LG Cup International Women’s Baseball Tournament 2019 kicks off on Thursday

Baseball is one of the most watched sports
events in here in the nation. While the KBO continues to grow, there’s still
no women’s baseball league. To help bring about necessary changes, one
local company is hosting the country’s only women’s international baseball tournament
Lee Min-sun went to check out the opening ceremony for their fourth season. The fourth edition of the LG Cup International
Women’s Baseball Tournament opened on Thursday with Korea taking on the U.S. at LG Champions’
Park in Icheon, Gyeonggi-do Province. It’s the only international women’s baseball
tournament held in Korea. LG Electronics has been partnering with the
Women’s Baseball Association of Korea to hold the event since 2014, aiming to expand women’s
baseball in the country. The event kicked off with an opening ceremony
which incorporated Korea’s traditional culture, including an instrumental performance by students
from Gukak National High School. The tournament features eight teams from seven
countries including two teams from South Korea and one each from the U.S., Taiwan, Hong Kong,
Australia and a united team from European countries. It’s the first time that a united European
team, made up of players from France, England and the Netherlands, is competing at the tournament. A team from Japan is also participating, aiming
for their 4th victory at the tournament. Teams will compete in total of 20 games from
preliminary rounds to the final on August 26 where the two best teams will go head-to-head
for a trophy made specially from local Icheon porcelain. “Team Korea will also compete at the Baseball
Federation of Asia tournament in China this November, hoping to earn a place at the Women’s
Baseball World Cup in 2020. Lee Min-sun Arirang News, Icheon.”

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