Less home runs with new USAbats? How they change your Little League team. USAbat review

The new bats that youth rec leagues will be
using are going to change the game more than many may realize and it should change how
you draft a team for 2018. The Little League draft occurs every spring and
while different leagues can follow different systems, in the past power hitters played
a big role. You might pick a great home run hitter over
a quality fast defender. After all, multi run home runs can change
the dynamic of a game faster than anything else. WIth the old bats, home runs were common place. Not so much this year. In fact, the only thing that makes the new
USABats better than the old school wood bats is that they have a larger sweet spot and
don’t hurt as much when you hit off the end of the bat. There’s less vibration. Other than that, they hit about just as well
and just as far as your typical wood bat. After observing the early reviews and comparisons
and performing in depth highly technical systematic testing, it looks like you will see 50% less
home runs than in past seasons. The new bats will hit about 10% less in distance. So how does that affect the game? Let’s look at 2017 LLWS home runs of just
the US teams. The US teams hit 37 combined home runs. With the new bats, they would have hit just
15 or 16. In other words, at least 21 home runs in the
2017 LLWS would not have been home runs if the new bats were introduced one year earlier. Some major changes that would have occurred? The CA grand slam in their first game? Not a grand slam with the new bats. Instead, either a long out, or a 2 RBI scoring
single. Here is where this ball landed, and here is
where it would have landed with the new bat. The Texas back to back to back home runs? Sorry, only the first one would have made
it with the new bat. Also, North Carolina’s grand slam wouldn’t
have cleared with the new bats. And neither would Connecticut’s grand slam. In fact. Of the three hit in 2017, non would have cleared
the fence with the new bat. Here is the LLWS main field. To calculate if a home run would still be
a home run with the new bat, the ball hit would have needed to clear the hedge row behind
the second fence by a foot or two. Anything less and it would have stayed on
the field with the new bats. So how does this affect how games will be
played in 2018 and how you draft players to a new team? Let’s look at the primary aspects a coach
considers: Pitching
Catching Hitting
Power hitting Defense
Speed. Pitching and catching remain the same. Extremely vital to team success. The other four are different. Someone who can put the ball in play often,
but maybe doesn’t have the power will be more valued than he was in the past because
the big power hitter is going to drop in value. If your big power hitters will get out more
often with fly balls and K’s, then a contact hitter who doesn’t strike out may make more
sense especially if that player also adds more value on defense. Defense or fielding is going to go up in value
as a lot more balls are going to stay on the field. Probably the outfield will see the largest
need for improvement as those otherwise would have been home runs will now need to be caught
for outs. Speed is probably the biggest gainer under
the new bat rules. If you can’t hit it out of the park, then
getting to first or turning otherwise singles into doubles or legging out an infield hit
or being able to be more aggressive on the bases will be a huge benefit. Teams will score less runs and they will need
to grind more to get those runs, so every runner who can get into scoring position is
that much more important. One more thing. The bunt is coming back. Sorry for you lovers of the movie MoneyBall
who are out there. Small ball is coming back for winning teams
in 2018. You better learn to defend against it and
know when to apply it. Because “Ham” isn’t bailing you out
of games any longer! In 2018 look for fast players that are good
defenders. If they can also hit the ball well they will
be gold. Move big hitters who are slow and less effective
on defense down on your list. Pitchers first as always
Catchers second Speedy quality defenders third
Finally quality hitters who have other skills. The great news in all of this is that Little
League baseball will require more authentic play with solid defense and quality base running. With the over abundance of home runs removed,
the game, in my opinion, will be more authentic. How do you think the new bats will affect
the game this year? Let us know in the comments.

52 thoughts on “Less home runs with new USAbats? How they change your Little League team. USAbat review

  1. This new rule will just make players that already can't hit great even worse which will just make them upset and possibly want to quit

  2. Little League is too small for kids that big. 50/70 leagues can handle the 1.15 bats…the LL fields can't. Little League is dying for kids who are good at baseball.

