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Hey Connor Powers from deadredhitting.com. Recently I posted a you know a picture on Facebook talking about you
know leg lifts or no leg lifts what’s your preference, and in that in that post
I was diving into my personal experience when I was at Mississippi State trying
to boost my power numbers before I had the draft, so in my junior season in
college I wanted to add a little bit of juice to my swing, get my power numbers
up as I was a first baseman and that was going to be one of the things that was
really important as I was heading into the draft. So one of the personal or one
of the things I learned from that personal experience of mine while
playing in Mississippi State is, you know the leg lifts can add you know add power
to your swing but also at the same time it will or it can if you do it wrong add
strikeouts, swings, and misses missing pitches that you normally would hit. So
to me there is a little bit of a risk reward as far as the the leg lift goes
if you really sell out to getting a bigger leg lift. Okay, now if you want
to use a smaller leg lift that’s something that can actually help hitters
you know free themselves up I feel like, and they can also add a little bit of
power but also at the same time maintaining most of the things like the swing. So here
are a couple pointers if you are gonna try to add you know a little bit of a
leg lift in your swing and some things that I learned through that
process, so first and foremost if you’re gonna get you’re gonna work on getting a
bigger leg kick where this knee is really going to come up you know past
your regular basically almost to your hip level here, that you really really
have to be under control as you strive and separate and keep your body centered okay so, when I was on fire when I was looking back on one of my videos through college
I did a great job that my junior year I hit for a lot of power. When I was
struggling I would leg lift get my foot up and then basically I wouldn’t, I just
wouldn’t try and separate under control, I’d be very quick sometimes, sometimes I
could jumpy off this back foot so it’s very very important as you come out of
your leg lift that you have to be extremely under control, your body’s got
to stay centered you have to be in a position where you can read that pitch
and your head has to be on the same level if you’re going to be doing the
leg lift and then you also stand up your head goes up and down now all of a
sudden you’ve got a lot of head movement and you know, you are trying to increase
that power but you’re also adding a lot of head movement it’s very difficult to
read off-speed pitches, you’re gonna be chasing a lot of pitches in the dirt,
it’s also difficult to adjust to fast balls especially you know inside
tight, if you if your head is going to be moving it’s just difficult to recognize
an inside strike and outside strength. So you know those are some of the things
that I learned you know what if you are somebody who wants to add a little bit
more power in your swing and you’re thinking about doing the leg kick, you
know one of the things that I recommend is first of all you gotta test it out
you know I’d for me I understood what I was doing and it worked because of what
my goals were. But it also at the same time that doesn’t mean that that was
necessarily 100% the right thing to do it was just what happened and what I did.
But if you are somebody who’s looking to add a little more power to your swing
one of the things I would recommend is just try to use a little bit of a leg lift and
really just cut it in half or cut it into thirds, because one of the things I’ve noticed and what I found as I continue to get older and
continue to play more while I was playing in the Padre’s system, is that if you
could just get a little bit of just picking your foot up kind of like a half
leg lift or a third leg lift, I found that it really helped me free my swing
up. It also helped me continue to be able to hit the ball hard. And going to that
one third or that half leg kick was kind of a compromise that worked for me when
I was playing professionals, playing in Mississippi State, I started to do that my senior year also
saw some better results there. So again that was just something that worked for me, I wanted to share that with you. So
if your player, you know ultimately what I’m trying to say is is you know, you have to find what works
for you, you can test using the leg lift if you do tests that make sure you go in
small increments so that you’re used to adjusting you don’t all the sudden just
try to pick up a leg lift because you see one of your favorite hitters doing
it on MLB tonight when he hits a home run. You know coaches, I know you guys
have seen this quite a bit before, one of the things that I’ve found
that helps with hitters is using that little small smaller leg kick type of
style whatever you want to call it, is just that it really helps the hitter free
up and also doesn’t have too much movement helps him get a little bit more
load, and be able to fire into the ball use that lower half a little bit more
efficiently. If you do I get them to use that a little bit of a leg lift. One of the
other ways that I found really helped actually increase my bat speed that I
would have gone to had I known about it, was just the fact that you can actually
increase your bat speed without doing anything like a leg lift without me
making any huge swing adjustments and that’s
really what I did inside the Free Bat Speed Workout that you get when you go
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  1. Coach Powers,

    Ground reaction force – more with a
    leg kick as opposed to a conventional stride because gravity has longer to work? More GRF = More Kinetic Energy travelling up the body? More Kinetic Energy = More Force eventually applied to the ball?

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