LET ME SHOW YOU HOW ITS DONE!! – Mini Golf Funny Moments (Golf It Gameplay)

This, is the gameplay you’ve all come to expect here we go. Holy shit! This is a grim looking map, jesus. Up the brightness boys. can i go yeet. I see, where i’m trying to go so you can do this in 2 Come on all the way Yeah, yeah you see it you see it yeah yeah, why, would you do that, oh? Pop pop pop me over no fuck off oh, no, what did i do to myself wait, okay? Do you have to get into or we keep playing you can Just go, what are you doing, oh, don’t look at, my, don’t look at, my, stream don’t look at, my screen, okay i don’t know No we all are and we’re laughing at you. This is bullshit! I wish i couldn’t look at this trust me, ohm. I’m trying to look, away What are you doing i got through this shit to change we’re good you, made that way harder than it should’ve been, oh? Jesus how’d that go for you, pretty good actually, oh? Oh, baby watch it watch it i almost did boom got it into i Plus one so if we’re gonna do this whole into thing can, we like so our first stroke works, no and then We have another one okay i have to do it but as a. Personal thing i might just good to make it fun yeah you’re, trying to do it in two yeah i hate fun so okay, oh come on give a little so i see i see that – yeah Are you fucking serious there’s, no way there we go? How, did you all do that very easy, you hit it there’s top thing to block like, bumper The bumper does not stop, oh, oh? Oh nothing look Minnie, you’re hitting it god damn it i’ll fucking drunk, dad hits their children. Oh wait you’re sure i Mean it’s going to the video regardless korff Goddamnit. Jesus maybe i’m trying to do it your way and it’s not working out Okay, nevermind quick sean, say something to make a. Child friendly My video games What does the arrow, say? The arrow didn’t okay you need to chill out right so we gotta get in the hole No, no it’s gonna reset me john you fucked, me what did my plane i can’t get in the market hall you come Funny, seth wait is it too big you just said a little hole, oh my, god yes? Tap on the haters here comes a record two strokes, away from having to get a hundred points finally in the first reggie’s applauded an absolute miracle he wants to get through this one Nope, he has one stroke left will he do it ladies and gentlemen i batten up yeah i was doing that whole internment so it Was two strokes it in on that one, oh? He gave up yeah you cheated, what do you mean kate what, oh you’re? Happy, you do it happens yes you’re, doing two, strokes i’ll get it in two stroke. Yeah, we? did it yes you did Wow whoops? Oh whoopsie, daisy come on daddy yes come on daddy Oh, that’s money that’s the money shot Can you do this – that’s what i’m working on That does not count right yes it does, well doesn’t kind of a stroke? oh Trajan over your left side goes numb Oh, my, god, oh, my, swear to god yes Lucky, little bitch, oh come on, oh? Mercy on my side give it a, rim job you got 30 35 seconds left Boys come on rotate this thing keeps on being at the wrong fucking location, whenever i come Do this it’s a speed run to speed run then Fuck looks, spicy, john i’m back the beginning Oh, baby Keep in mind Ohm has one hundred- I don’t have No, you fuck that one up and you win it yeah that’s a dq, what i do a Thousand points, again, D.N.F again spoilers for the other video Until you said that hey, what are you doing. Oh he’s going for some interesting yes How many strokes, we have? I’m applying commentary at one point i got it there and i don’t know. Fucking hell, yeah me neither Do that did at the very corner very right, yeah the edge of the box right there put it c Why are they pointing the opposite, way, oh? I see bro, oh you got to go just fast enough No, you got to go real fast what is that? What am i saying roll fast what what what what what what what, why, did you, do that did he do that, oh? He’s he’s so slow, that he actually did it correctly Oh, yes hole 12 easy money baby. Oh yeah, scott you’re, good, brother let’s go Now, you’re good you’re good nice now if we an aim at the correct trajectory right about there and we miss? Hey, you good money money money money Off the tree, well game chicken dinners wrong game, oh, we need, that ramp, guzzi Good, way to do this where i am, oh? That’s funny, that’s, gonna be difficult? well come on Rumpy thing, oh that’s easy, yes yes Why, why, did it go that hard i am fuckin chubby right, now i’m not even hitting it you Say i’m pussy i’m lucky the moist moist towelette minnie said, chub You, while i said pussy actually my i said i’m pussy Fuck you game, oh player hit the game Is there a good time john, you are a dick you worried i Don’t know, what john’s gonna get either maisy, filled john john Alright so riding a hundred on a john’s score as, well Really, matter, okay, let’s go matter, war that’s the second time i got fuck What the fuck, what i do, oh are, we hot right now many yeah, yeah shit i see it we do this, oh? What what like real gentle easiest kids easy, wins baby. Oh let’s go let’s, go let’s go Jax, thanks john there you go john Anything but our own? Oh, miss talented he’s just Showing, us what’s up there you go see, ya jet hey, there we go gently caress of the inner thigh i see it