Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas fired warning by Mercedes team-mate Esteban Ocon

Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas fired warning by Mercedes team-mate Esteban Ocon Ocon is without a drive for 2019 after Force India fell into administration and was taken over and consequently rebranded Racing Point. It means the Mercedes youngster must now spend next year as the third and test driver for the Silver Arrows. However, with Valtteri Bottas is headed into the final 12 months of his contract meaning an opportunity to race in Formula One in 2020 could be on the horizon for Ocon. But the Frenchman is not fussed about which seat he gets so long as there is a chance to challenge at the front of the grid. And the Ocon knows exactly what his employers are looking for from their main men. “It is my target to win the Championship, and we will see how the future evolves, but I guess Mercedes wanted to see that their driver could perform well in qualifying,” Ocon told Motorsport.com. “In any kind of racing it’s important to start ahead, when we have aero like this it’s very hard to pass. It’s a big help and I’m pretty happy with my improvement. “I think qualifying I have improved the most, how to build up the weekend. “That’s where I’ve been the strongest this year, I’ve qualified sixth, seventh, eighth many times this season. “I think that’s good, and I’m pretty pleased with that.” Ocon also explained how he has developed after finishing 12th last season. “I find it more than tiny, how I’ve improved in qualifying,” added Ocon. “The race pace, I had a pretty solid base from the beginning when I was racing in F1, but I’ve learned in F1 if you don’t start where the car deserves to be it’s difficult to catch back in the races. “I can also compare to my team-mate. I think he’s pretty experienced, he’s also improving over the years but less than a rookie. “Compared to him I think I’m a lot stronger than last year.” NEXT NEWS:Vettel untroubled by Kvyat and Giovinazzi exits from Ferrari sim roles.Sebastian Vettel is unconcerned by the departures of Daniil Kvyat and Antonio Giovinazzi from their simulator roles at Ferrari, confident the Scuderia will find a suitable replacement. Kvyat and Giovinazzi undertook extensive simulator work at Maranello last year as they contributed to the development and set-up of Ferrari’s SF71-H, a task for which Vettel praised both drivers. However, with Kvyat heading back to Toro Rosso and Giovinazzi awarded a race seat at Sauber, the Scuderia finds itself short of a simulator and development driver, a role that was offered to Robert Kubica before the Pole committed to a race seat at Williams for 2019. Contracted Ferrari test drivers Marc Gene and Davide Rigon could occasionally be called upon for simulator work but the Scuderia will likely require someone dedicated to the role in the future. “Personally, I’m not a fan of the simulator because it’s just not fun,” said Vettel. “But you get the point, it is very important, it is an important tool. Based on our findings, we change the car, it is better and we were happier. “We’re extremely thankful for the guys, taking in the time because it’s not the nicest job on Friday night, especially when you’re young, but it’s important, it all adds up. “Everybody plays his part and in the end we have the honour to have the steering wheel in our hands and drive the machine that we all try to create and reach out with performance. “For 2019, it’s true, we take a step but I think we will find people that fit in very well and very quickly so I’m confident we will have a strong team on that front as well.” Ferrari could rely on a member of its junior academy for simulator duties, or perhaps reach out to Sergey Sirotkin following the Russian’s eviction from Williams as a result of Kubica’s nomination. NEXT NEWS:Michael Schumacher latest as ex-boss provides fresh hope for “solutions in the future”.     Former Ferrari chief Ross Brawn insists there is optimism five years after the German suffered traumatic brain injury. Michael Schumacher ‘s friend and former boss Ross Brawn has revealed there are hopes a “solution in the future” will be found for the Formula 1 legend’s health. It has been five years since the seven-time world champion suffered traumatic brain injury from a ski accident with his health still largely a mystery as his close circle of family and friends maintain his privacy. But fans have been offered hope by Brawn, who insists his team believe progress could be made soon. “We’re all optimistic about finding solutions in the future,” Brawn told BBC 5 Live. “And that there’ll be a time when things will move forward with Michael.” Brawn also