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Ad * Melbet.org* Ad Hello Viewers.. Welcome to Nothing But Cricket In this video I’m gonna talk about High catching Technique I’ve already posted a video on this topic which is different from this one you can check that video from card after watching this video Please do subscribe for simple Motivation and press the bell icon for notification and follow in Instagram 🙂 Lets go yeah ! Most Nothing But Cricket videos got subtitles.. soon all videos will be subtitled. I’ve divided the topic into 4 simple points, adding up that 4 points will result in good high catching technique First point is JUDGING THE BALL Second point is MOVING TOWARDS THE BALL If the ball is coming here At least I should be here to comfortably position myself in a good catching posture If I’m gonna be far from ball when it is coming down then getting close to it in last minute is difficult So first point is to judge the ball and second is to move towards it third point is to HAVE EYES ON THE BALL Ball might wobble, swing, drift etc. in the air according to atmospheric condition So we gotta keep our eyes on the ball to catch it comfortably Fourth point is to catch the ball using ABOVE EYE LEVEL FINGERS UP TECHNIQUE This technique helps us to have eyes on the ball till the very last moment when we catch using this technique our fingers will be facing up and we will catch in front of our eyes In the previous high catching video I’ve talked about cushioning concept In this technique we are gonna do cushioning by flexing the elbows So while gathering we’ll collect the ball and cushion by flexing elbows to reduce pain So these are the 4 points which I was talking about Summary: 1.Judge the ball 2.Move towards it 3.Eyes on the Ball 4.Above eyes Fingers up Gather and Cushion Cushion is nothing but flexing elbows while catching which give spring effect so while gathering the ball the pain will be comparatively less Now I’ve talked about Above Eye Level high catching technique I hope you guys found it useful.. Practice more.. First master the technique by throwing the ball yourself then you can go for real high catches so first get used to the technique and later on you can go for the real high catch practices If you found this video useful please do leave a LIKE and SHARE Before leaving please do subscribe and press the bell icon to get notification from my channel Thanks for watching.. Keep Supporting.. Please Check out my other videos also 🙂

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  1. 1st unga videos paakum pothu naan nenachan ivan enna avlo periya aalanu ana poga poga unga video notifications vantha maximum 1st view ippolam naan than nandri thalaiva u r always great ?✌

  2. Anna…..right arm fast Bowlers round tha gaurd la body line la attack pannuna….epdi aadrathunu sollithanga

  3. Bro pls reply and give me a suggestion or make a video…for energy regaining!! Practice session 6am to 9am and thn T20 match @11am …..within a gap of 2 hrs what should I need to do

  4. Hi bro nethu naan ennoda first cricket camp pona anga sethuntan. I am 11 years old .kit bag set vangitan. Coach name tred martin. I am your singapore subscriber.

  5. Bro , how to score easy singles and play well against off and leg spinners.Please post it because I struggle to play versus spin in my net session

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