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But first up, Mel’s on a good wicket.
Cricket in Australia is not a sport it’s a religion, but I haven’t been converted, so
I’ve come to Thunder Kids part of the Kids In The Park program for a baptism of fire.
Howzat. Not bad, but I’ve got a lot to learn. Thunder Kids is a great way for kids to learn
the basics of cricket before they go out and join a local club.
Howzat. There are programs for both 5 to 8 year olds
and 9 to 12 year olds, and our coach with the most for today is Ryan.
What do you think they kids get out of it. So for them they get to emulate their heroes
watching on the Tele the Australian cricketers, they get to come out and play like them. Do
the same skills they do. Have lots of fun, play with their friends.
I don’t know a cricket bat from a fruit bat. Um. Where will I start?
So we will start then with the 5 to 8 year olds, we will learn all the skills and how
to play and then push on from there. And when Ryan says all the skills, he means
it. We’re starting our batting drill with how
to hold the bat properly. If we’re right handed we put our left hand
into a V and we put our right hand into a V, our right hand goes on top of our left
hand and then we are going to bend down and pick the bat up.
Now for a game of Fire ball, you hit 4 balls off the tees then make as many runs as you
can before the fielders put them all back again, and I’m up next.
First time playing cricket, can you believe it?
And I reckon I’m doing alright for a beginner. What a great way to develop hand, eye coordination
and how much fun is just whacking a ball with a bat.
Our next game is firmly focused on catching and fielding.
Alright guys the game we are going to play now is a game called catching tennis, so it’s
a bit like volleyball. We’ve got a ball, we’ve got to throw the ball up over the height of
the stumps. Now the stumps are going to be our net.
Throwing is one thing but you’ve also got to catch it, and that makes for some pretty
exciting thrills and spills. Alrighty guys 7 all, match point, next point
wins . Okay we might have lost but we’ve gained the
skills to graduate to a real game. Coach I’ve got some skills now.
So we’ll press through on the big stage with the 9 to 12 year olds at the T20.
Cool. Yeh that one right there.
I’m in the big league now, these guys know a little bit about cricket and play for keeps.
Luckily I have an experienced batting partner on hand.
Okay Jack are you ready to take on this bowling? Yes I am. Cool, let’s do it.
After a few good hits and a few close shaves. Jack and I get going and the boundaries start
flowing. You know what, I’m not too bad at this game.
What a great introduction to cricket. I picked up a bat for the first time and a couple of
hours later I’ve hit a six in T20. Eat your heart out Davey Warner, oh and Mike Whitney.
You’re a true all rounder Mel. If you want to find out about all the activities
your kids can get involved in during the school holidays.
Visit kidsinthepark.com.au

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