touched on recently how Schumacher could demoralise his rivals. “Some of what Michael did was about undermining the enemy and destroying their confidence,” said Brawn. “Michael would be on the rostrum with two guys wilting, barely able to stand up, and he’d be bouncing around and they would be looking at him thinking: ‘God, what on earth is this creature we’re competing with?’” A former Formula One racer has revealed why stars of the sport such as Sebastian Vettel aren’t allowed to visit Michael Schumacher. The German hit his head on a rock and needed emergency surgery while skiing down a mountain. He is currently receiving round-the-clock treatment in Lake Geneva. Schumacher has not been seen publicly for five years after suffering life-changing injuries during a ski accident in December 2013. But he still casts an impressive shadow over the sport. The 50-year-old’s wife, Corinna, issued a rare statement on his health on the eve of his birthday. She told fans the family are doing “everything humanly possible” to help the stricken former Ferrari driver. “We are very happy to celebrate Michael’s 50th birthday tomorrow together with you and thank you from the bottom of our hears that we can do this together,” she said. NEXT NEWS:Haas in unfamiliar territory in 2019.    Despite their positive progress on 2019 car, Haas team boss Gunther Steiner is cautious in his expectation for next season as it also depends on gains generated by the other teams. In 2018, the American outfit gave a tough fight to Renault for the fourth place in the team’s standings. But due to early season mistakes and one disqualification, lost that fight. But all in all, Haas made rapid progress in the last season and is unlikely to succumb to such mistakes this year. Speaking of their progress this year, Steiner said: “Everything is on schedule as it should be,”  “It is like every year, you have some stuff which is a little bit behind but it’s nothing abnormal. I’m confident we’ll have a good car but I don’t know how good the other ones are. “We are happy with our numbers and what we do but with the new regulations, if somebody found something we are not aware of, how can I know that? But I’m pretty confident that we are doing a good job.” Although he does not know how others have progressed, Steiner predicts the midfield fight will get even more intense this season, not only at the season start but throughout the year. “I think everyone will go for that position and even better, and we will as well. “We just need to do a good job like we did last year over the winter and bring a good car, there is no secret. Everyone will be trying to get that position. “Last year if somebody had said Haas was going to finish fifth nobody would have believed it and would have said how do you do it? “I don’t know how but you do your best and if nobody does a better job, then that’s where we end up. “If we do a good job which I think we do, but somebody else does that little bit more, they will be in front and we will have to live with that and just try to get them again. It’s a development race.” NEXT NEWS:Wolff: “I think that Valtteri can win the championship”.Toto Wolff believes that Valtteri Bottas has the ability to beat team-mate, Lewis Hamilton, to a driver’s championship in the future, but admits the task of overcoming the Brit who is in the form of his life will be tough.   In 2018 Mercedes continued their era of dominance by winning both the drivers and constructors championships.  However, despite the dominance, Bottas had a disappointing season in which he failed to claim a single race victory, the first time since 2011 that a Mercedes driver hasn’t won a race.  The Finn is under pressure to improve or risk being replaced by Esteban Ocon who is already being tipped for his seat in 2020. Wolff has defended his driver, though, saying he can defeat Hamilton. “We are seeing the best Lewis that I’ve seen in the last six years, and there is a reason why he is a five-time world champion,” Wolff said to GPFans.  “Beating a five-time world champion at the peak of his activity, the peak of his performance is going to be very difficult and Valtteri knows that. But I think that he has it in him.”  “I think that he can win – he has proven it this year on a few occasions, but he had bad luck or was in a position where he could not win. “I think if that turns into a positive momentum that is actually driving for the championship, I think that Valtteri can win the championship.” Thank you for watching the video.Be sure to share and subscribe to your channel to get the latest sports news around the world. Wished health and success. Goodbye.

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