  3. Shaved bats hurt kids in infield. New federal laws ban shaved bats. ,,, Google bat shaving servise . Com. All travel ball teams use these to hit dingers

  4. My teammate hit a grand slam with a usa bat, sometimes we play double headers or tournaments and for tournaments we can use usssa bats

  5. I see so many parents complaining that the new bats are money grabs and are stupid. I think they are awesome. I had a brother who was 12 (now 14) and he played cal Ripken with the old bats. Let me tell you something: a pop fly was a homerun. I felt bad for the “power hitters” because once they moved up to BBCOR they would fly out. Now, those pop flies won’t be homeruns, instead kids will actually have to work to get the ball out. It’s a great change and I can’t wait to see it come to play.

  6. I have my 6 year old practice on a heavier wood bat and a new USA bat (Ghost X) for games. He pops the balls to the outfield on wood but hits the balls to the fence on the lighter ghost x.

  7. Sounds like a great way to force people to buy new bats. Not enthused and think the kid at pitcher’s mound who’s not paying attention is just as likely to be injured with any bat regulation they think of.

  8. Softball girls are the only ones that should be swinging composite and aluminum. Baseball should be swinging would from t ball all the way through college.

  9. Still won’t make much of s difference. The weights are the same. They should of also made them go to at least a -8 bat. The can still use -10 and -12

  10. Love wood. Told my kids to go wood. The USA bats have no pop. Go wood. They will be changimg the the stamp again. Watch what U tell you

  11. Every one on my team is saying BS about the new battery rule but I have been using wood fory whole life and I'm thinking about switching to the USA bat rule to troll them

  12. Here is a real world number for you from our league. We have 8 teams with 96 players playing 14 games per team plus 3 rounds of playoffs (7 additional games) with a 200 foot fence. Last year there were 87 home runs. This year there were 17 home runs hit by 11 different kids. I don’t know if it was aberration but it was a much bigger drop than 50%. The other thing to note is that 5 of the 11 kids were born in the May 1 to Sep 1 range and would not be eligible to play next year under the new age rules so we may see an even bigger drop in home runs next year.

  13. I don’t like them because LL is fun to watch because there’s more scoring, who doesn’t love a homerun?

  14. MJH… are you in our Little League World Series Facebook group? You should be. Great stuff.

    Search Little League World Series Discussion on FB. Best LL minds in the country… literally.

  15. At least the new USA bats will make kids work for home runs unlike the old standard. One advantage I see with the new USA bats is the bigger barrel, yes I know they dont have the same pop as the old bats. from what I have heard about how they will perform I think hits will go up and home runs will go down. I am looking forward to the little league world series this year to see how those bats perform in a big tournament like the little league world series.

  16. I like these new bats but never have liked the pitch count rules. They need to increase it to 95 pitches. It really allows lesser teams to make it to the LLWS when a dominant pitcher has to be pulled in the 6th inning only to have the other team crush the relievers because you have to save your best pictures or have used them up prior. I played back in the days of single elimination up until the States and Regionals back in 1989. The days when we were allowed to pitch as much as we needed to for 6 innings and not everyone had to play during tournament games. It was a privilege to be on your towns All-Star team, not a right to play IMO. But, times have changed. Saying that it does seem like there are a lot of really good teams this year vs. the last 15 or so years. I also know how parents can be if their kid doesn't get to play they cry to the coaches and make a scene or the kids quit. Does't really teach kids how to appreciate how special it is to be a Little League All-Star for your home town team.

  17. i my self have hit 2 home runs in the same inning on a 350 foot fence, and another in a different game with the Easton Mako Beast. i have only hit 1 with the Easton ghost x USA bat, but overall i think it makes us kids toughen up and muscle up if we want to succeed in hitting well. with fielding i think it will be easier on us kids to make sure nothing gets out of the park or behind us. tell me your opinion.

  18. i won a state championship in 2018 by bunting it’s funny you said that because it’s true bunting works i had 4 rbis in one game by bunting

  19. This is now 2019 and I hate this USA bat for these kids!! Just a few months back we had the same kids hitting with a 200$ USA bat and a 400$ USA bat and the more expensive bat was sending the balls farther all day with the same kids. End result is kids who spent the most money with same talent have an advantage. I know some will say BS but we watched it with our own eyes and our best batters are all now using the same bats. USA bats suck!!

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