I used to play back in grade school called Math Majors. It took me forever to find out what it was called, let alone find a copy of it!

  43. My first baseball game was on the Speccy but can't for the life of me remember the name, although I did only play it once and lost interest.

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