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Hey, everybody.
I’m Shane Houghton. – And I’m Chris Houghton.
– We are the Houghton brothers, the creators
of “Big City Greens.” Hey, Chris, can you show
these guys how to draw Gramma? Yes, I can, Shane.
Yes, I can. Now get out of here, you imps! First we’re going to start,
you guessed it– the old eye. One of them.
Now, Gramma’s got big glasses on her face.
And in between her eyes, I’m not going to connect
the other eye because she’s got
a very large beak. You may notice
none of the characters in “Big City Greens” have noses, but Gramma has kind of
a protruding mouth portion. – Right.
– And what this comes from, Gramma’s based on
our actual grandma. She had a pair of dentures
that kind of pushed the front of her face
out a little bit. I gave Gramma
kind of a frowny face because she’s always
a little grumpy. But it’s all just an act. She’s really soft and squishy. Gramma has a floppy haircut. Yeah, her whole head
is kind of a box shape. Even though
she’s got glasses on, we add little wrinkles
beneath her pupils just to really
sell that old factor. She has a bit of a hunchback,
and add a couple arms in here. And now this line here
can also be an arm. Her shawl has got some
doily flower type things just going around it,
which kind of makes her a little cuter for–
get that classic grandma look. Now, can’t forget
about her legs, one of which is a fake leg. Every time you ask Gramma,
she’ll tell you a different story
on how she lost her leg. She does not wear shoes. She’s not barefoot.
She wears slippers. And we usually add a couple
of wrinkles on her legs and also a couple of little
fuzzy bits on her slippers. In addition to her
sweet grandma-ness, you’ll often find
Gramma holding a sword or something else
kind of dangerous. – True.
– That just kind of reflects her personality. She’s got the sweet
and sour attitude. And that is
how you draw Gramma. – Well, heck.
– Hope you enjoyed, and keep watching
“Big City Greens” on Disney Channel.

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