Learn Forehand Topspin Table Tennis with a Golf Club – Like a Boss!

Grab a golf club and let it teach you the
correct mechanics for the forehand topspin. Swing the club and let your arm straighten
at the back. If you get it wrong, the golf club won’t move
and you’ll know it. This is how your wrist moves on the forehand
topspin. Turn your body, totally relax your arm and
let it flow. If you would like to come on a journey with
me and learn how to slow down and finally get your basics right, you can go to. You will also be able to view over 150 instructional
videos by world class player, William Henzell as well as my current videos that will teach
you how to serve like a boss!

6 thoughts on “Learn Forehand Topspin Table Tennis with a Golf Club – Like a Boss!

  1. thanks all your videos help me play better  Now i can do a better topspin my forehand was like your second example wrong. i hope you keep making more videos .

  2. These videos are really amazing! I've checked many TT teachers online but I must say you're the best . no one pays as much attention to detail as you do . and the methods you use to do away with faulty actions is really plausible . thanks a lot !

  3. Hi Brett! Love all of this! Having a challenge with the small wrist whip action when the arm is being straightened. Any other ways of working on this? Does the face of the paddle face down at the bottom of the swing? Thanks!

  4. I thought u were left handed Brett or are you only using your right hand because noisy players are right handed

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