oh boom yeah Yeah, we got that right idea how are you gonna fit how are you going Fastest i got blue balls they really need to get there okay, what do you say, we all stick around and cook job You, guys, actually helped, each other i think Don’t know how. Fucking serious i don’t know. If you’re helping your ball, you’re rubbing together You know. Oh yeah, that’s called strats bro Oh, that looks like a money shot whoa, john oh oh Me gotta hit it pretty hard directly enough like this There that like that hit it directly into the hole right Yes like that dumb, baby y’all, yeah, what’s up with her father yeat they’re, good oh thank you God, sorry it’s gone okay you should, have just set them That’s not? Nice nice no that’s actually the wrong not ooh i see you got those angles bro angle on my dangle, oh? Fuck it easy, what the fuck Why are, we playing fucking pinball a hole you dingus thanks, oh? Minnie, still working on actually the ball isn’t it you don’t even notice It’s not the exact there, we go all right minnie i feel you have, what it takes to get in the hole, hello Better done done done done done oh that’s them so i thought, okay, john how. Come you, don’t cook him any lead perfect nope, oh Christ hold the dpi john John all the way up if you, make it to that hole over there i’ll tell you 25 bucks That’s it you got dumped get me that damn? 525 it’s borriello maybe 3 grand that’s what i was thinking dpi, oh ho, ho she’s sick Maybe – holy shit i 3 grand monopoly money i had to give up on my dreams, oh? Oh, that’s how. You do it you, gotta get on their ramp y’all eat you bitch i Either have hard or soft it doesn’t ever go in between honestly saying, what i like to say About the half-chub life Oh, there, we go i finally got my first half so i can You, fucking dick There’s just, no way there’s no no you can’t By default cuz. John’s been cooking, me all getting correct, answer so this works you’ve been disqualified, from the start so i don’t know Why, you’re, still here Actually so is John Yeah, i mean we’re just adding points. Okay. There ya go Well got it go get up for the right side of the hole For ya pretty good actually although i feel like something, we are not gonna happen as i go on top of this c’moooon Why did I restart?! Oh you have to land on the green, you, fuckin prick , oh do you know the reason, yeah fuck you scott okay Just enough motherfucker Please please i got the mlg angles gone are you fucking, kidding me Why, did i do that thank god. Scotty got it, that’s it i woulda had that in earlier if Scott, hadnt been a fuckin chode Yeah, we all went for it. Ohhhh! Nnooo! there’s one behind oh yep There’s one behind ya the same hold behind any fuck off Walk, did we do that so easily the first time you, saw it though right Yeah, scotty you know, what dude don’t even don’t even hit it i got you dude thanks Mini, do you know, how to get over there yes It’s just taking half a, year i don’t understand what you, do with this hole, oh? Yes all right, what do you actually? Do you, hid it behind you you have to go for that you know honestly fuck it i’m having fun hey no, no no no no, no, no he’s lying, oh come on come on you bitch do it Damn you are a horny, boy, good shit i tried and i failed, it was close howd that go? Not not great, where do you go oh i see It’s easy-peasy, boys, oh you know i made it kind, oh? Very nice oh, okay? Why am i bouncing yes There, we go i’m just fucking stupid thank you yes Should know got ten there but it’s. Okay, oh? Where are yours bombs out of trees and shit Shit, where are you know Where the arrow. Says down a little rim see between the two, sticks yeah i’m trying to get to the reto there you go Okay it’s there though please you got this maybe magic Fuck john did you just try to hit me, no i’m trying to make it in the fucking, when i pitch i do that, oh? my, god Are you going Yeah it looks really easy, but it’s really, not happy doesn’t get me yeah, oh or not let’s regard Way you can, beat it that’s fine, oh here we go down, the poop, chute Why are you there, why are you there, oh, my, god i’m off oh That was so close, oh? And three i can, see hole in three there yeah, oh? Wait interesting you’re, gonna leave, me there i can’t do this Boom, oh, five i’ll, take five, oh? Roy, this is it this is this is it this is it thank that? Oh you gotta have, faith, okay? Good enough good enough john wow Motherfucker john’s gonna, fuck it up thank you please hurry he’s panicking he’s got one shot if even He’s got one shot one shot at this can he do it home it’s down to lifestyle No, one else on the quad fucked with him it doesn’t make, any sense how. He fucked Gee-gees and chat boys, oh good, game guys dick Ohmwrecker coming in a nice toasty 400 way to right or yes, yeah yeah Boy it was mean you and i fucked up? Yeah hole 16

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  3. I've been watching Mini for years now, and I still don't know what this paynoose thing is that he's refering to.

  4. Who would be friends with Kryoz? He's such an asshole and he's disrespectful. He's not funny and he only finds joy in making people suffer. What is he a sadist? He's one of the worst people I've ever known.

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