Learn Forehand Topspin Table Tennis Tutorial – Like a Bear!

Hi, I’m Brett Clarke with Norwegian Polar
Bear, LL Beary and welcome to our forehand topspin video for. SSSSSSSS. That’s the snake serve silly and
it’s getting old! After watching my snake serve video, LL Beary
pestered me for weeks to make a forehand topspin video as he claims to have valuable information
about the swing. And he’s prepared to demonstrate it for you, here, today. A few minutes ago, he told me that many club
players have conflicting muscular tension in their forehand topspin which leads to stiff
and mechanical looking strokes when compared to elite players. This additional tension is what makes you
feel tired really quickly and it leads to errors under pressure. LL Beary claims the key is to relax your arm
completely and use your core to generate momentum and maximize your speed. I literally have no idea what any of this
means, so this had better be good, LL Beary!!! Your topspin’s just a Xu Xin knock-off by
the way, LL Beary. Okay, kick me again and see what happens!!! If you’ve enjoyed this video, you can go to
for more tutorials by World Class player, William Henzell and….me

11 thoughts on “Learn Forehand Topspin Table Tennis Tutorial – Like a Bear!

  1. Hi Brett, love your videos! Just discovered them today, and joined TTEDGE. Question: which are the best videos to watch at their site that will follow up on the points made in this "like a bear" FH video? I'm ready to get started. Many thanks!

  2. Your videos are funny but impressive because they are so helpful ! I tried so many times to combinate properly my waist and my arm without any success, and the bear just done it ! Do you give table tennis training sessions in Australia ? Must be great !

  3. Love it! I just listened to your interview on Ben Larcomb's podcast via Expert Table Tennis and picked up the ttEDGE phone app. Everything that you produce about Table Tennis is golden. I cannot thank you enough for the professional advice that is already improving my game.

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