LEGO Mini Golf: Round 2 – REBRICKULOUS

today the three of us are competing in a
lego mini golf obstacle course good job it’s all for you guys out there watching our game today consists of three holes
each with a unique theme that incorporates Lego builders obstacles and
just like regular mini golf the objective is to get your golf ball into
the hole and as few strokes as possible and whoever is in the lead at each hole
will have to pick from the cup up making things harder let’s do this on our first
hole we have to cross the bridge maneuver around the wave and sink the
ball into the cup mini-golf is my game and this is my club it has a special
feature for those four slice putts that’s gonna be where this valves now
it’s my turn got this beauty right here I’ve got a
window right here so I can see the hole very clearly but enough talking that’s
really your right okay as this is my club I’ve got a ramp right here so I can
line the ball up so can have a good precise first shot I don’t know the
golfing no thanks more just rolling you allow it
Oh Christian I win right you guys give it a shot yeah it is
thanks Dimitri mm-hmm I appreciate the sand I made it’s either side comfortable
there’s like a little like dip right here whoa great we’re not going anywhere
this is bad all right put three put three this is really tricky well we’ll
see what happens here we go these your club mantas either side your
right back guys one that was so weak you got a Christiana all right I’m going
backwards Dimitri is going backwards the hole is that way there we go that
was a good shot that’s a good snap oh you see that’s his special see-through
putts that he can basically line up his shot with don’t know if it’s actually
gonna help him but he hasn’t game of patience my friends you okay
I’ll be okay sure just swing it really hard and who happens
see if he want you can pick your ball up and put on the green but it’ll cost you
two strokes all right where do I put it okay on the bridge this is harder than I
thought it was gonna be will he make it in minigolf if your ball is against you
know the berry of the edge you’re allowed one putter distance away so if
your boss here you can put it right here so one putter distance away three for
you guys up there watching this next hole is Dinosaur Valley where we’re
gonna have to get past the mother t-rex protecting her eggs to sink into the
cover before he begins sis Nick won the first round he has to pick from the cup
of making things harder yeah all right man brick blocked hands what okay all
right this is happening somehow I’m shocked here even has a crypto – here we
go that was not planned but your ball move I’m proud of you that was hard
here we go ah all right go ahead Shawna I can’t get a firm grasp on my club so
we use my hands I really golf anymore let’s go
what wow wow wow okay borrow those that was actually insane all right
Christian I’m giving a thumbs up I don’t know Pinto come on come on okay the
dinosaur nose is kind of in your way oh my what that a live dinosaur p3 is
that Jimmy Jimmy is it I don’t know if it’s part of the poster when I don’t tag
him is a friendly game oh hell the best part of my life take that t-rex
stegasaurus thing looks like the judges have ruled that can’t use my hands for
putters so I have to use my club so not the worst ever so now you know you ain’t
just finished getting the ball in the hole and I’ll look at it for you guys
later alright I think it’s the perfect time to use my special feature pull three is minigolf metropolis where
there’s two ways to get to the hole one through the crowded city or through the
dense traffic Dmitry won the last hole so that means he has to pull from the
cup of making things harder you know thing let’s see automatic loss automatic
loss this whole that’s the hardest all as a
final ho AC to me she has to use this for this whole okay that debris is gonna
make it a lot more difficult where you going
city or traffic I don’t know I’m gonna go I’m gonna go traffic traffic will try
your brave is this difficult city time I’m going to engage full power mode I am completely scratching my special
feature I’m just gonna put alright I’m gonna write to the city excuse me guys I want to go through the traffic Wow
okay cool don’t worry about it that’s definitely
not golf so we’re starting further behind then we did our ego what are you working for I get a lot of
obstacles in my way go go go Nick go go hit the ball go how
are you doing this all right guys man I’m nervous now I really am and then
roll back there roll back it didn’t roll back this is the final putt I think I
got this I’m gonna I’m not allowed to kick it yeah I can kick it you can’t
kick cars or buses Rd this is for all the marbles I guess you really are on Oh
the golf champion yeah yeah but I really needed this one pies for
you okay the price to make sure you earn them oh good job
yeah yeah it is where’s the rest of it thank you guys so
much for watching let us know in the comments down below how you would design
your own golf club and don’t forget to watch more Rick ulis click one of these
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