Legless Boy Dreams Of Becoming A Cricketer

COMM: Five-year-old amputee Fayaz is a budding cricketer. COMM: But he has had to overcome immense personal tragedy to play again. COMM: In May 2014, he and his older sister were playing cricket when they came across
an unexploded shell. Not knowing what it was, the children used it as a ball. COMM: Doctors had to amputate Fayaz’s leg to save his life. COMM: Unexploded shells are not uncommon in the Kashmir region as a result of decades
of conflict. COMM: With no compensation or funding from the government, the family has been forced
to sell their home to cover medical costs, including the prosthetics that have enabled
this brave little boy to enjoy his favourite game again.

61 thoughts on “Legless Boy Dreams Of Becoming A Cricketer

  1. Medical cost. Humans like saying there humane but Iraq America and England make money off peoples suffering basically the kind nice humans are saying you ain't got a dime we don't have the time great advanced species.

  2. i pray that there will be charities/orgainzations or individuals tht will be able to fund him – get him PROPER & BETTER PROSTHETIC LEGS; so that he can walk, run and play better. with his PASSION & PROVESIONAL HELP he will play national paralympics or even cricket for normal abled people at a national level. GOD BLESS HIM ???

  3. someone start a GoFundMe for them. they deserve it 101%. stupid government won't compensate for their weapons causing harm to someone innocent.

  4. So much stuff happening in this world it's heart ♥ breaking that's why jehovah God will come for he's earth and stop the pain of death sickness and poverty

  5. Sorry for your daughters loss hopefully your son becomes the best cricket player keep your head up high and as long as God is there he will make your dream come true

  6. i hate war…only the normal poor people and children pay the high price of it …sometimes they pay with theyr life ?

  7. I'm so sorry for the family about this tragedy. My heart goes out to the parents and the child. God Bless this little boy that still wants to fulfill his dreams. I wish this family best of luck. ????

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