Learn Table Tennis Serve Recovery

Welcome to part 8 of the Reverse Pendulum
Backspin Serve Series. Recovering after your reverse backspin serve
is one of the most overlooked aspects. As the serve demands an awkward stance and
swing it can leave you in poor position continuing a rally effectively. Fortunately, there’s an easy rule to follow
that should help you to recover well. By the time your serve bounces on opponent’s
side of the table, you should be in the correct playing position. If you watch almost all top international
players, they recover after their serve in this way regardless of the spin type. When I talk about correct playing position,
I’m referring to being in a stance where you are ready for anything. There are some slight variations, depending
on your style of play, but I’m going to talk about a general stance for a well balanced
backhand and forehand player. By the time the ball bounces on your opponent’s
side, you want to make sure you are facing the table, leaning forward and have your legs
bent at around 120. You should also make sure your elbow is out
to the side and forward from your body as this enables you to swing both your forehand
and backhand on the third ball. Make the transition between the serve and
recover as seamless and smooth as possible, by keeping your head at a stable level. Common Mistakes
1. Standing up after the serve. Standing up straight must be avoided as you’ll
be in poor position to play any receive and your chances of winning a rally are severally
diminished. 2. Staying in your stance position for too
long. If you are too slow to recover you’ll be behind the play for the rest of the rally. 3. Moving up, then back down. This is a very common mistake and it wastes
a lot of time and energy. 4. Having your elbow too close to your body. Having your elbow too close will cause you
to have poor technique on many of your strokes for the third ball.

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