100 thoughts on “LEARN EASY COOL BEGINNER SKILL | How to do this cool football skill

  1. U always tell to comment down but still after commenting u don't make a tutorial. Which we suggest so Plzzzz this time ⌚ put. A tutorial. On ECLIPSE Plzzzz #PWG

  2. When i bore to football i saw this channel joltter,jay and pwg my favorite iam the big fan of unisport. My dream is to jin unisport

  3. hello guys i have kind of a problem because i usually play on tf pitches and now i have tf boots but i was thinking about fg. Guys are fg better or not?

  4. Hello unisport,
    Your videos are the source of continuous inspiration for me .
    Thank you for being here for us.
    But my football coach says I have strength but don't have flexibility how to improve flexibility of body please make video on it!!

    Thank you

  5. Pwg bring the puma netfit 365 freestyle shoes back to the unisports shop plz(the ones you wore in this video

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