Left Hand Ping Pong Trick Shots

What’s up everybody! We are Pongfinity Today we will be finding out how much
more difficult it is playing with our left hands instead of our right hands Ok, with the right hand Around the net and through the tape roll. I think it went through! Seven tries? Or eight Not bad With the left hand I will get it with nine tries! I don’t think so! That was close! Doesn’t count Are you making fun of my technique? Yes, a bit! I was sure that was going to be the one! There! That’s the one! Look at the balls! You thought it
would be nine tries or something. The next one is a target shot on a cup Let’s start with the left hand It feels like I don’t have any control at all It also looks like that! Alright, it’s time for the right hand I think this should go within 5 shots That was four! Yeah, definitely a lot easier with the strong hand Target shooting Let’s see how well we can do that with
the left hand Let’s see if we can get even 2 in a row! And don’t forget to subscribe To help us reach 1 million subscribers! That was okay! It’s not as impressive as our right hand
playing But it’s something! 5 behind the back shots in a row This should be easy! But I don’t think it will be that easy with the left hand. You missed the ball! Try that one! What was I supposed to do? Alright, this is the one! 17th try. So we have to go around these cups And land it inside this one. First try! Not a bad one. A bit too short So close! That’s the one, I’m pretty sure about it! That was maybe 15 I’m pretty happy about it I think the left hand is gonna be very
difficult I have never tried this with my left hand But I think it is going to be near 100 attempts. Let’s see There is not enough spin I almost want to give up right now 30 minutes later That’s finally the…! What a shame. I have to stretch my wrist a bit It’s too painful No wonder after 1 hour of trying this! Yeah, that’s the one! No, it’s not enough spin. This is the one! It has to go in! YES! It probably took like 600 tries or something! It felt like you would really have to learn again all kind of spins and everything It’s so different with the wrong hand And painful! I think it’s safe to say that our right hand trick shots were a bit better than our left. Dont forget to subscribe to our channel here And watch our previous episodes there Until next time!

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