today we’re going to teach you five wicked Brazilian football skill rules that have been done on football pitches throughout the times so we are potentially talking a little bit of a skill history lesson team now to help me out Nate has challenged his in na ma so in other words it’s gonna get smooth it’s gonna get silky I’m gonna teach you soup when you wake it moves let’s do [Applause] [Music] number five the catch this skill move is good for creating some confusion drag the ball behind your standing leg and catch it with the top of your foot then roll it back again and accelerate away when you do try to give it some power [Applause] [Music] and number four they’ll be drag if you like setting traps this is the trap of traps with the enemy closing in drag the pool sideways across your body the bait will be too irresistible so quickly drag it back in a v-shape motion you’ve now successfully caught the first predator [Music] number three he says sombrero light if you find yourself close down and you’re out of options this might just help you gently scoop the ball up and quickly straighten out your leg while leaning backwards you spin around and embrace the glory bestowed upon you get ready to be slaughtered like a pig by the fuming defendant and number two the soul roll Panna do this move against too eager defenders fake going up the line with a soul roll and do a small jump and gently tap it with the outside of your foot when a defender is rushing in he always does it with open legs so make sure your aim is one pointer [Music] and number one the flick leaf tap once again a perfect move against an onrushing defendant roll the ball into your standing leg through a small jump and now heal it over the defenders head try to get the flick a little bit to the side because this way it’s easier to do the heal ou can also just hit the defender right smack in the middle of his face can’t wait for Nate to be the defender [Music] [Applause] [Music] so there you go my friends five pretty cool skill moves brought to you by our very own eight ma but whom should we do next what should we do next well you should let us know in the comment section right down below now if you want and you haven’t done so yet you want to get cleared up for the World Cup you can go and buy either your shirts or you’re welcome foods autoworker football everything get it all by clicking at unisport or our camera right over there now of course you also go and learn some skill moves that will impress your French you can do so by clicking the video or right down then finally don’t forget to join the us both live family go subscribe to our channel click the Lulubell notification button to see all our latest videos the moment they drop that’s a guy’s for signing off

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  1. Ronaldo skills is the best than Neymar Jr. Neymar is Jr and ronaldo is the best player in history at of football

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